Lords of Infinity



In fact most of Spanish nobles were debt filled hijosdalgo That PRETEND being Dandy to maintaining a reputation of Honorable. EXACTLY SAME SITUATION TIERRA HAS. And our lord dandy… It has to have a ILLUSION of riches to bang a proper lady and maintain the dinasty… No pretending no wife with means no babies no nobility preservation.

Also you could be playing a serious guy but is a choice of games. Iron balls is a Borbon lol So I want some dandy choices. That also alleviate the heavy political situation and could be funny and charming for other players. Your character could be all grumpy about Waste resources and Need of decorum and seriousness. There were people like that in our Cortes lol the old grumpy Conservatives XD

Edit Just to make it clear I like the political way of design Tierra and the deepnest and logic. My criticism feedback is not about that is about the Flavour Protocol and the lack of certain charm and fun Cortes colourful exuberance. Certain touch could give

1 Certain breaking the serious stuff that certain casual could find boring.



If this was like spain would have been hilarious to hit up the cortes and go “Guys I have a solution. We dont need to cut military spending because there is already something we put a ton more money into. Being in horrible debt and showing off our non existent wealth. Lets just tax that rather than the safety of our beloved kingdom from the damned elves and antar”

You know you’d have some support. Especially from plebs if that means lower taxes :joy:


Lol They totally would put a tax to women corsets and then put a bounty if women don’t dress corsets due lack of decorum. Fun fact it was a real tax


Tax the debt that banks collect :joy:


I don’t know what you laugh as it was a real thing in some point. As i said our Corstes was a joke. But They were charming lol


You can go and borrow money to pretend you’re rich. It’s just that unlike Spain who could expel their jewish creditors whenever they want. A baneless banking house can take your home away.

Also there’s a reason why people stopped taking Spain seriously. Maybe it’s because everything you mentioned seems like one big joke. I don’t want every single person I encounter to be a philandering, self aggrandising, dandy with zero brains. It gets real tiring- real fast. Scheming is alright and it happens, but there’s a major difference between the powerful and those who think they are.

The powerful don’t need to shove your face into how wealthy they are. It’s subtle, it is there if you look around. The finer quality of their outfits, the architecture and style of their homes.


Steve Coll, Ronan Bergman, Ronald Kessler, Michael Bar-Zohar, Michael Smith, and Thomas Ahern are my source authors to present.

My read of them doesn’t suggest that the CIA was inactive, only that they tended more towards passive intelligence and support operations while the Mossad favored more proactive direct action operations.

Granted, my research is so far focused on the 1940s to pre-9/11 era. And this is more of a hobby project, so I haven’t been as exhaustive as I should be.

My “official” research thesis at the moment is a comparative analysis of Kant and Rosa Luxemburg, in particular the underlying similarities between Kant’s public and private uses of reason and Luxemburg’s reform and revolution, with the essential goal being to bridge the gap philosophically between Kantian liberalism and Marxian radicalism.

On that note,

Cata, have there been any great radical philosophers challenging the concept of feudalism in Tierra yet? Granted our MC (and Tierra society) is unlikely to consider them great.


It is a big sad joke in reality. However This is a game and certain sad charming decadence could give certain contrast with The seriousness. Tierra is still a backwater hole compared big players. Some kind of amateurish decadence could give a colour in my opinion. As it is now is insert standard English copy number 1,000 exactly as all steam punk low fantasy games and books everywhere


Not really, you have Warburton walk in to the most prestigious social club in Tierra and talk about how he had great sex and the room starts to laugh.

There is a time and place for brevity and whimsicality. For instance in intimate settings with close friends. Warburton kept the room alive with witty conversation and guy talk. While the more somber Wulfram was forced to cede the spotlight of the cultivated courtly atmosphere of the high nobility to Warburton’s dandiness.

In the inaugural Overseas Club meeting. You have a bunch of officers start to drunkenly sing marching songs as they go and drink themselves into an alcohol driven stupor.


I thought it was more United Kingdom than England, since the place is filled with more than just a single kind of people/culture. Unless I’m missing something



Will there be a chance to join Warburton on some escapades?


I liked that but Still Thinks Cortes first presentation to fans needs SOMETHING RHAT SAYS LOOK THIS IS NOT ENGLAND OR STEAM PUNK MEDIOCRITY FAN FICTION.
Maybe needs more Bane magic swords or People in armour. Something that break the first image when a player finally see the cortes.

As it is described is Inserting any british monarch ever and you will have a exact resemblance that I almost hear the big Ben. It has not to be Spanish or anything from reality. But descriptions are EXACTLY AS ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE


Not really, you need to remember that this is not a Spanish Cortes. This is a legislative body who decide the fate of Tierra also there were lots of veteran Tierran officers wearing their military uniforms with their fancy medals and if knighted they had their golden spurs.

The fanciness is there if you read it.


Yet it would be horrible, horrible world building for Tierra to be that way because there is no logical A to B progression. The conditions that allowed Spain to be the way it was are simply absent in Tierra. They aren’t there.

Also I’d say its more UK than England, maybe much closer to Britain than England for sure. Don’t see how you see it as England honestly.


Ah, I see you work for the Department of Redundancy Department as well.


Actually I’m the Assistant of the Assistant Managers Assistant.


Anyone of you understand what I am saying. You are taking it face value… I will trying to say it face value. Saints give me strength as I am terribly with face value.

Forget ingland Spain and everything… What I am trying to say is first scene with Cortes are described EXACTLY same as everything generically describing a parliament in a steam punk setting. Is GENERIC descriptions and generic presentation.

What I am trying to say Is need SOMETHING DIFFERENT DUE THE SETTING IS RICH AND DIFFERENT from most of generic crap out there.

Theintro of political power should inspire and give a sensation that tierra is a original thing on its own not a cheap copy of Britain empire.

What Paul aces in saga is present a rich and original universe with sense and their own style Kian and Takara sounds different from all the fandom everywhere that carbon copy xIX empires. In my opinion the presentation and description of Cortes doesn’t give justice Paul mastery and universe it feels a copy of Ingla


Uh huh. Yeah. Alright.

I’m just going to trust Cata on this because I’d bet he knows exactly what he is doing considering his other works. And that different thing is already there, combined with the believable ("“realistic”" for the setting) aspects of the world without being too out there. I dunno I like it, I think its unique where it has to be without being gaudy. We have seen enough of this difference. Not to mention its an unfinished chapter 1…

But that’s just me.


Tierra’s culture is rooted in the consolidation of various settler cultures that all blended together in this chaotic mess and led to the baseline Tierran having a Moorish complexion.

This is a somber ceremony that is meant to reinforce the social contruct between Lord and Sovereign. It is supposed to be dull and boring- because it is the same thing as sitting in a graduation with a cap and gown waiting for your diploma. Your only hope is not to trip and fall on your face when you get it. Then you go back to seat and go, “Wow it happened.”

This event is routine. It happens all the time. Nothing special happened unless you break custom and address the Cortes.


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