Lords of Infinity



No no no, you are one of the villain’s junior henchmen. Lefebvre and Katarina are the senior henchmen, and the ultimate villain is Miguel.

Depends on the hero, and also what the henchmen did to them.

Though I would like to point out that most hero stories actually feature the hero beating up multiple waves of expendable henchmen. Even if the hero doesn’t kill them, they won’t hesitate to harm them.


Gunna just leave this here…


Confirmed: the series is going to end with Khorobirit stepping over the broken, bleeding bodies of Havenport, Palliser, Cunaris, Castermaine, Caius, Katarina, Lefebvre, Sir Barksalot, and the MC to get to Miguel.

Then, after a long and intense staredown, he says: “I’m not going to stoop to your level” and walks away.


Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there anything more we can know about this Leutantient O____ ? Aside of he was with the 7th of the line, he had this ridiculous normal steel made Takaran Warsword snapped into two, and he had to use the arms of his fallen sergeant to continue the fight at Blogia? Did he survived Blogia? What’s his current rank in the army?


No, what happens is after he walks away, Miguel picks up a gun and is about to shoot Khorobirit in the back. Then Lord Karol of Loch dramatically hurls himself in front of the bullet. After he falls, he pulls out a pistol and shoots Miguel from the ground.

As Karol dies, he clutches Khorobirit, looks him in eyes, and says: “I… hope… I have… redeemed myself…”


The Infinite Sea series as a melodrama is weird.


Is there any reason he cant have women on his “to-do” list? That might add quite a lot to it I’d imagine.


Not only does it pay to be flexible in a choice of partners, seeing women as pleasure-seeking human beings with their own agency means that seduction respectful of a lady’s status as a person must take into account the possibility that she would rather not be seduced, and thus, be an invalid prospect for seduction.

He doesn’t think that far ahead.


Now for some reason I’d love to see a scene where a lady he wishes to seduce gets seduced. By another lady. I wonder if that would hurt his pride.

On another note, 5am insomniac bed thoughts. How exactly would a blood feud end? Dueling isn’t allowed so I doubt one can just march some soldiers over and annex territory. As viable for personal gain as that would make a blood feud choice.


Dueling is allowed if you’re not on active duty. It’s just not very respectable (though I suspect a duel would just make the blood feud worse.)


I’ve just realised something here: we always thought that Palliser was about the 18 years old MC’s age during 2K, but it may seems that Palliser is like a few months younger than the 18 year old start MC.


I disagree … a high soldiering Knight of the Red could beat Khorobirit one on one

A high intellect MC could device a trap to capture Khorobirit

A high Charisma MC could talk some sense into Khorobirit

And don’t forget I am aiming to manufacture that Steam Tank to blow up thousands of his Hussars :slight_smile:

@Murdockchan " Think about it Khorobirit… if you pursuit further vengeance, both of us could be perish here, and your enemies in Antar will take advantage of it by preying on your wife and daughter … what you had been work for could be destroy needlessly due to pity vengeance , we are not your enemy … that’s why we spare your wife and daughter , all we want is peacefully independent … the war is over, go home and embrace what you treasure most " :wink:


Khorobirit is a man who can never be reasoned with.


Duel is allowed… And If another women get your conquest piece a real Iron rod bastard would not think anything Different from COOL I WILL GET A TRIO… (Threesome? In English Anyway Trio sounds far more epic. ) and duel is a very honorable choice how then a Man of blood proof his honor.

Talking in character of coursem Duels are shit and a bad practice that kill people for stupid matters


You don’t always need to kill someone in a duel.
As Blaylock showed, sometimes it’s better to just humiliate your opponent so spectacularly that even his calls for revenge would become the object of constant mockery.


Then Khorobirit just says: “silence, upstart” and impales you.

He won’t want to hear your MC’s ‘excuses’ (that is what he will see your words as.) In his eyes Tierra is nothing more than an upstart nation that refuses to accept Antar’s place as its rightful overlord. And even if you ultimately spared them, the fact remains that Miguel ordered an attack on his family, and you helped carry that attack out. So unfortunately, he’s not going to feel moved by your MC’s plea.

I personally won’t say he can never be reasoned with (we still don’t know him that well) but his family appears to be his berserk button.


Ii know most duels were a first blood but as lawyer The stuff at least in Spanish ancient law worked like this

My grandfather banged your grandmother and then in a duel won so that he could marry duke five daughter instead… Causing that your family suffered infamy and ended in a spiralling of alcoholism Satanism and debts.

So Now you want a bloody feud without reason that will end with both family in ruins and with our lawyers feed or everyone death.


That’s basically how Tierran blood feuds used to happen.

Duels were the civilised replacement.


We invented The How is the English name of Olympic Erol Flint sport? Sword fake mask ninjas…? We called esgrima. The problem with duels is That fix the stuff one generation then new generation wants

I WILL TOTALLY AVENGE MY FAMILY so stuff returning like a biblical curse