Lords of Infinity


Look, I always said that Emile should have tragically fallen off his horse and broke his neck Edwin II style. Would save the Rendowers from a lot of grief.



i think Miguel has a Borbon destiny placed for him. In Borbonic Spain even now place bastards is a science. Like how our old kind tragically accidently killed his brother younger and with a growth sympathetic in Franco group.

Miguel supporters are being wise for Tierra they are preparing a rouse to destroying the royal bastard fame that or making him a womanizer alcoholic pet… before wnding in the traditional Spanish way of TRAGEDY dramatic death



does anyone know why Louis-Aguste d’al Palliser was already a general at 27 years old?



Wealth, connections and probably at least a modicum of competence somewhere. Seems like a decent guess anyway. :man_shrugging:



By those charactertistics, I’d dare to say it isn’t a power fantasy for him.

It’s just another Tuesday :man_shrugging:t4:

You mean to say GS tends to favor cavalry officers for promotions? I dare say it’s time they stop this horseplay and start treating officers equally



The usual way cavalry officers get promoted fast, really.

It’s not all that young for the day.

At the risk of ruining a good joke:
I mean that cavalry generals - IRL - tended to be closer to thirty than forty…



Royal bastard and duke. He is in a eternal duel to death and in a very difficult and extreme stress position no wonder he tries the Borbon way.

Any gesture from him any minor gesture to any populace anything could be seen as an attempt to being popular acclaim . If he has bastards or son of their own… people will start comparing Miguel and Duke… and wondering who is BASTARD… and who is the Ironrod kid. I would not put parallels to not anger people but to a bastard more if have power and means to worry the not bastards main way to survive is look like a wasteful Dandy a alcoholism waste a fool. Meanwhile Miguel is destroying his live without making his only job and that will make him paranoid against his not brother…
Then all could be used as a puppet show to make a civil war and a power to control Tierra ports commerce or even more. Turmoil is brewing in Tierra. That and a bankruptcy With A British culture… That won’t deal well with it.

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The Colonels of the permanent regiments were all unavailable - Cunaris lost the use of his legs, Old Wulfram died, and neither Warburton nor Young Wulfram saw fit to join the war. All the other Colonels and Lieutenant-colonels of the houseguard cavalry regiments were presumably cut to pieces as well. This means there is now plenty of room for young men like Palliser to advance in rank.

Meanwhile, Young Wulfram didn’t restore the Cuirassiers to strength, so that means the Lancers are now the best cavalry regiment in the Tierran army (with the Dragoons as a close second, but they were kept with Cunaris to soften the blow of losing the cavalry brigade.) So the Lancers get to lead the charge at Second Kharangia, and their Lieutenant-colonel is promoted to Brigade command so he can give orders to the rest of the cavalry regiments.

Especially after finding out how rich Palliser got off of all the prisoners…



Bryce, forgive me for not going back and digging through your various posts for an answer, and I ask this out of sincere curiosity, but what experience is that?



The best at dressing up for tea parties more like. Amirite lads or am I right

Okay maybe I’m a little jealous the WRL got to perform the killing stroke. Just a little.



Warburton’s To-Do List:

  • Drink
  • Womanize
  • Get cravats starched and linens washed
  • Briefly contemplate the weight and responsibility of your station
  • Slip into a state of intense self-loathing at your inability to live up to the legacies thst have been put upon you
  • Abandon this line of thought because you’re late for a club meeting and you don’t want to be a downer
  • Drink

Duly noted. No gentleman of the blood should have to stoop to such… indignity.



have cravats starched.”
It would be insulting to insinuate that he’d have to do anything even remotely related to physical labour himself.



Warbi is a Borbon confirmed It only lacks The hunt elephants with lovers And pilot super cars high speed in Quatar with 90 years…

Why In hell Mara is pro Miguel if There is a sexy Borbon in making?



If there isn’t a ‘bad end’ path where Cassius takes us back to Takara as his personal house servant I will be disappointed.

Also why couldn’t Cunaris lead the Cavalry Brigade? Part of the Welles Report on Blogia and addendum on SBK specifically mention that Brigade-leaders shouldn’t be in open combat due to the fragility of the command structure, which negates the major point of him not participating (his wounds preventing him from fighting). I gotta be honest, having a ‘Death Ride’ that we actually won would have been great.



In the context of this battle, all he would be capable of doing is waiting at the barges and watching the horses charge. He would serve absolutely no purpose.

The cavalry regiments also need someone to follow on the field.

Cunaris probably could have kept his cavalry command if he was doing something like what the MC ended up doing - sending regiments/squadrons in one by one as needed. But at 2K the plan was for all the cavalry regiments to charge at once, so as you say, they need a brigade commander who is able to direct it from the front.

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That doesn’t really apply to cavalry command. A charge is simply too fast moving and chaotic to be able to effectively direct it from the rear, which is one of the reasons their commanders are expected to be in the thick of it with them.



You can be a lieutenant-colonel at the age of 25 if you play your cards right. Such rapid promotion in wartime isn’t unheard of in times of war, especially during a war where half of the high command got wiped out in a single battle.

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After an interesting private conversation with @Oirbse , we all agree that it is interesting on how people of UK and Antari consider a “Hero” 's legacy…

While MC and perhaps Katarina plus Miguel may be considered Heroes of Tierra, should Aleksandra survived, she would be a Protagonist of her own story in her “Quest” to seek “justice” for her family, and we further discuss the possibility of “executing” the whole of Khorobirit family and why we should or shouldn’t do that…

I had an interesting theory on why my MC wouldn’t killed them all if i had the opportunity … i take assumption that i am the villain in Khorobirit 's side of the story, in this case i am that classical “stupid” Villain who love to let the heroes go free just to seek more excitement in proving i can always beat the heroes when we meet again… it is a strange feeling that i won’t execute Khorobirit’s family out of mutual respect … it is the same sentimental statement from those villains who claim "We should had been fighting in the same side " to our Heroes :-):joy:

@unoriginal_username That’s a relief… a Hero won’t usually harm the junior henchman right? At least that was in most Hero stories :slight_smile:

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No no no, you are one of the villain’s junior henchmen. Lefebvre and Katarina are the senior henchmen, and the ultimate villain is Miguel.

Depends on the hero, and also what the henchmen did to them.

Though I would like to point out that most hero stories actually feature the hero beating up multiple waves of expendable henchmen. Even if the hero doesn’t kill them, they won’t hesitate to harm them.



Gunna just leave this here…