Lords of Infinity



Also @Cataphrak I want to say To Dandy Something like “A gentleman doesn’t go presuming of conquering ladies and causing them a harm in their reputation Just to brag about that like a horny stallion. Moreso Being the descendant of so exalted man” Good nights good men an let the Building of retower club like a boss . I know that will be impossible due reasons but lol It xould make a great game over with achievement including…

ESPARTERO HORSE :sunglasses: *putting in their place most powerful people in tierra.’


Let’s hope he converts that into muscle, not fat. :worried: Or maybe at least part of that 125 crown is clothes and boots.


What if he is keeping a pleb mistress around with food?


Like I am Spanish I really thought not liying that Bro 125 was for Whores and Wine Like a single noble man of means. I mean if he doesn’t being the second in line people would look weird at him… Or maybe being more correctness is for hunting
Edit Paul has writen the list on Secret polite code lol Harpy mom is for buying witch potions to make mara a man

Bro is for hunting…


Wait, so if one crown = 400 USD, our brother costs 100k a year to keep entertained.
Our brother costs more than 5 times what I make in a year.


That’s why It has to be the respectable diverting activities to a second or less in line Including Hunting. Hunting hunting play dices and cards. Drinking and dueling Buying cravates


You desperately need a raise or a (better) union or both. 20k is not a living wage for an adult in any modern western democracy I know of. As the (still) wealthiest single country in the world the US of A ought to be ashamed of itself.

I said it’s not a living wage not that nobody makes that or even less. Neo-liberalism and the right wing are really out of control at the moment and it is having really deleterious effects of which pernicious and enduring poverty is perhaps the most severe. Poverty is a real problem all around Europe and I imagine with its towering youth unemployment Spain is worse off than some others.

So Mara can a middle-class single adult person reasonably live off of 20k a year (edit I should probably qualify in Spain’s major cities, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona etc, because Lotus’ example notwithstanding cities tend to be where the employment opportunities for most people are actually concentrated) assuming no black-market jobs or family support on the side? Cause here that is completely and utterly impossible and that should be the measuring standard.


Ejem… ejem Spain ejem… But we are shitty and that so we dont count. Of course not. Reason why we don’t independent ourselves from family and we maintain a close relationship most world don’t. Your family assists you and you assist your family. And you try find job for family members and so.

If we were more like rest of Europe we would die like in the 6th bankruptcy


It’s perfectly livable where I am. Plenty of places in this country have 20k a year as livable wages. My expenses for just living only amount to about $11,000/year (and I’ll be cutting that effectively in half starting in August). Of course transition and other huge things take a tremendous cut, but overall 20k isn’t terrible in rural areas.


Hmmm…very different dynamics then, I moved to the countryside just to be able to afford to be “house poor”, but a lot of things are more expensive here than in Amsterdam. It’s just that in the city impossible rents and property prices easily dwarf everything else completely and utterly.

Middle class or worse though?

And where the rents of that shoebox are high enough to be a trap that means you’ll never actually be able to save up for a better home. Don’t forget that bit. Lots of young(er) and even some old(er) people I know in the city are angry about that, but so far our rather restrained national culture and civil society have kept it from boiling over like in France or Belgium. Though that might mean that if it ever does the results might be far messier too.


But if you live in a city, you better be living in a shoebox with 3 other people.


This is much more “doable” in Western Europe when you’re younger. This is why so many people live with their parents or extended family for a much longer period of time than in the United States. That and many daily staples are cheaper in Europe than they are in the United States - my wife and I have this argument all the time (she is German) and she constantly complains about how expensive daily staples are in the United States and what low quality they are. Also, to put this in perspective, the average wage in Spain is around ~23,000 Euro a year and in Germany it is ~27,000 Euro a year. Of course the Euro is worth more than the dollar (the exchange range has hovered around .72 euro to buy a dollar for quite some time).

Most Americans are not aware of the fact that the average person in Mississippi (one of the poorest states in the United States) makes about the same as the average German, and that the average German is fairly wealthy in comparison to his or her neighbors.

The key difference is what you get for your money and taxes as well as the social differences (i.e., there are still very strong financial bonds between parents and children long after they stop sharing a household).


The average wage, yes, but those “averages” are, much like in the US, (incredibly) skewed by the very high income “earners” at the top to a larger and larger degree the more neo-liberal we get. The actual “average” wage lies somewhat to quite a lot lower, depending on which European country you take as a model. The Netherlands is actually relatively bad in this regard due to a relatively high percentage of large income earners a lot of whom also happen to be expats with residency, which causes them to be counted in some official statistics, but not others which skews the whole thing downwards for the general population, at least in practice.
As mentioned before Spain has even more of a crisis among the millennials and older gen-z in the making than we do because of its particularly towering youth unemployment.

Yes, the problem is that for my generation, the so-called Millenials wage growth has been extremely sluggish, and was actually in reverse during the latest crisis when the first of us really had to enter the labour market, compared with the two or three generations immediately before us, which is causing a lot of strain on the system as we’re reaching the age where living at home is becoming untenable. Some of my friends are simply waiting to inherit their parent’s houses with no or relatively low mortgages for others, particularly in Amsterdam who are caught in the current private rents trap the prospect of home ownership and thus true middle-class relative affluence remains a distant prospect. To be sure the systemic economic problems of the EU and its individual member-states are different and more varied than those of the US, but they are very much real and in many cases I think on the brink of boiling over.



Alright, that’s it. Time to ship that parasite off to the Intendancy. Let him waste government tax money instead of our own.


And now imagine what he has been costing the family for the entirety of the war, if we assume that his costs have remained the same for his entire life (which is, y’know, not a very realistic assumption).

(125x2x12=)3000 crowns.

And then add interest on top of that, and then interest on interest.

Kids, man, never again.


Poor bro his hunting is very important for him and family reputation lol


Isn’t that the exact amount extra he adds to the family debt?


Yup, but that’s probably a coincidence.


Meaning he is at his most expensive now that he’s a young adult and cost (significantly) less when he was younger. Of course, had we actually given him a commission or a university education that picture would have been radically different.

On the other hand, if he marries and sires a few brats, thus continuing the family and sparing my poor mc from having to it that cost is more than worth it. Up till now, it’s only been about a million in modern Euro.


So now that the estate management is up and we have an idea of what the costs of upgrading our estates are along with dealing with our household debt, I’m interested to know what kind of dowry we’re looking at for each potential spouse.