Lords of Infinity



The hard part is that the community needs to remember to take a step back and remind themselves that they don’t know everything and that we need to try to be welcoming. There’s room at the table for everyone and it isn’t right to go into a Discord and start bad mouthing people.

I go and say some intense things on the Discord sometimes, but that’s mainly because parts of my humour are centered around absurdism to get a point across.

But my main point is that we should all remember that it’s not funny if people are threatened or upset and we need to stop.


In honesty, I’m not sure how many variables that’ll add.

Does the crown look like it can afford a parade?

To be fair, you were only at one half of one session. You haven’t seen the Cortes actually open yet.

As @Bryce_Kaldwin kind of points out, a lot of that was the result of Spain being a great empire in terminal decline. When the Tierran Cortes gets… interesting, things are a lot uglier. There’s also the fact that given the situation, most of the Lords of the Cortes aren’t feeling very exuberant.

It isn’t so much seperate as it is united in a different way. Remember, a lot of the powers in the Cortes are more or less descended or related to men who have been declared Saintly Martyrs. That leads to a different dynamic than either the Catholic or Anglican traditions of divine right.

No, this is good. It’s getting me thinking about what flourishes I can put in, especially when I don’t have to exposit about all the people in the Cortes.

Alternatively if Tierra ever does become a powerful empire, then perhaps things may change.

Diegetically, the point is that Spain withstood six state bankruptcies, and Tierra will fall over after one.

“When the Holy Roman Emperor violates your NAP, which makes you deploy your recreational mercenary armies against him in a thirty year campaign powered by pure spite and arms industry votes.”

I think that’s because the barrier to entry is higher.

There’s a lot more information out there, and a certain expectation that newcomers arrive well enough versed in that information to not ask questions which have already been answered, and not to speculate about things which have already been ruled out. Regulars get annoyed about being asked the same “stupid” question all the time, and newcomers are faced with a certain level of indifference or even hostility because they didn’t trawl through the past 80 000 posts for their answers first.

That’s why I keep pushing the wiki, because it lets newcomers to the community get started without having to ask too many already-answered questions.


Also all things considered.

We don’t get everything right either. I can’t think of any regular who hasn’t had you come in and critique them or say they are wrong.

It’s happened numerous times to me these past few days.

The moment that we take a step back and do our best to help each other and remind ourselves that we are here to help you make the best game possible. Is the moment we’ll stop biting each other’s heads off.


This is a gentle reminder to please keep posts centered on the topic and debate the points being made, and not centered on the people making them.

Focusing replies on the individuals themselves instead of the topic at hand can lead to friction between members and often causes the thread to derail.

With regards to Mara’s specific feedback: @Cataphrak really uses it to help flesh out the details of what makes his world different from a historical fiction based exclusively on England.

Let us all remember that @Cataphrak is capable of defending his own world quite well and he doesn’t need us all turning into white knights -well meaning and passionate as we may be.

When it all comes down to it just remember these words:

So, just remember, Mara is helping Cataphrak figure out how to make our MC’s life more difficult once we become true Imperials and we join the knife-ears in civilizing the rest of the world.


You know what I’ve just figured out: An Aetorian MC’s stats are the sort of types that fits in more to that of a politician while still can be a competent officer in the army, while the Cunarian MC’s is even better as a complete soldier instead of half soldier and half politician, while the rest of the two regions? I guess more as merchandise dealers or even as statesmen I guess?


@Cataphrak and rest of forum members I think is better sadly returning to pm with Cata as I think my sincerity could end angering people. maybe In next wip in series. Thankfully I still having @Havenstone Rebels to freely posting in character lol if not my head would explode trying to be political correct all time


“Guy who brought an imitation katana” is not to be trifled with.

He managed to overcome his fear and his embarrassment and survive Blogia with only a pair of pistols and some sort of weird spear thing he probably never used before.

If that isn’t martial prowess, then I don’t know what is. This is the man who should become Councillor-Militant.


For some reason when I read this, I couldn’t help but picture Palliser or Hawthorne beating Wulfram with a cane in front of the entire Cortes, ala the Brooks-Sumner affair which took place in the U.S. Senate.



It’s been suggested this is not out of the question.

No, this isn’t me being a cranky regular. I just want you to know you’re not the only one who thinks that sounds appropriate.

We even have one of the Patraeon articles mention brawling in the Cortes having to be stopped by the Grenadiers.


Not going to lie, being able to survive Blogia without his sword is…something else. I wonder what Soldiering you would need for that?



He probably was able to grab a bayonet from a dead soldier or another sword from a dead officer. I assume after that he only purchased the finest Callindrian swords


according to this list i’m the second most powerful character in the infinity saga.


Lieutenant O_____r confirmed for Shaggy.


Some say his Katana broke.

But he actually asked it nicely to split in two so that he could dual-wield two Katanas for the rest of the battle.


@Cataphrak Why can Castermaine took the post of Councilor-militant? He is the most senior officer after Havenport, he had been a General before Blogia while Cunaris is still a Colonel.


He can. The tradition that the post be held by a Duke isn’t ironclad.

That is, in fact, exactly the reason why Hawthorne (and the King) wants Cunaris instead.


How will you deal with different levels of knowledge in your readers. Most of your readers doesn’t know who are half of people. And most would not have reading anything from the universe in years. I am worrying if casuals will have a Excess of names info overload that could make them quiting demo saying OH MY GOOD WHO ARE ALL THIS PEOPLE…

My Machiavellian grumpy schemer would maybe really recommend add a more explanations of who is who and plotting clues for the demo when people starting without a save file. I know I am clumsy and grumpy but is not first time I am reading a demo of some game book and quit saying who in hell are all those people that are launched at me like i will stop there as I have to be less grumpy.

How I can be less grumpy when I am grumpy by Saint creation and order? Hasn’t be Saint designed me grumpy Isn’t that saints will?


Part of what I’m trying to do with the first chapter or two is provide a new player with enough of an idea of who’s what to let them operate as a political agent.

Note that I didn’t say “operate as a well-informed political agent”, because that’s not necessarily the only way to play through the story. In some ways, it’s more ideal to go through while only understanding a fraction of what’s going on based on what you can understand, and using that to make decisions which may or may not have horrible consequences - because that is what happens in real life.

I don’t expect new players (or even veteran players) to go in with perfect knowledge, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.


Yep, I went in wanting to hate Wulfram then I found out he loves his wife and loves his children.

Very hard to hate him after that. So now I’m going to channel my hatred of the Peace Faction remnants into Warburton.


I would disagree it still us as tool for Great war. And Saint Worship is huge part of the the noble culture in Tierra it part of the power structure.