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I’d imagine some people could get annoyed at England being referred to as “Ingla” or the British Empire being referred to as “Britain Empire”. Harsh and/or honest critic is great and good but going off and essentially calling a country names, which some people could be from, is probably why you got some complaints sent your way. Doesn’t even help prove your point and only serves to diminish its value.

Least possible complaints about you is why I assume you made this post?


Not a complaint yet. I am in a phone so sometimes I wrote words bad not any interest in ridicule any country except mine. I should re reading to correct countries names that most times I even wrote in Spanish. Maybe I should return to sending my posts to Cata privately to not offending anyone and still saying exactly same. My objective is never convince people or having likes is just given another different view of games to make author think or considering different alternatives nothing more nothing else. So If people see it as weaken or not really not my problem. If not I will try to give a popular opinion political post.


I would recommend caution in reading too much into what is publically accessible about the two agencies. Another interpretation of “active” may be that Mossad has bungled more operations than the CIA.

The CIA is significantly larger than Mossad with a narrower mandate ($2Bn vs $15Bn). If you are defining “active” as assassinations per capita remember that they outsource most of the direct action to JSOC in the US. They have the ships and helicopters afterall…

It’s not an understatement to say that the CIA can find and kill anyone in the world they set their mind to, and they have gottwn way better at it in the last 20 years.


Mara is right though that maybe some more pageantry wouldn’t be out of place. Or at least some Cortes members grumbling about how it has been cut because of austerity.


Can you stop using block capitals, please? It’s rather annoying.

With regards to your other points, I doubt that Tierra can afford glitzy trivialities when their country is in massive debt. The Tierran Cortes are not replicas of the Spanish Cortes. Perhaps Cataphrak is portraying them as he is for a reason, as opposed to simply forgetting to emphasise their similarities to the glorious, glamorous, tumultuous Spanish Cortes?


And maybe Mara is criticising that portrayal for a reason too. Maybe we all have reasons! :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually last Cortes ceremony was cut in forms due economy. You could hear athe moaning about THE TRADITIONAL AND THE HISTORICAL importance. So something like that could be realistic. I think part of my problem with the scene is that is a great contrast with the Knighthood and all the scenes were ball and King was involved. Here is weirdly mundane. In a quasi disdainful display of DON’T give a shit for the formula system.

It is there is a clear contrast in ceremonies. maybe he is trying send a message to the big players in the Cortes game. Also surprising the totally sepration religion with Cortes i always though it was more united and separation would be something player could try to achieve

Reading deeply is like Miguel considering all trivial and a lesser power. and i don’t think is case that Miguel wants destroy cortes power and turn in an old regime king


@poison_mara thanks a lot for all the insight you provided into Spanish political shenanigans that went on in your Cortes (in times past). I’m always looking forward to learn something new from your posts & I for one welcome your unfiltered opinions here :slight_smile:


I, personally, think that the Cortes are rather well portrayed. The fact that it’s contrary to most MCs’ expectations is funny, and it shows that most of the politics are over minor things, instead of the Cortes being a hall in which paragons of all that is good deliver thunderous condemnations of evil.


It’s a solemn ceremony- pagentry is for a ball, not an opening of parliament. Maybe you can have your kid shake Miguel’s hand or poise for a quick sketch.


After playing through the demo a few more times there’s one thing I’d like to comment on which I greatly enjoy.

And that’s the feeling of complete lack of direction our MC feels.

That’s not saying Cata hasn’t given us options; rather its great how many he has given us. It’s just jarring after playing through the first two books, where we always had a clear cut goal, a focus to charge at, a commander to answer to, orders to follow.

Now, the cord is cut. We’re on our own, in over our head, and with no clear way out.

The sense of being overwhelmed for my MC is real. Reading about Tierras’ and the MCs financial issues has me more stresses out than the Forlorn Hope! In a good way.


Thanks. I don’t think that I will post a lot more here as It tends to annoying people as considered my feedback as a direct attack to Paul. Funny thing ever as I have his DIRECT permission here and private and has been private testing for him since 2012. @Cataphrak paul please could you publicaly say Again that I am not a troll trying to doom your artistic vision or something. Maybe i need a Title Like Tierra critical grumpy woman or something.


Apparently the old time Spanish disagreed, just from reading up on Wikipedia their nobility considered it vitally important on (nearly) all occasions.


Interestingly, I think I just realized that you’re able to blackmail your way out of the feud with high either Int or Cha.


Yes and they ran their country into the ground. They also mismanaged your homeland so badly you decided to fight a sixty year war of Independence.

Fancy shit is pointless if you can’t do anything with it.


A quick off topic aside:
First, it would be nice if everyone would take a moment to reflect on language barriers and differences in culture.
Let’s try not to read too much into other people’s word choices.

Second, even though it’s nice that people discuss things, when multiple people start arguing against another person’s opinion-based feedback, without the author it was given to even having seen it yet, it can easily end up seeming dissmissive, discouraging or even aggressive.

I see that happening a lot in WIP treads, and it’s one of the reasons I often don’t feel comfortable sharing my thoughts. And I think it’s sad if these sort of things mean that the authors don’t recieve feedback they would find valuable.

It’s okay not to agree with other people’s feedback. We don’t always have to debate them about it.

Now return to the regularly sceduled Lords of Infinity talk. :blush:


Well, the knighthood was a reward for your accomplishments. The Cortes title is something you have a right to by birth. The king didn’t have to grant you a knighthood, but he did have to let you swear in to your Cortes title. It makes sense that the knighthood would feel more exciting.

@Player just look at his date of birth in the Personnages of Importance section in Guns, and subtract that from the date at the end of the game.


How old is Loch and is he married?


I don’t see your point here.

“In Spain X was normal, why not have some of that in Tierra?”
“Yeah, but Spain SUCKED! TI-ER-RA! TI-ER-RA! TI-ER-RA!”


I’m not 100% sure, but I think his age can be deduced from the article on him on Cata’s website. As for his marriage status, he confirmed in Guns he’s not married.

I legit thought he might be on there but for some reason, I wasn’t sure.