Lords of Infinity



The plot to decapitate the House of Khorobirit was not a result of procedure. It was a state sanctioned final gamble that relied on a lot of luck and the financing of House Cazarosta.


Will that be changing at all? He asks hopefully, humming the theme to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


It it helps, II is at somewhere around a 45.


The British Secret Service did more damage to the US than the Soviets did.

Cambridge Five intensifies.


[Sir Humphrey is suspected of having once been a Russian spy.]
Sir Humphrey: So what do you think I should do, Arnold?

Sir Arnold Robinson: [calmly pours his coffee] Hmm, difficult. Depends a bit on whether you actually were spying or not. [notices Sir Humphrey’s horrified expression] One must keep an open mind.

Sir Humphrey: But I couldn’t have been! I wasn’t at Cambridge!


I’m aware, but that’s the first monarchy related spy song I could think of.

Also, II?


What is the Kian opinion of the Dozen Years War? Or do they not really have an opinion, just viewing it as a insignificant war that gave their grain merchants better profits than usual.

II stands for Imperial Intelligence.


Imperial Intelligence (Takara’s equivalent of the RTI)


I have to wonder how an Imperial Intelligence officer would react to somebody saying this…

“How dare this round-ear assert that his intelligence agency is equivalent to our own? I ought to frame him for the murder of his own family. That’ll show him!”


Honestly, that’s an incredibly narrow scale that isn’t really fitting for an Enlightenment-era spy ring. A better scale would probably be, “1 is the Mystery Gang, 10 is a modern, professional intelligence agency.”

With that scale in mind, I’d give RTI a 3. They’re above the rank of “talented amateurs,” but not that much above them – a spy ring likely utilizing Medieval surveillance techniques was capable of getting one over on them.


Giving an elected official who is likely to run for higher statewide office oversight authority over those same elections he’s likely to run for certainly guarantees an endless series of conflicts of interest. Of course, being a problem that favors the party in power, the party in power has little incentive to address it unless by some odd bit of happenstance someone from outside the party in power is elected to the position.

Btw, it did seem odd that my MC would have left Aetoria without even trying to pay Kat a call. With all parties under pressure to marry, the MC has motivation to put out feelers ASAP, and Kat at least did extend an invitation to visit her in Aetoria at the end of Guns. As a result I do believe a short in-story note on why the MC couldn’t pay a visit to either Kat or Ellie in the prologue if they’re being romanced is advisable.


I’m now imagining RTI as Scooby Doo characters…

Warburton is Fred, Katarina is Daphne, Barithorne is Velma, Garret is Shaggy, and the MC is Scooby.

To add to this: I believe the MC also said in the same conversation (where she promises to send you her address) that he intended to get his own affairs in order first.


She also specifically noted that she was headed for Leoniscourt.


My apologies then. I’d forgotten that tidbit. I need to replay Guns. Thanks for setting me straight on that. :smiley_cat:


And vastly underestimating the CIA…basically Enemy of the State is real…


There’s a reason my friends and I occasionally drop greeting messages to any NSA/CIA/CSIS officers who might be listening into our DMs, you know.


I noticed Campos is listed as a Colour Sergeant in the stats section, but if your sergeant died in Guns, didn’t Cazarosta’s NCO become the Colour Sergeant instead?


I just replayed the two games, and now im playing the WIP. i have to say, i feel Blaylock and Sandoral. It does feel strange in peace time when the only reason i played was to defeat the enemy.


I mean their bots are for sure…just don’t mention too many ISIS key words per paragraph…


I don’t think this was ever confirmed, only speculated.

That said, at the end of Guns, Campos was listed as “Staff-Sergeant” rather than “Colour-Sergeant.”

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.


Whats another watchlist? Cheaper security for me