Lords of Infinity



That sounds like I would be pretty happy to have a job paying the “average” wage in Spain. This really isn’t meant to be snarky, but I feel like you’re making my point for me. From my experience I could have lived a really nice life on ~20,000 euros a year in Germany where, in comparison, that same salary in the United States would have made life very difficult. At the same time I’m sure that I wouldn’t want to try and live in Amsterdam on 20,000 euro a month, but also don’t think that’s a fair comparison.

I have to admit that I do have some bias here because of my own professional background and my family’s experience in Germany. My cousin is finishing up her PHD in Gottingen and it will have effectively cost her $0. My professional degree in the United States has a sticker price of ~$150,000 (not including cost of living or books).


@Cataphrak regarding the upgrades per turn, I think this is where being rich really needs to shine. You have to absorb a lot of opportunity cost in the previous installments to accumulate wealth. I would suggest allowing a second upgrade at double the cost by importing labor, or potentially if the fief reaches a certain population allowing a second upgrade at cost.

After that the explaination can be there just isn’t enough raw material available logistically even with infinity money given the infrastructure.


Being rich is shining already - you don’t need loans or anything to afford to do all the upgrades you want or have money in reserve for other expenses.

That seems like a fairly significant benefit.


points to sister

You get to marry whomever you want. And you…

points to brother

You get to marry the first bride I find that has most of her teeth and a sizable dowry.


Iron balls Has 800 crowns in the end of last game with Sister and brother and he is stupid as 10 intelligence only. @Cataphrak He can’t even afford eat for six months That means It will be directed to GAME OVER IRON BALLS So… there is no absolutely options for him…

Bang all barony women then starve.
.Like could him sell his body or something.
“He is sexy hot and available Hero Of Forlon hope and knight of red … The armour isnt the only hard metal”


Perhaps it would work in rural Spain, but then there tend to be ever fewer decent jobs in rural areas. Which is why I asked Mara about Spain’s major cities, I imagine in Madrid and Barcelona it would be a lot more difficult to live a middle class lifestyle, including housing if you’re a single adult on an average wage with no family support and you do not supplement your earnings with dubiously legal grey market or entirely illegal black market earnings either.
Which is why I made no family (financial) support a condition, just pretend our fictitious benchmark person has grown up in the social care or orphanage system.

Well for 20k a month I’d be prepared to move back to the city, though it still wouldn’t buy me something in that new luxury building mr. Bieber allegedly bought a condo as did some people closely linked to mr. Putin. But then that’s not exactly needed for a sustainable (upper) middle-class lifestyle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Now 20k a year especially if that’s before taxes, yeah no.

As long as most decently paying, middle class “work” is becoming more and more concentrated in those regions I think it is. Besides relative earnings and purchasing power, compared to preceding generations at the same benchmarks in their lives as well as home-ownership are still down among all young(er) people, even if the effects have been more pronounced in the major cities.

Thanks to 30+ years of first “ideology-free” and then conservative government that has not been true here since the 90s’s at the very least. My studies cost me about 18000 plus the cost of living. Although I did earn the master’s degree later in life, if were younger it would have been a bit cheaper, then combined tuition would have been somewhere between 10 and 12k. Our current higher education system is an unholy blend between the British and German systems with some of our own peculiar touches if you want a comparison.


I’m concerned it won’t be a diverse enough experience as the upgrades will also improve income. Eventually the difference between and MC who started the game rich and one who finishes the game rich will probably be moot. The one thing being rich early on should afford you is the possibility for completing most of or all the upgrades before the endgame.


wont be diverse enough Iron rod doesn’t have money to even EAT let alone pay debt… It is hell diverse for him lol


Income that has to be set against having more money owed, vs. income that doesn’t. That’s not really moot, even if both manage to afford most or all of the upgrades.


While I agree with @cascat07 that money should be really useful, it might be hard to tell exactly how useful money will be without a) Knowing what the larger investments are and how much they cost, and b) Knowing how valuable money will be during the more story-oriented elements of the game.


What I want to read soon is the Game over message I will receive to shown my demise or lost of title for Iron balls. As I am probably only person that will die of famine in the entire saga


I am curious about the other clubs.


I guess put another way playing for maximum wealth right now in the previous games is less than optimal, perhaps even not optimal. Personal/Unit stats and rank are worth more in terms of choice diversity and success. If you were just playing Sabers and Guns going for wealth that would be a stupid strategy, but it is still a viable path if there is a payoff in Lords. Right now it seems like it remains non-optimal. I would want it to be more “pick your poison.” I think it needs to provide some benefit you can’t derive another way outside of more wealth accumulation. “Being rich will ensure you are richer at the end of Lords” isn’t that compelling, to me anyway.


There is a payoff in Lords.

Not being up to your eyeballs in debt.

I don’t think it makes sense for it to offer even more benefit on top of “can afford to buy what I want to buy with minimal use of loans, no matter what I invest in”.


Wht I said Cata years ago It is game needs a scene tht badass reward the player who has enough money to pay the Debt in full when reaching Tierra. A $name always pay his debts. And walking proudly head looking to sun as he is free and proud. also a speech to buy wife…

I AM FREE OF DEBT and I am a war hero and knight of red :sunglasses: Bring me your better daughters


The problem is when you are above that level and basically swimming in gold that you can’t use because the system isn’t built for people who are not drowning in debt.

But, again, the discussion is a bit premature. We don’t know how much stuff will cost, we don’t know what will happen in chapter 2 (but I can almost guarantee that it will involve Antari refugees).


It would appears that we’ll be seeing Trevor the traction engine in the series.


Given what Cataphrak has said, I’d be surprised if the PC is ever going to be short of things he might want to spend money on, or have money in reserve for - especially as it’s not as if we’re going to be unconcerned with money in the next two games most likely.


I mean, you say that, but people will be importing MCs with 20k crowns and no debt. They’ll feel like all that money is useless if all they can do is fix some crappy roads. :stuck_out_tongue:

(No offense to roads, I really like repairing roads and all the minor nitty-gritty necessary management stuff, it’s great fun)


I’m also curious about what we can do for Hunter’s potential sainthood.