Lords of Infinity



I hope you don’t mind me asking , but can we refuse the duel ? I think it is more like a dare… i don’t have to accept a “dare” or challenge right ?? :slight_smile:

I remember winston 's words in John Wick 2 " Just Walk Away… "

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Not sure a duel is fair for a low soldiering person, we could choose a champion to fight for us right ? I want Oberyn Martell to represent my weakest MC :-):joy:


I left cata answers that. But if you refuse a duel forget marry


“Honour is like a fortress. Fail to defend it, and you shall shortly find yourself without.”


In Spanish there is three honour circumstances were one could with honour could refuse a duel. Anything beyond that cowardy lost of the right of defence that issue and being considered Coward That was considered a Major sin and blood hereditary so no single noble woman will bang you and end with a coward baby


As I understand it, in at least some cultures you could get out of a duel by giving a very good apology - but that’s pretty much “if the person who challenges you is willing to accept”.

If you don’t want to fight duels, don’t provoke people into challenging you.

That this is easier said than done if you do anything that might possibly count as interesting is all part of the price of being seen as having any honor to be defended.


The problem with Apologize or Yielding. Is that society considered worse than death. As cowardy and a mark to the entire family honour. Your brother has refuse a duel forgot you ascend in a rank or enter a order or marry a good family.

It is something that shames and created blood feuds and destroyed everyone involved for generations. Monopoly of justice and law in hands of a separate Judicial system with precise principles Is a godsend. That Romans with differences started and modern democracy perfected. Never let the romantic view of videogames makes you think Duels are cool. THEY aren’t


Funnily enough, the “Anglo-Saxons” (as in the English and the Germans) were huge on blood feuds, which was likely why they developed judicial systems so quickly, leading to their later uh… “boringness” as you’d probably put it.


Yes. But like you know and joke with me about one thing is . The role play character another my Feedback in an interactive art game. And Another Tamara or (mara) aka ME serious opinion in the matter.

People tend to confuse In character Feedback and my personal opinion.

In character I am ruthless. In feedback I am pragmatic sincere and trying To treat you author as a client I have to give more content and defend your interests over mine. And myself well I am a grumpy woman that loves democracy and boring


On a slightly different note, I was thinking about the possible relationship dynamics the MC could have with the various clubs and political figures.

For instance the text already mentions that a MC who argued against Wulfram but accepted his (Wulfram’s) invitation was been given the cold shoulder by everyone save Wulfram (And ol’ Emile), despite being the guest of Honour. So I’d have to wonder at what the dynamic would be for a MC who joins said club.

Would they take the role of Honourable opposition? And what would that look like in terms of interactions? (Well beyond the obvious everyone “ignoring” or giving you the cold shoulder like Young Pallisier.) Would there be room for a particularly intelligent or Charismatic MC to turn the perception of them into something resembling a Devils Advocate or friendly debater?

Of course this runs into my other question, as Cata has done an excellent job at making most (Especially Pallisier and Wulfram) of the political actors likeable / redeemable in their own way. Will there be opportunities to cultivate a friendly enemy relationship with them (As it seemed like Wulfram is an honourable if perhaps emotional debator).

Cause truth be told nerding it out with Wulfram to discuss vapour engines sounds awfully fun.

Though Vice versa, will there be opportunities outside of the political arena to aggravate political enemies?


I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to be in the Rendower Club and still be pro-army and whatnot.

It’ll just be awkward. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like your question. However I don’t find Pallets amicable or Nice… My problem with that club… Is They are assuming lot of things if you go there and looks like We are being forced quite adamantly to take a stance and being quite directly vinegard stares if We arent PRISE THE womanizer


Just curious, why exactly do you capitalise randomly?
I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s kind of annoying.


Live and writing wasn’t invented with The internet. I was teached to CAPITAL letters means emphasis and Highlight what we want focus. In a media where we can t hear tone you can’t know where I am empowering and empathize my speech.

It is not my fault that randomly a internet first forum in other culture randomly decided against 2,000 years of culture use that means shouting. They could randomly decided that means Jumping with a banana in your head and that doesn’t mean that is what really means.

I swear that people will start thinking Roman ruins and Newspapers highlights are shouting rudely at them.

So each time you seme using capital means I am empathize that for a reason that could be based on contest and could be reading as it is the main point of my speech. I am not shouting except is a rant and for that I use exclamations.


Wow does this mean we may be playing Lords of Infinty (complete) this year.
Can’t wait really like the series so far


Guess what?

The Estate Management system is now online, and probably buggy as hell (did I mention I’m not good at math?). Take a look.





are we meant to only be able to make one improvement? i choose to fix the roads as the warrior scholar, and despite having quite a bit of money left, i couldn’t do anything but continue.


Yeah. With only local labour available to you, working on multiple upgrades just isn’t an option. If I could, I’d let you split your efforts in exchange for upgrades taking longer to build, but that’s a lot of complexity for a minor feature.


Perhaps a “You can do two upgrades, but they both cost twice as much” feature could be useful. Otherwise we might be in a situation where we can’t repair some windows because we are busy building a canal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Minor coding error:

Still reading through the various management options.


ah, i see. still, i was thinking that maybe it’d be better to allow for only one improvement per section? like, one for the house, one for the village?

if not, would it be possible to make it clearer that you can only make one improvement at this point?

i found it pretty weird that there was no reason given for it. or maybe there was, i just skimmed over it.