Lords of Infinity



I mean yeah, but Cataphrak had Campos as Colour when he showed us the premades on the other thread. I guess, Cunaris wanted our sergeant as Colour, in between returning from Antar to our Lord’s induction in Cortes ?


Im extremely saddened of the fact that our character will be poor, and his deeds are nothing to the others. We wont be Heroes, we’ll be struggling to survive.


Indeed. Our MCs are rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things.



Considering that the baneless soldiery are returning home to a thunderous recital of "Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ " Tommy, go away ", the fact that the PC is an indebted baneblood whose war deeds aren’t too big a deal is…

Well, it’s not a hero’s welcome, but I’ll take it over "Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an` Chuck him out, the brute! "


You clearly have not been power gaming enough.

(mostly kidding)


Fair, but my present research has been focused on the CIA and Mossad, with each having spent their histories on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of autonomy and operational activity. Thus that is the spectrum that came to mind.


Who on Earth is asserting that Mossad is more opertionally active than the CIA and have they ever heard of MK Ultra?!


Each Crown is roughly equivalent to 400 dollars. Our bi-annual income from our half-pay and annuity (for a Lieutenant-Colonel non-disgrace) is 180 Crowns, totaling 360 annual. Our bi-annual income from keeping our rents the way they are is 200, totaling 400 annual.

360 + 400 = 760 Crowns = $304,000 USD

That’s on the lower end of “high income earners” in the US, but the lower end is still roughly 16-17 times what I made last year. Poor, we are not.


That’s on top of the 900 or so crown a year (by default) that your estate nets you.

Given that your tenants are struggling to scrape together half a dozen crown a year for rent, that puts you squarely in the “guillotine in case of revolution” tax bracket.

Like, you know Mr. Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice? You’re roughly in the same income bracket as he is.


No wonder why they asked for a petition for lowering the rent by a quarter (or was it to a quarter left?), it would be a wise choice to lower it as they ask, otherwise…


1/2 a Crown/$200 per month seems like a good price for rent until you realize it’s 2/3 to 3/4 of your income and you live in a hut.


A leaking hut with a rotting fence and a draughty chimney.

It’s the landlord’s obligation to provide and maintain housing, and one of the first (and cheapest) upgrades available to you is to repair your tenants’ homes.


That is actually the life and code of the Knight Templar , to live a life of humble and humility … they will eagerly donate whatever wealth they have to the needy … our condition is actually much better than the Templar Knights :wink:


Of course, the Templars were also fabulously wealthy because they had no such compunctions with other peoples’ wealth - which they held “in trust” when those people went on pilgrimage - and kept if said pilgrims never came back.


The interesting part is that it will be the Templars duty to ensure the safety of those pilgrims, which assuming they will ensure those wealth could be return to the owner unconditionally :slight_smile:
It is actually something similar to modern day security transport service … where the security guards and vehicle deliver millions of bank notes to the bank , where they themselves cannot touch those cash :-):laughing:


Of course, that was the whole point of keeping wealth in trust. It’s hard for a pilgrim to be robbed of their possessions when said possessions are sitting in a vault somewhere in Paris.

That being said, it wasn’t like the order was too cut up if the original owners somehow disappeared. After all, as just about any American taxpayer could tell you, fighting a war in the Middle East is expensive.


@Cataphrak, I apologise for asking this, but just for confirmation, are the taxes in Tierra regressive ?


There is an income tax which is a flat tax, but most are some kind of tax on sales or luxuries, not to mention land, which is the only one of those taxes not considered a war tax.


So, excluding land and income, most are VAT ? (Sorry if that the wrong terminology).

I do pity when the tax incidence impact the buyers more so than the producers.

One last question, @Cataphrak, I was informed Tierra have tariffs. Just out of curiosity, how’s the rate for those ?


In a sense. In a lot of cases though, they manifest as higher prices for the end-user, and only wholesalers and importers see the tax as a line item.