Lords of Infinity

I’m not sure how stabilizing Tierra means leaving our barony to destabilize. You’d imagine it’d be the opposite: Lords being told to get their asses back to their territories and fix them if they are having issues like bleeding money or people.

Since this’d work quite well with baronies if ultra-magic happened they start producing more food. But that aint happening.

You’d think staying in our barony and slowly improving it would do more for the stability of the nation if all the other barons were doing the same. Rather than off in Aetoria bickering I guess? Nothing was politically (as in no votes of any real consequence were passed) achieved in the Aetorian chapters so far so that says a lot about it. Though that might be so that Barony path people dont miss out on anything. Probably

@MIGSey I can think of many other pretty plausable reasons to leave. Like “Oh my estate stabilized so matters here aren’t as pressing” or “Im bored of this, I guess I’ll go to aetoria” something. Anything works really, our character can leave whenever after all. But Ultimatum sounds like we have no choice but to leave, which’d suck since we will probably get our super projects going proper in chapter 4! Now that I’m excited for. If anything is good about the estate path is that it has very clear progression of do x get y.

I’m still waiting on romances to finally get going (not betrothed obviously). But sounds like its chapter 4 stuff as well.

Chapter wise when does the storyline merge?

Yes but not every baron made a fortune from the war, or is willing to take out more loans.

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Is there anyway to stabilize our barony’s budget and be aetorian( for the rendower blood) and go to aetoria ?

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Can you make that game or if you ever update Lords twenty years from now. Not honest I lovd you handle minor voting not the consequences of the vote themselves but the reflection of your emerging political career.

And family scene melt my heart and even though he views baneless as his inferior and he seems to treat his servants like human beings and lots of sense of noble obligation to his tenants and vassals. Obviously just from the amount of money alone he’s hemorrhaging just to go unprotect a little bit of life he can you really feel for him and his wife who is it genuine partner equal and agreement in this journey. The fact he genuinely praising his children his surprising. @Cataphrak did the Dutchess use a wet nurse or did she actually breastfed. This is not an inappropriate question because I feel like she would actually want to have a connection to her children. And from the conversation of how she is not a fan of tutors I feel her role mother she would not want any intermediary.

… About that.

Tierra is 40 million crowns in debt. Regardless of whether the ARC is thinking reforms or not, the war taxes have to continue, or we won’t be able to pay the debt. This isn’t an issue of either or. The Baneless will keep starving unless we somehow find 50 million crown hidden somewhere.

Aside from that, no, Kian and Takara won’t become problems “years from now”. More like, the exact moment we show we’re a conquerable shitshow.

So, repel the war taxes? Can’t pay the debts, get invaded.

Cut the army? Can’t defend your country, the GP use a “Tierra is far too unstable!” excuse, get invaded.

Keep things as they are? Our people keep dying, yes, but Takara and Kian will come knocking with diplomats, not armies.

There is no easy fix for the problems. Not after the War.


I’ve seen enough vindictive women wield soft power against men of lower status in RL to not discount its efficacy, from getting men kicked out of a club by a bouncer wrapped around their finger, to getting them fired from their jobs by intentionally creating controversy that scares their employers, all the way up to having them charged for crimes they didn’t commit by police officers or lawyers those outraged ladies have some level of influence upon. It takes a certain level of ruthless cunning to wield that soft power in such a destructively underhanded manner, but Isobel appears to have both the necessary amount of soft power and requisite degree of ruthlessness.

That said, it’s possible that I’ve misinterpreted her body language and Isobel either lacks that level of ruthlessness or simply isn’t used to thinking in such a fashion. It’s also possible that she’s inhibited by fear of the potential blowback should she overplay her hand.

I’d argue that she could destroy the MC without the assurance if she really wanted to, but i can see how she might feel that the signed assurance would lower the potential opportunity cost for her, and that alone would make it worthwhile to her.

I wouldn’t touch this one with a ten foot pole…

The coming industrial revolution has the potential to exponentially grow the economy to the point where the current budget deficit and national debt become a non-issue if Tierra can hold on long enough.

The problem with this is threefold:

  1. The veteran NCO’s are at least as necessary as the veteran officers when it comes to training new troops.

  2. As @Enigmatic_Might has noted, throwing over 20,000 battle-hardened troops and the even larger number people who supply them out of work (eg. cotton farmers) will only add to the unemployment, hunger and banditry problems Tierra is currently facing.

  3. If Takara or Kian invades it will be a cakewalk for them, meaning they are more likely to attack and likely to stay longer afterward.

Because of the various tidbits Cata has dropped on occasion, I believe that I as a player have a decent handle on Kat’s motivations. My MC 's aren’t privy to those explanatory tidbits however. So I will definitely have one of my characters “give up” on Kat because of her inconsiderate behavior over the past four years or so (that letter was too little, too late…) and explore the possibilities with Ellie instead.

It potentially enables the army to spend its resources more wisely, cutting down on waste and graft. This would enable the army to increase its war fighting ability while still cutting the amount it spends.

It also strengthens the army’s ability to act as a deterrent to invasion, or if invaded, to exact a more punishing toll on the invaders both in the initial conflict and as surviving military units become the nuclei of guerilla attacks on the imperialist invaders.

Cata once said that one of the themes of this game is an exploration on how it feels to be on the receiving end of imperialist aggression, and that has yet to occur…

This! It may be difficult to navigate, but finding a balance seems vital.


If the King says we compromise we compromise. If he says we do not we do not. Rowdy bunch of disloyal hooligans…


Honestly, the following quote worries me far more than Isobel asking the MC to sign a piece of paper:

The thing about documents is that they are a double-edged sword. There is written proof that the MC made an agreement with the Circle. Both sides now need to honour that agreement, or else that written proof can be aired out for all to see. It is insurance for the MC just as much as it is insurance for Isobel.

Wulfram, however, apparently has such a high reputation for honesty that the MC’s fellow Royalists might take his word over the MC’s. Sure, we’ve been led to assume that Wulfram is a perfectly honest, forthright, compassionate man… but appearances can be deceiving. Let’s not forget that he was the one to recommend recruiting the Killer of Innocents MC, or to suggest bribing the Redeemed Disgrace. He’s not above underhanded means; all it takes is one well-worded half-truth and the MC can be crushed.


I’m aware of that. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Yeah, but the industrial revolution will create employement. We just need to time it right.

1)In the army’s current state, it will already be a cakewalk 2) It doesn’t matter if we dismiss the common soldiers, because we’ll have the officers. We’ll be in the same spot and 3) If we’re attacked by Takara/Kian, our best option is to ally with the other one, because we won’t be able to maintain an army without their financial help.

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Takara and Kian are likely concerned about the stability of Tierra (in that at least one of them may see instability as an excuse to make a puppet out of the Unified Kingdom). Should the common soldiers be dismissed, it will be seen as the watering down of governmental power and weakening of the King. Retaining the officers alone would not be enough to combat this. After all, sovereigns are often held to be able to combat anarchy and govern because they have a monopoly on force. It’s not that Tierra needs a substantial army to fight off Takara or Kian, but having one provides a certain security all on its own.

Further adding downsides of such a perception is that Prince Khorobit himself is still alive and has no love of Tierra or the people who attacked his family (and is concerning himself with bolstering the Antari navy, if I remember correctly). It wouldn’t be wise to put Tierra in the position of trying to train up a new army while it is already ahead in that regard concerning Antar, should tensions rise again.


Why can’t we just have a great purge for people who disagree with the king cough cough Wulfram

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Watch as Chapter 4B is a country ball and the choice to go to the capital is to be closer to Welles/Lady Katarina after you rekindle your relationship.

What? I can do happy… sometimes…

The end of Chapter 6.

No Tierran lady of the blood breastfeeds, mostly because time spent breastfeeding is time not spent fulfilling the obligations of a lady of the blood.

I can at least say one of these interpretations is verging on correct.

That’s Wulfram’s impression, hence his offhanded remark about how all the Commission might accomplish is an army that takes three hours for the Kian to overrun, as opposed to one which would only take two.


I mean, the Danish always make sure to say they lasted 15 minutes instead of the five that everyone says they did.

Those extra ten minutes are a great matter of national pride.

Please don’t hurt me @Studwick.


(flashbacks to the torture scene in Mecha Ace and Kendrickstone starving for months…oh, and the sacking of Kharangia and the King’s division freezing for the winter… and how about the total failure scene in either Blogia or Januszkovil?)

That’s probably how those few happy scenes stand out all the more :yum:

They definitely feel earned when they come :man_shrugging:t4:


Now, is it also possible that besides seeing army reform as needless expense, Wulfram is also slightly worried about increased centralization brought about from a fully Royal Army?

Tierra might be in luck here. Lack of communication could mean that fighting might last days(!)


What did you think of the proposal for scout companies at the Battalion level?

I thought it was overkill. I know there is some precedent irl with the British but they were really intended as skirmishers in conventional battles. I would think simply revising the manual of arms to teach scouting and skirmishing to line infantry would be sufficient.

I would put a no kidding scout company (along the lines of the Experimentals) at the infantry regiment and potentially redesignate one of the line infantry regiments as light infantry for Army/Division use.


I think the royal engineers need reforms they are the worst regiment in the kings army I would suggest just let’s the NCOs run that that regiment will do a world of wonders

The way I’d try to do it would be to just designate the Experimentals as the 1st Rifles (King’s Own) or something. Make them a formal regimental establishment that way we don’t touch the existing houseguard establishments. We can even work in a phased plan of having two rifle regiments in service by 620 with a third by 625 or something.

Personally, Welles does offer the best compromise by having a general’s staff college established since it’ll allow for centralized control in the division level (since I don’t see us having a corps yet) and in the army high command. While also allowing for individual brigades to move with freedom of action.

Besides the Experimentals becoming a formal regiment will be a nice thing to do for Reyes. Give them a regimental colour and their battle honours as well as a roll of honour. That kind of stuff.