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Maybe is a cultural thing and that’s why I see all as a simple copy of average Steam punk fan fiction. In many fan fiction and steam punk rp content the parliamentary opening is almost equal to this and equal to old Britain empire style.
So it feels like trivial and average rpg situation. I mean maybe is the point Cata wants to empathize that cortes is something mundane and in a way a boring obligation. It could be a way to trying portrait that feeling.

It all really depends in what each player expectations after years waiting to reach The Cortes .
Maybe it needs a flavour choice of what Charcter believes on ceremony.

I could imagine My Mara being sad about the lack of ceremony and see that as a symbol of how back in political power chain in Infinite sea we are. I could see her saying I WILL MAKE TIERRA POWERFUL and our ceremony will impress even to the elves. I could see other character happy about Tierra austerity and lack of formulas and down to earth of solve people real problems.


So have you ever considered that maybe Cataphrak decided that this particular aspect of Tierra’s government should be a bit more like Britain than Spain?

I don’t think it’s fair to label it “Steampunk fanfiction” just because it isn’t exactly like Spain. Tierra is based on more than just one country.

Also, this isn’t a Steampunk setting. Or are you just referring to the fact that many steampunk settings are also based on Victorian England?


When you talk to him in Guns, he mentions that he never married. And I think he’s in his late 30s to early 40s.


Yes That was I was referring too. It is like in my opinion too generic. I was expecting a Tierran weird ceremonial with banefire Saint orders a Certain In Saint we trust formula. I don’t know more different from directly British Victorian classical portrait.

I know is not Spanish and I don’t want to be Spanish is just an example I could have talking about imperialism Japan formulas as example. Or Second Reich.


Remember that religion plays a much smaller role in Tierra than it did in IRL Europe, so direct references to it are obviously going to be less common.

Also, while it may appear stuffy and traditional right now, remember that we’ve only seen a single session of the Cortes so far, and what we’ve seen out of the formal setting indicates that members of the Cortes are more than willing to cut back and relax a little in the right circumstances, so I’m sure we’ll seen a bit more passion come into play in the future.

That said, I appreciate you giving feedback, and while I personally really like the scene, alternative perspectives are good to hear.


Only to then devolve into the greedy kleptocracy of the oligarchs of our own “noble republic” in the first ever grand experiment with (proto) libertarianism gone horribly right. Also sixty is technically selling it short as we call it the 80 years war.
Ironically it is pretty much as what Mara says of the Spanish themselves when they fought Napoleon. Against the Spanish we were fighting for the right to go build and experiment with our shitty system (which we can all thank for being the great granddaddy of modern libertarianism and the “night watchman” state.) instead of letting the Spanish nobility have all the “fun”.

I think what our “regent” families with their state protected de-facto monopolies used to be is what many modern CEO’s are striving to sort of become (again in our case).


Plus, “stuffy and informal” doesn’t really fit considering how it’s described.

It is a disappointment, to be sure. Instead of finding the great power-brokers of the realm, you find only men no better than you, in an atmosphere more like a fishmarket or a cafe than a solemn chamber of state.

If anything, the Cortes is intentionally being framed as a boring, pedestrian gathering spot. Which is well enough, considering most of the people there are only there because they made an obligation to come out once or twice a year in order to yell at each other about taxes.

If I were a Cortes member, I’d save the pageantry for an event I actually give half a damn about. Seeing some random bumpkin be given a seat on a bench? As exciting as watching paint dry. H’onneshanne Duck Night at the Redower Club? Now that is something special.


It has also been made pretty clear that it is the clubs which are where all the shady and/or exciting stuff actually happens.


Hey, sorry kinda new here but I’ve been following the discussion about the Cortes for a while and wanted to add on to your and @lovinglydull 's comment.

I agree on the fact that the author deliberately intends for the Cortes to have a traditional framework. What this means is that while the reader may expect the scene to be more “exciting or weird”, it is exactly the reader’s expectations that the Cortes scene hopes to break. I am sure that as we read more scenes, our expectations will keep unraveling, and the reader will react accordingly.

I had no problem with the Cortes until someone brought it up. I still find it serves the perceived purpose, which is to set the foundation for the more exciting aspects of Tierra’s political society, which are the clubs and backroom dealings.


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How do you figure? Tierra being a nation of “merchants and shop keepers” is still less cutthroat then our businessmen had a reputation of being. Tierra is also less involved in the weapons and a non-party in the slave trade than we used to be.


Also, to our knowledge, Tierra does not have any tulips…

Oh my, I think they might actually be the same country then…

I think a Tulip-mania is the last thing Tierra needs right now. :man_shrugging:


But it likely has windmills.


But how will they ever build the first truly great speculative bubble without them? :astonished:
As, much like with modern capitalism that’s what our old regents used to do once they acquired more money than they could ever hope to spend, put it in speculative bubbles, of which the tulips were only the most famous. Spain may have squandered a lot of wealth on pointless pageantry and ceremony, but we just made it go “poof” in speculative investment bubbles. Like I said in many ways the great granddaddy of the libertarian influenced neo-liberal mess we live in today.


But think of the investment opportunity! Get our debt down to zero in one easy step.


I don’t think we should discourage it when someone comes in to rock the boat. This is, after all, a forum for discussion. And criticism is important to a game beta.

Let’s especially be a little kinder to Mara, who is a longstanding and valuable member of this forum.


On a change for people not going to play political games in the Capital do how many people feel that the extra debt is worth it in the forms of your brother and sister. Do you consider them as members of your family to love and cherish or appendages that you have to use carefully since they are a money drain? And is keeping your mom happy good since she knows the players in the local area at cost of relation to your siblings?

Also is Sandersly really attached to your house as a lawyer and how much are his wages worth? Is he just used as a go between yourself and your tenents or is he someone you can send to nearby houses to speak on your behalf?


With this in mind, I do want to say that I PM’d her and wanted her to know that I regret if I made her feel bad or attacked.

I had no qualms with her relating it to Spain. I just tried to give her context. I believe that she has every right to ask the author for changes and voice her concerns about it seeming like a carbon copy of Britain.

I was also trying to explain some of the reasons for the Spanish pomp and circumstance and how it came out that way.

I really hope that people can voice their opinions here in a productive way and that personal attacks are kept out.


Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve started to feel like the community (myself included) has gotten quite a bit more negative and less open in recent years, and it’s not something I like to see. I think we should all remember to take a step back when we disagree with something and think about whether our reaction is warranted or not. We’re all fans of this series, and we should try to treat each other with a bit more respect than I think we have been.


Who is the most powerful character in the Infinity saga?

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