Lords of Infinity


When Napoleon invaded Russia, the Russians retreated. They burned their own crops and houses to deny him supplies. His army starved and that was one of the main reason he lost the campaign.

Antar wasn’t a cornered dog. They were a tired dog that was only making half-hearted attempts to kill the spider in front of them (and almost succeeded), then decided it would be too much trouble and instead went back to sleep.


That combined with the cold meant it was to difficult. The cold meant calling on supplies would be two slow Moscow had little left to loose so it was their best bet.
If they had more to lose they might not have done it.
In this game however the question is the same is there still something to lose.


And yet the Russians weren’t suing for peace, they still had hope to drive the French back. In Guns, Antar is already suing for peace, they’ve more or less given up. A cornered dog.

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No, they were holding out for a Peace with Honour. They weren’t defeated by any means. To sum up what they were withholding, the guards of Octobirit are a minimum of 8,000 Church Hussars. They have a hundred banerune artillery pieces that can punch a hole through a Third Rate the size of a cottage. An investment of Octobirit for a siege would have resulted in the combined might of Antar, numbering around 250,000 men descending on the TEF and not stopping until they were crushed or driven into the sea.


That is called A Scorched Turf policy, if we can have the food the feed our army (cause napoleon was invading it) then you can have it either (by burning it) one of the may things I learned from my grandfather

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I believe the term is “scorched earth”.


In Spanish Tierra quemada. literally Burning land. And also here were done too that and not harvest land and when pro french tried recollection to sell to troups food they were massacred.

However here was really cruel as French army here hasn’t supplies problem like in Russia. Still made France spending more resources here in a stupid way. So maybe we helping a little our Russian fellows that i have deeply respect as nation has they have cojones.


Scorched turf is burning Astro Turf
Very aggressive football defense against the offense.


Let’s hope that Tierra doesn’t become “Tierra quemada.”

@sumpunk : we can’t import characters until the full game is released. So not for a long while.


So with absolutely no desire to be That Guy, but how often/many updates do you think we get to play through before I can import my 50 characters that have made largely the same decisions…? Hahaha

And yes. I know. Patience is a virtue and goods things come to all who wait. But I’m American and we tend to obsess. Hahahaha


Most likely not till the end of the game.


But like, general updates to play through/play test.

I’m newish too the forums so I’m not quite sure about how the play tests work. I would assume it’s at the authors discretion, but I’m not sure if the people who have been here for awhile have noticed a general trend in time or something.

I’m also partly asking because I am Miserably bored and am doing another playthrough for like the twelfth time and it only makes me want more. Hahaha


Our saved games belong to Choice of Games, not to the author. That’s why we can’t use them until the game is fully released.


Ah. Well I knew they didn’t belong to the author, but didn’t know it wasn’t able too be used till the full submission.


I don’t know if the bane has ever been used for agricultural purposes? Literally introducing fertility to the soil, encouraging growth, that sort of thing?


Pretty much when Cata finishes a new chapter he’ll update the public beta for anyone to test and provide feedback.

As for when we can expect an update, it’s actually against the rules to ask since the author themselves can’t be sure.


Ah! There we go! So it’s usually done by chapters then? Awesome! Thanks a lot! That’s basically what I was wondering!

And I by no means want to rush him at all. Just wondering how the whole thing usually works. I’ve been reading CoG for awhile but never actually visited the forum until I saw this post a couple of weeks back.

Tried looking through a number of threads but it’s… A lot to take in. Hahaha


Chapter 2A has hit 40k words.

It wasn’t supposed to be this long, yet somehow, here we are.


I know that feeling now, after having started doing short stories. Any particular reason why it went so much longer than expected you wanna share?


do you expect it to be longer than that in the end?