Lords of Infinity



I don’t think the peasants eat grain directly.

Edit: Maybe they do, I don’t really know.


They’ll have to.


My grandma survived spanish civil war eating grain and stuff you don’t want to hear. Grain was a great thing to have. My grand grandma as single mother in war in a small rural hut place could maintain their four kids. Grain is a very welcoming thing when you have nothing. Grain is transformed in flour and make a bread and with butter and grease make a filling food even if not tasty


I’m still not convinced those extra assurances will be enough.

They put together an almost unanimous petition asking you to lower their rents, and you rejected it. The moment they realize you aren’t going to comply, you have lost them.

Remember that you’re still something of a stranger to them. They probably understand the state of the village just as well as you, if not more.

It’s hard to feel reassured when someone you don’t know is acting like they know what’s best for you better than you do.

“I have a plan!” might work for someone who has already been leading them for a few years, but not for someone who is just starting out and has yet to demonstrate their worth.


You can’t eat raw grain and maintain a high level of fitness. It needs to be turned into bread which costs money and requires a miller. The miller is sitting there going, “my costs have skyrocketed due to these saints-be-damned war taxes.” So he raises his prices. You then have a bunch of farmers who have increased expenses and reduced yields and are crying.


Then they will leave, same as before, and nothing changes.

The problem is that you’re attempting to convince them with no personal capital. You can say that you’ll improve their lives tremendously later if they stay now. However, what you say to them is worthless because they simply don’t know you. If you had a history of serving the barony’s interests over your own with money I could see it, but you don’t.


All this talk and of raising and lower rents and I’m internally debating whether or not to tear down all those ugly cottages and replace the whole thing with a fancy model village or opulent garden of sorts to impress guests with.

We’ll of course have to raise rents astronomically high since we don’t want wrong sorts as tenants.


I control miller so they wont have that problem for à year or so… That could be a great leverage :thinking: I could agree something with miller or find someone that buy the grain


Yeah, that’s what I suspected. Although Mara seems to indicate that it works (poorly) as a food of last resort at least. Thank you for informing me.

Perhaps. Even then, why not let our MC fail at this? Give us our grand speech, with all the eloquence of a Charisma 80 MC, and then watch it fail. In that case we can at least say that we tried and Cataphrak can laugh maniacally about how stats matter less in Lords. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ones that are going to leave anyway are not the audience though. The ones that stay or the ones that have nowhere to go are the audience, because they are the ones that will have something to look forward to in the spring.

Remember, even if we reject the petition, only 5 out of 150 tenants leave.


Yeah, but the main point you have to be worried about is that you ideally want more families to come in. If you go and have relatively medium rent rates and start to gradually improve arable land it’ll work out in your favour. You can then probably just hike the rents by 5% and they won’t mind if local profitability and costs go down.


I agree with you I want the choice as role player I don’t care if works or not. in character Mara will try


Let’s be honest, though… it’s quite funny to increase the rents and then watch the MC get paranoid and suspect that his tenants are plotting insurrection.

He really comes across as the stereotypical greedy out-of-touch noble.


If you played as the Redeemed Disgrace you would also increase the rents in a desperate attempt to pay for your brother’s eating habits. :stuck_out_tongue:


brother cant be worst than Mother that forces worst marrying ever with dark muddy water pathetic family even more famine than me.

The concept is growth in social scale not GO less and less to point guy was like in a hut


I wonder how long it will take for a ruthlessly incompetent MC to drive Saundersly away…


I wonder why I cant say lord Shackleton hut shreck Tht I am not interested in his daughter


I wonder if there will be opportunities to exploit other resources in our holdings than just agriculture. If I remember correctly (and it’s been a while), the Wulframite start has coal mines nearby, even if it’s mostly abstracted by having somewhat higher income than the other starts.

I’m also hoping that my lack of attention on my PC’s personal residence doesn’t cause the roof or walls to collapse on me…


You also can outside of wartime, but you’d need your wealthy parents to buy you a commission as soon as you’re born. Which at least in pre-war Tierra used to be quite permissible.


It still is because there are no rules against it.


No, but depending on how it goes, that army reform commission might consider implementing just such rules. Which means it is possibly under greater threat than ever before. Particularly if as a part of that reform it would strip the commissions from all officers ineligible to actually be called up and fight.

An alternative might be that such a bought commission only guarantees you a position as ensign/cornet once you come of age and that in the future seniority and promotion to higher ranks can only be earned through active service. Which might be a simpler rule change than doing away with the system entirely, even if it would be less perfect one.