Lords of Infinity



More like classic Chinese Folk heroes or how old Germanic Kings both pagan and later Christian have founder that god or a saint?


There’s a sense that people can actually derive legitimacy from their descent from a Sainted Martyr, and that manifests itself often in the leadership of knightly orders, which I doubt anyone can really claim is immaterial.


The only thing I can think of on knowledge on the part of the readers:

This is the third game in a series. I think it’s fair to expect people playing it to have, even if they have no idea that there’s been extensive forum lore discussion, some idea what’s been mentioned in previous games and in the reference section.


@Bryce_Kaldwin Don’t you just hate it when your political rivals turn out to be perfectly nice people?


So who are you going to hate if it turns out that Warburton is secretly a Royalist?

Castermaine was actually made a General-of-Brigade before Havenport, IIRC.

Also, Cunaris was made a General-of-Brigade immediately after Blogia.


Makes it harder to hate so yes.

So we just executed @Jjcb in the discord for starting that horrid Emu theory. Then we tried to execute him again for the whole mutant fiasco. In a fair and unbiased show trial. Then he demanded Trial By Ordeal and actually won.

@unoriginal_username, I’ll still hate him. Also why do people always seem to think that people are having like these 6d chess moves. Maybe he hangs out with them because they have great food, enjoy his jocularity, and he enjoys hanging out with them. He doesn’t need to be a Royalist. I don’t think there’s any real depth behind his association with them. They are a prestigious and wealthy group of Tierran banebloods and he enjoys hanging out with them.

Warburton is a young man, he wants three things: Food, sex, and entertainment and I guarantee that the Rendower offers all three of those if he really wants it.


My personal experience with people in other forums and in life in general. You can’t imagine how many people sign contracts were they believe they buying a house in X place and they are buying a plot of land in another state or even selling their property.

Casuals doesn’t look stuff It is probably many readers would read Cata demo thinking is first in series.

I am not even joking a good percentage of rating feedback is about How Jim should stop writing romance games and end Infinity saga. Accusing cog of scam for buying a bunch of letters instead a videogame etc wtc… And how people discovered that There is more and have to BUY MOAR GAMES … It is accurate believe at least a 10% that read demo is random people that find the free demo by random suggestion by app store. If at least a percentage ended buying could be money for Cata less be practical here.


Aww so badge of honor and office and legitimacy is in thw knighty order of their family?


He works for RTI, for a start.

And I say there’s more to him then that. At the very least, we know that RTI considers his opinion worth listening to. He has far more on his “to-do” list than “drink and womanize.”


I’m sure “have cravats starched” is somewhere on that list too.


In my experience, I saw a lot of reports arrive at desks. Some were glanced out and put into a pile for further scrutinizing. Others were taken, read, and then filed.

We never saw the filed ones ever again.

Just because you wrote a memo doesn’t mean that people will act on them. Also you can tell by how Katarina acted to Emile that he was a bit of a joke, instead of having an office pet. They have a pet Duke, they give him a desk and tell him to behave.


Yeah, that’s the point. He is an old soldier, very cautious General. He may be one opinion with wulfram about UK’s economy, but if the King appointed him as Councilor-militant then his mind may be put into two directions, one for UK’s economy and one for UK’s security.
Again, this is just speculations though.


Wasn’t that around the time he was just starting out? The Warburton the Disgraced MC meets at the beginning of Guns is not the same person the MC meets at the beginning of Lords. A person can change a lot in six years. Especially someone who was still a teenager when we first saw him.


“Okay so where should I put one of my old man’s bastards where I can constantly keep an eye on him and see who he is meeting with and what about… RTI. Tell Barithorne to toss him a bone now and then but to just let him sit around and not break anything.”

Just because you are in a spy agency doesn’t mean you are any good at being a spy. Especially a nascent one. Part of the reason why MI5 couldn’t catch the Cambridge Five was because they were laughingly bad.


But isn’t this exactly what RTI would want someone to think about one of their operatives? Heck, maybe that’s how it started but somehow they eventually realized he had genuine aptitude for this thing. Or maybe his sole priorities in life are chasing skirts and hanging out with friends, but while he’s doing so he might as well feed information to RTI and help out the brother who gave him his wealth and power in the first place?

You also don’t think it’s a bit strange how he recognizes a Disgraced MC? Someone he had one awkward conversation with six years ago? Then immediately sits between you and Wulfram so you can’t continue the conversation? It’s almost as if he knew in advance that you would be there and wanted to drive a wedge between you and Wulfram.

And maybe if your presence in the spy agency is common knowledge, the best thing to do is to make it look like you aren’t that important? We know that Imperial Intelligence has eyes on Warburton.

I’m pretty sure if you made him Councillor-Militant he would still gut the military. If a pro-military MC argues with him at the Rendower Club, his arguments basically boil down to: “Yeah a strong military is useful but we just can’t afford it.”


All I can say right now is that one of you is wrong.
And the other one of you is entertainingly wrong.


Look, part of my schtick is that I don’t like the guy and I want to go and maintain my illusion bubble so when we execute him as an enemy of the revolution I can do it with a clean conscience. I’ve dealt with so many Warburtons in my life that I am getting horrible flashbacks.




So there’s more to him than meets the eye, but he isn’t a Miguel loyalist…


I guess this means I should fall back to the “he wants to be King” theory…

He’s a rich handsome Duke and a King’s secret bastard, so for him it is a power fantasy :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess someone should have told him that this isn’t a power fantasy.