Lords of Infinity



By the Saints, my troop survived an entire winter living in quarters next to latrines. My tenants can press on in their current quarters.

Now, about commissioning a 25 ft statue of me on a horse in the middle of the village square… you say we can’t afford marble? How about stucco?


Tenant farmers consider themselves superior to soldiers in Tierran society right? Because they try to eke a life out for themselves right instead of relying on the Feds (GS) to pay them.


I’ll admit I’m much more excited for the estate path than the aetorian path. Granted I just can’t see the political stuff being interesting. Engaging yes but not more interesting than building up your own estate which just sounds super awesome no matter how I look at it. Maybe I just like the idea of building up a place more than boring politics or not getting the exact appeal of aetorian path.

Then again where I live politics is largely irrelevant and everyone agrees that the government is awful and inefficient, even the government. But no body can be bothered to do anything. Probably because their relatives or friends of family are taking up those jobs.


@Cataphrak, if you have a sister and have a positive relationship with her and a brother. When you go to Aetoria, can you bring your sister and leave your brother behind as your seneschal?

I figure that if you can bring your sister along, you can find her a wider array of matches and allow her a larger pool of people to choose from.


But watch out for Emile.


Now I’m sure you missed one significant detail in that & I think @poison_mara would agree here as well.

Your horse statue is lacking one key feature
Also, @Cataphrak did the victory parade get axed or is it still happening?


Can we also kick our brother or sister to Aetoria to keep a warm body in the mc’s Cortes seat?

You sound like large parts of my family, but just an FYI, if you don’t vote you either guarantee that nothing will change as the elites like to keep the status quo that most benefits them or you’re giving the power to make (sweeping) change to people who do actually bother to show up to vote, even if that is the alt-right. :unamused:

You want that nepotist patronage system to change, vote or better yet start a movement to change it. I know that’s easier said than done, but doing nothing, except grousing about it guarantees nothing will change or at least change in the direction you want.


In fact in Spain you will be a mater of RIDICULE forever if COJONES aren’t BIG … In fact Franco was RIDICULOUSLY as political defiance by workers in my city (Franco Birth place) put in the horse tiny tiny testicles. He DEMANDED bigger ones later.

Several general demanded in Cortes reduced Espartero big balls to not looking small in comparison. A turmoil of population protecting the statue balls made Cortes decide that Espartero horse balls being legally protected as still nowadays. And the phrase Big as Espartero horse balls is a said.

Today people don’t make statues of themselves in horses. However people still looking to anatomical accuracy here.

Fun fact my town has a big Bronze Cow Vagina statue… Nobody knows why…

Why we have that obsessive tendency with statues I have no idea…

But If anyone wants ridicule a political rival that will get a statue first phase is Horse balls size… It would be automatically destroyed by citizens.


This is an island. The population here is pretty small. Like even in schools the chances that someone in your class is related to 1-2 teachers is incredibly high. It’s probably harder to find a native of this country who isn’t in some way connected to you than not.

Like my friend who lives in another city altogether? I found out by complete accident that his uncle is married into the family to which another friend of mine belongs to. This is pretty common. I don’t think there is a way you can actually fix this besides upping the population. I mean my hometown has 2x the population of this entire country.

If someone put together a “web” of acquaintances together for the natives of this country? I’d bet everyone is connected closely enough for it to have a tangible effect.


Oh, hey! Didn’t know we had any Maltese members around here. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If the population is that small and convoluted you might indeed be better off with resorting to tactics usually employed in family counseling, rather than electoral politics. However, again, doing nothing guarantees no change at all. Even large, dysfunctional families can change for the better with the right amount of effort and buy-in.


I mean, Malta isn’t that far from here but its population is less than half of this place. Seems like we had 1.18 million people. With natives no doubt being by far the minority. Although looking it up now the population seems to have almost caught up to my hometown. That’s pretty impressive.

Eitherway there really is nothing that can be done. Example: They made a mistake with inputting the data of my newly acquired citizenship. Said it would take a few days to fix. 5 months later they are still working on it. And we are bugging them about it every other week to get it done.

Literally no one I told about this is in any way shape or form surprised. I wonder how much they want in bribe money to get that fixed in a reasonable time frame.

Easier said than done to get things fixed. Especially when the entire culture of this place revolves around being well… lazy. We all joke about it but people here live a very, very slow life style. That’s just how it is, and the chances of anything being done about it is probably like .5% and when they get around to it the people who were the issue have already finished working and been replaced.

With people just as bad who they cant do anything about. Reminds me how my neighbor got raided by the swat equivalent 2 years back because they had a tip that some drug dealer lived there. Who moved out next door 5-6 years back. And everyone knew this but the police. Yakety Sax is the anthem of the government here for sure.


My problem with this game Cortes @Cataphrak Is that is 100% British empire at end XVIII first XIX . I mean I was expecting a little Spaniard cortes madness here and there to spice stuff. This is too logical and with very very few religious presence. I know Tierra is sadly 99% boring England… but dunno :sob: I wanted SOMETHING peculiar and chaotic charismatic from old stupid impractical Spain


You’re the expert Mara, what elements from (old) Spanish politics you suggest Cata use on the Cortes path? More duels in the parliament chamber (though that would be bad for my 30 ish soldiering mc).?


There’s also the considerations that many of the things the modern Spanish look back at are rose tinted because of a feeling of nostalgia. The Spanish were ruthless pragmatists who built their wealth on the backs of Moors, Jews, enslavement of natives, and then pillaging the wealth of their colonies to wage foreign wars.

The Thirty Years War and your War of Independence was financed through the pillaging of Jews during the Diaspora and in the gold and silver mines that they worked the natives to death in.

The glory days of Spain were built on the wealth of the conquered. The US has our own history we have to reckon with. But the main thing is that I feel Spain needs to remember that lots of the wealth of that period is rooted in a lot of baaaad shit.

The whole system of Spain as it was during the height of their power was centred on an Imperial tribute based system. Tierra is not in that situation. You can’t go around and compare the two.


As for choosing Aetoria or the estate it depends on the character.


First more Religion high knighthood and priesthood presence. For example. In old Spanish Cortes (even in The Independence war Cadiz constitution that was one of most modern constitutions on early XIX) Started with a bishop Cortes member Reciting the Ave Maria and that. With incense and all the Pomposity. It has no young squires with big triumphal trumpets dressing as lCatholic kings times In a BIG DOOR THAT KING HAS TO OPEN then triumphant trumpets announce all king titles… and a Heretic SLAYER BY THE GOOD GRACE THAT HIS HEIRS CONQUER THE WORLD IN SAINTS NAME

then a lot of sexy ladies everywhere saluting the king and everyone Chatting about if he favoured any over the other… Also lot of rich beverages and jokes… More shouting and people moving or sleeping in the seats.


AND SOME MORTAL THREAT from youngsters about some them banging each other sisters and calling for a duel…

What we have here instead is a serious practical boring English session.


winner gets to keep banging the others sister? I’m all for. I knew high soldiering will come in handy.


Of course. Our cortes were totally a ceremonial shit with no real power. It was ineffective stupid and management thatperpetuate a system that slaves most of population.

I am from Galicia that was during centuries one of the most poverty places in all Europe. My gran grand mother still remember how all her brother died by tuberculosis and famine and had to give ridiculous taxes to a nobleman that never put a step in Galicia.

So no I know perfectly how shit it was. However the flavour and style is perfect to give a local colourful difference to a low fantasy game that have elves and magic. I was talking about other details different from political. Lol thankfully Tierra is not politically as we are lol. If not Tierra would be screwed like by default as we are the worst


The big thing you have to remember is that in Tierra, unlike Spain, the King is merely “first amongst equals.”

While you have to show him proper solemnity and respect for being King. It’s not like he’s the Most Catholic Monarch of Spain. Also, there’s a big thing on taste. The Tierrans are in no place to go and run around doing these massive expensive things. Maybe if Spain’s monarchs put more austerity into their considerations they wouldn’t have run you into the ground?

There is all of this, the problem is that the game isn’t centred around a character who gets to enjoy high culture. She in your case is an impoverished baron who can’t afford to run around as a dandy because they will impoverish themselves.


Considering how there is a ton of debt to go around you really are right to say that they are in no place to run around doing such things. Who knows maybe that’s why they are all in horrible debt, and with the country in an even bigger debt that sounds like even less ability to do so.

Though a great way to have the masses revolt while they are living in awful conditions to support luxurious life styles. Tierra is in a bad place for money spending.

While the Dragoon Saga isnt a power fantasy it isn’t a misery simulator either, I feel like if we took that spanish stuff for tierra the kingdom would be so horribly doomed that it would get extremely miserable extremely quickly. Wouldn’t even win the war against Antar.