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What is the architectural style for the Salt Coast?

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Im envisioning the Salt coast of being the same with the Iron islands back in the GoT universe… more like Castle Pyke which Cazarosta and Lady Kat which they resides unto.


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I’d imagine they’d have a liberal use of granite to withstand the weathering due to the climate of the salt coast, no?

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I recall a previous post a while back, stating that Salties would likely live in something similar to a Polish dwor/Manor house.

Wulfies live in a wooden cabin-like hunting lodge.

Cunarians live in an English major home.

Aetorians live in a Spanish hacienda.

I’ll go ahead and extrapolate to say that Warburtonians live in the awful hybrid live child of a Old Southern plantation mansion, and a fancy French Manor home.

Kentauri nobles naturally live in the finest pile of rocks and dirt on their clans ancestral hill.

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Guys instead of check the forum let update the wiki and tv trope page. God know we circle jerk enough on here about the same topic 10,000 time let work on making the community accessible.


I am on discord now so i am volunteering to replay anything not combat related I am so good crushing power fantasies and explain stuff new people also replay in spanish to Spanish people if any came


What is the perspective of the Tierran society towards extramarital sexual intercourse? MC and Kat can get physical during the SM in Guns, how much effect can this isolated sexual adventure have on the prospect of us courting her in Lords? How will the aristocracy view it? Can our little misadventure turn to something much more serious than what we can currently contemplate?(I am talking of Kat’s pregnancy).


Then actually has been answered somewhere in God knows I don’t know where it is. The bottom line is she’s too powerful for that to actually matter. So let’s say if you try to shame her using it as blackmail it’s going to brutally blow up in your face. One she wouldn’t let you get away with it but if you did she will come at you with a vengeance. And for all our institutional hard power she has enough soft power to crush us.

Pregnancy I don’t know I think the childhood be Spirited Away a raise in the household as a relative. And all the servants that know better would keep their lips tight about what the mistress been up to. Least when it comes to Kat

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Dredging up Word of Cata from the depths of my cavernous memory:

Premarital or extramarital affairs among the Baneless are pretty common. Generally, if they don’t end up with a deathborn, people don’t exactly approve, but aren’t calling for your head (at least on a grand scale – individuals and families could take umbrage).

For an example: King Edmund “Ironrod” screwed the wives, sisters and cousins of countless lords, including the Duchess of Warburton, and was neither called out nor punished for it (unless you count getting syphillis as punishment). If a Duke couldn’t hold the King accountable, chances are we can’t hold a Countess accountable.


@Cataphrak I don’t know if this has been brought up yet but when the MC meets Loch in GoI, he says:

My parents are dead, I have never married, Loch was never good land to begin with, and surely Khorobirit will find some way to take it from me, which leaves me nothing but my pride and my honour; still something, at least.”

Yet the current dialogue in LoI states that his mother is a prisoner to keep him loyal.



I actually asked this question like four years ago or something so I was able to remember where the answer was:

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Because I’m a curious bastard, I was wondering what jobs you all had.

  • Military
  • Government
  • Office
  • Factory/construction
  • Restaurant
  • Service
  • Unemployed
  • (Other)

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I am working in a justice hall preparing dossiers and law documents to judges and jury and all that stuff in civil courtroom . So i am in Judicial power so Government no State but state is not on list YAY…


Good mental image.

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I should fix that.


Or someone could be keeping her corpse hostage…but then how would she have been able to write to Karol…unless she’s a zombie…reanimated using the bane… by Takarans… Omg Takaran zombie apocalypse confirmed! Zombie Exodus x Infinite Sea crossover! :woman_zombie:

@Cataphrak I also checked the Patreon article and it didn’t mention the death of Karol’s mother, which is good since you wouldn’t have to retcon anything. I do wonder if she died after he got back to his estate? If she died before, his account makes it sound like they were too poor to even have a steward to watch over the estate until he got back.


I think what Khorobirit would do, is to raze House Loch’s name and estate to nothing until it ceased to exist. Hell! He might even use his sisters and their families as the bargain chip.

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