Lords of Infinity



It’s not just the windows mind. You’re effectively replacing or reinforcing a good chunk of your house, and they’re ultimately doing it in the space of a few weeks (your “construction crews” are still tenants who have to tend to their plots in planting and harvest season).


One cannot breathe in the Cortes without making enemies," Hawthorne replies disdainfully. "Wear a green jacket and those who wear purple will swear eternal enmity. Wear purple, and the greens will cry for your head. Come to the Chamber wearing brown, and all around you will curse you for a weathercock

@Cataphrak My respects to all that scene and that specific paragraph. A wonderful description of the man and a wonderful portrait . I can imagine the noble man

Still I miss a certain I don’t know what to say more Sarcastic retort in my super charisma character. If Soldiers had Two games to shine Super carisma should do exactly same in that moment.

Still spot on SUPER AWESOME MOMENT :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I didn’t reach the state business yet. I don’t think I could be useful though I suck in maths


this is gonna be good…
grab the popcorn


Could I start somw how a campaign against Royal bastard wearing like a poppy or something In memory of Men lost on Tierra defense. I know is not logical now but as a project .

Something that empathize that royal bastard and friends were chiken cowards in City banging women while veterans were in war Honoring saints …

Game @Cataphrak is not entirely emphatic on A character that really wants to despite and hates Bastard It maybe should be a flavour option.


Uh @Cataphrak, I got a bit of an error; so I’m using the killer premade and in the estate management, I choose to get a loan of 1000 crowns and I then choose to renovate the whole house. Afterwards, this is how the screen appear;

Just to let you know the current and projected wealth doesn’t change after I did that choice.


I could just be keeping that in my back pocket for later.


“I have a duchy of my own to run and matters of the Cortes to manage. Beyond that, I have three small children to raise. I do not need a fourth.

You can live vicariously through Wulfram’s throwing of shade.


I know old pal you need feedback on the state business asap. I will give you that lol :wink: However I am more worried in how paraphrased my opinions that in what to say I am writing down in physical paper and looking each word meaning to not pissing anyone. Still totally secure I will pissing lot of people.


Mpf Yes daddy


Not exactly related to the new management section, but I noticed that the Redeemed Disgrace was running some sort of secret gambling den in the basement because the “Luxuries and Allowances” expenses were through the roof (250 crowns instead of the 75 that it is for the Killer of Innocents or the 100 for Scholar-Warrior and Social Butterfly).

Turns out that your siblings (and mothers) cost money. Something about requiring nutrients to live and clothes to look proper. And our brother eats a whoopin’ 125 crowns every six months on his own! Not even we, the baron himself, eats that much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, the Redeemed Disgrace is a financial mess and it will be fun to play him just to see how absolutely screwed he is. Also, we need to have The Talk with our brother. His eating habits are not sustainable.

(This is partly in jest, I don’t think he actually eats for 125 crowns every 6 months. Unless he does, in which case, all the power to him.)


No no, he definitely does. All his clothes are hand-me-downs from us. Once he outgrew our civilian clothes he’s just been wearing military surplus Dragoon uniforms.


What I really can’t wait for as well as looking forward to, is to have a go in the major development part.


After rewritten my post in paper five times. @Cataphrak I just say fuck it if some readers feel offended by my opinions. Happy that this forum is not North Korea. I mean sorry guys but i won’t lie and writing a political discourse like this were a Tribunal in College judging me because a person That is not Paul here feels offended in Paul’s name. Paul can defend himself he is awesome.

Your writing is not problem. I mean playing as the social butterfly the iced relationships with mother the despair and futility of land are pro writing there clear and atmospheric. You have improved greatly.

However. As player i felt totally out character in each simgle word. As A there is not choice about anything. I am corsets trapped in a wonderful written yet totally predetermined out of character Tell not show… That basically negates all previous choices in the demo. And I have no choice I would choose so I am trapped in a stupid Goodie yes man fearful of mom.

That has max charisma butCAN’T USE IT with the tenants. I was expect saying something like that

“I would not drop quantity so much. However In exchange I will personally care of two things . First Improvements on your housing. And second find a market that would sell our products in a decent rate as that is my power as baron”.

Second my mother waste more money than Rockefeller. I will eat her as has to be fat with rhe crowns she alone consumes. I could give her the excess of grain.

More shady stuff I want do something to place my crops in a fair trade


The cost of all the improvements really puts the debt we’re in perspective.

@Cataphrak Playing with the redeemed disgrace premade, there was no option of move on without taking a loan or attempting an improvement. Continue was greyed out.

Actually, high charisma does get you contentment bonuses when dealing with your tenants.


That…may be intentional? Redeemed Disgrace is worst off in terms of money out of the premades.


Ah, basically you can’t go negative. I get it. Because you’re going to run out of money “next turn”, you have to take a loan beforehand, rather than then.


Nope I give a speech sales at the arrival then later they come with a stupid petition and I have no means of Contra offering anything is


Let it be as it is

Lawyer advice.

I want offer a small drop and a improved in their housing and a promise of sell the excess of grain


Ah, there, no. But when you’re going around doing your introductions, there’s a hidden boost if your charisma is high enough.


I know that. However I give feedback in character and My character with 80% charisma feel weird don’t have a contra offering there . I give feedback as a casual role player as i don’t metagame.

I think my tenants has all right to demanding the drop I want give some but not all improving their live conditions instead to make all more fair.

I like my tenants I will make them live better


So… getting all of the manorial and estate “minor upgrades” would mean sinkinging about 8,000 crown. Welp… :upside_down_face:


Could we sell rage mom to inteligence to yelling to Dandy and to Takaran that or could telling Miguel how he should marry and Making babies