Lords of Infinity



It is rather depressing with the state of our house… i borrow 2500 crowns , and decided to improve the village instead …

The People come first right ? And when Theresa marry with me , surely her father will improve my mansion for his daughter’s sake :-):sweat_smile:

The description of Therese was sweet… she is the perfect match , it seems :slight_smile:

@MIGSey @unoriginal_username

Sad also kidnap an innocent girl is the only way for us to live wealthy … conscience is a strange thing…


Always remember, continue to spend big and bankrupt yourself. You are not truly a lord till you spend like crazy.

@Cataphrak, I’m just checking, when we are able to do the big changes to our fiefs, how long will they span/complete in terms of chapters ?



For the “improvements on house and ground”, I was at first a bit confused on why there was no option to build the ballroom, larger kitchens, library, or expand the wardrobe even though these options were clearly offered in the text. I don’t know what the best course of action would be there:

Perhaps either remove the descriptions of those inaccessible upgrades and make it clear that repairing the house will unlock further options (I had to check the code to figure out that this was the reason why those options were not available), or keep the descriptions but make it very clear to the reader that these options are currently not available due to the rundown conditions of the house?

As a separate point, I’d suggest hiring new labour from the cities to do multiple tasks, but I have a feeling that the Antari war booty/refugees/immigrants will make an appearance in the next chapter on the estate side of things so that might be a bit premature.


His mansion is just as rundown as yours.


Why I am forced to see that ashole noble that wants sell ogre daughter? My response would be saying what i thinking o the plan… I SWEAR i was dying inside that forced miserable scene in character i am talking As player i have a morbid curiosity if i would have agency or not sadly no agency



Edit: The small Management update was neat. Me personally, I wish I could view all of the possible improvements before choosing one to do.

Edit 2: You know what, if I recall properly, you did tell us all of the improvements so nevermind! :slight_smile:


The problem with your charisma is that there is only so much talking can do. You can’t talk down an angry warlord if you’ve already done something to upset him, and this is no different. Remember the dinner where you can declare support for Welles’ feminism? No matter how high your charisma was you could never gain reputation from supporting her. This is a bit like that.

In response to this: I’d personally like to know what brought you to this conclusion. I agree on some level (I’ve never been able to get ‘in character’ in this game. Playing as male no matter what has that effect on me.), but to say it’s a predetermined out of character tell not show is a bit odd. Your people are out of money, and you are taking away their only chance to get a bit more. No words can soften that blow.

You as a Baneblooded lord should at least be familiar with your neighbors. He’s the one most connected to your family (by betrothal or attempt), so he’s the first choice.


I can see it now… my MC is going to invest all his money in giving his tenants new luxuries, even after his manor collapses and forces him to live in a tent.


I think Mara has a point though.

This isn’t placating a ravaging warlord or trying to introduce feminism to the men of court.

These are troubled tenants (they’re not planning a revolt or riot) who are petitioning us for lower rent, and us having a choice to go out and explain to them in person why their petition can not be accepted and what we are planning on doing for their well-being in the coming spring (repair their little huts or whatever they live in) seems reasonable to me. It seems like a nice way for charismatic characters to shine, and far less nonchalant than just sending the tax guy to get the blame.

It’s also not a straight “Charisma solves all of your problems” deal either. If, for example, you agree to improve their housing they will probably be very disappointed if you suddenly decide to build new walls on your manor instead.


You gotta invest on the tenants to make more money. Anyone who’s played Fable knows how it works :grimacing:

If you renovate the tenants’ houses, you should be able to live in one at least! That ought to be better than a tent :man_shrugging:t4:

Smart investments? I think so. Might as well try the Cazarosta approach to leading others


Bold ruthless Mara that hates mother Is a women interested in males and has being forced fight a war but that harpy of woman to BECOME A REAL MAN . Mara is now the boss no family except arpy

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I would argue the main reason why that might not work, is because the tenants need the rents to be lowered now.

Some of them literally can’t afford to live there at these rates. You can promise to fix their houses by Spring, but that argument carries no appeal if they don’t even believe they can make it through the winter. No amount of charisma can change that.


That’s fine, those people can leave just like they would otherwise do. But the Contentment penalty of those who remain could perhaps be lowered.


Their housing isn’t their primary issue. They can’t affird to eat. Words might calm down those immediately nearest you today, but it won’t fill their empty bellies. The best outcome I could imagine is paying for their food for them, and even then you might as well lower rents because that’s all you’re effectively doing.


“Look I get where you are coming from.”


“Oh so maybe I don’t.”

@poison_mara, when you’re starving or in danger of starving. People asking for you to hold on and wait for them to make a deal tends to ring hollow. Just ask the 800k Federal Workers who had to rely on Food Pantries to get their food. They don’t care if a deal is being made or in the process of being made. They are going, “I NEED FOOD.”


Nope Feed them is a prerogative I have as noble to be fair with lessers . If i low rent it could with time become a right. i will find them a business deal to sell their grain and improve their housing


My tenants have excess of grain and vegetables so they won’t starve. THE want sell it They had a good year problem no one had money to buy the grain. My people need money not food


Your tenants do not have an excess. The only region in Tierra that has a crop surplus is Warburton.

And the problem isn’t a lack of buyers. The problem is that whatever money they make is getting eaten away by taxes.


It’s basic “We might suffer now, but in the spring we shall reap the rewards” rhetoric. Words are not going to feed them, but lower rents won’t stop them from freezing to death or getting sick when their leaky huts collapse on their heads. Lower rents won’t help them when the roads become too run down to use. Lower rents won’t help them if no merchants ever want to visit the barony ever again.

I’m not saying that this will solve all problems and make everyone happy: The people who feel that they can’t survive in the barony will leave. But the rest will have more than just the assurances of Saundersley when winter comes.

At least if a high charisma MC attempts this.


The text says Did they have a bad year.

Not they haven’t the problem is nobody can’t afford pay the price of their crops so they have not money.
So they have grain so they wont starve