Lords of Infinity


How many crowns total does an MC get for capturing Aleksandra?



then that may be the problem here, infinity is one of the most famous series and is easy to hit 10k.
Yet is not a problem per se, when it hits 10k they can always make a new thread, no need to fight over this.

is true there is a rule over posting unrelated topics in a wip thread, as long the people dont abuse it “usually” they look the other way.
I dont think there is a problem with this since atleast @Cataphrak dont have a limit to make new threads so if this gets 10k he can always make a new one :joy:



The problem, as Lotus explained with far more eloquence than I can, is that having discussion spread out over a half dozen threads, on top of the half dozen or so that already exists, makes it far harder for new people to get acclimated to the community and find information they might be curious about, which in turn makes it a lot less likely that new people will feel comfortable and informed enough to contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

Lotus only asked that you not double post, so please don’t put words in her mouth, or argue against a point she never made.



Enough to clear your family’s debt as well as having an extra 10,000 crowns in your pocket IIRC.



Hey, I’ve been a lurker for this series since the previous thread had maybe 5,000 posts. I’ve a basic understanding of Mhydiossi(apologies for any spelling erros there): the entire continent is fractured into warring states, like middle ages India and Takara is using it’s intelligence apparatus to keep it that way…

My question, though, is this: is mydiossi considered a great power in name only, or does it retain that status because the factions would be reasonably quick to band together in the face of a foreign invader, such as Kian or Takara?



25,000 crown, to be precise. Before you pay off your debt, that is.

Pretty much the latter. Years of civil war have hardened their armies to the point that an invasion is unlikely to end well.



thats no problem because they can always make a new thread, what will be a problem is to censure people to not post unless is entired related to the game, true people cant abuse it but sometimes this make both for the autor and others to get some points across and make it more fórum friendly, thats why many of the moderators dont take action at all unless as i said, they abuse the system.
And the “new people” if you see any thread, you should know by now that they usually ask in the thread rather than use the search button even if there is less than 1k posts…

i think it also depends in how deep your family is in debt, since the crowns vary a lot from one mc to others. (for example if you send all the money you earn while you are in the war with antari.



Can we please, please please please please please for the love of god stop using this strawman whenever this discussion gets brought up. No one is asking that people not post unless it’s directly related to the game. I’ve said on more than one occasion that I love the discussions this community can have, and it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve been apart of it for almost half a decade now.

All I ask, all I ask, is that people exercise the tiniest bit of self restraint on this forum. I know regulars that have been a part of the community for years that have come close to throwing up their hands and abandoning it because of how little regard people seem to pay it.

The fact of the matter is that the more threads we burn through, the less coherent the community becomes, so I’d really like to limit that as much as reasonably possible.

I didn’t want to come across as attacking you, and I’m sorry if you felt like that because of me. I just care a lot about this community, and I want it to be as healthy as I can help make it. You’re a valuable part of this community, and I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to make you feel otherwise.



I only had a double post made by my phone I didn’t notice If instead posting a new denounce post just merge them or said to me you double posted the discussion had been started. @Lotus has said to me that did not pretend embarrassed me but for me sounded like was trying to mocking me like i was stupid it was a damn error not a forum atrack. However I want to ask apologies to @Lotus and yourself. I thought i was being attacked and i defended myself. But like it was not the case I erased the postings so no space lost.



Pushing the discord server is probably a good idea, and it might be easier for all involved if newcomers were directed to the Discord and the wiki more often, especially if it’s easier to answer their questions in a format more optimised for low-turnaround discussion.

For that matter, it might just be easier to keep a “this is not a power fantasy” page on the wiki for quick linking.

A little from column A, a little from column B.

M’hidyos is mostly still considered a “Great Power” because the conventional conception of geopolitics in the Infinite Sea requires a great power in the spot they currently occupy. The current civil war is seen as an abnormality, not a settled state of existence.

That being said, the larger factions in that civil war can easily muster the kind of resources Grenadier Square could only dream of, and having fought on-and-off for half a century, they’ve gotten really good at it, especially on their home turf.




Are the remodeling options analogous to real world architectural styles?

Neo-Calligian sounds very roman, but I’m curious about the others.



You can think of the Aetorian style as Spanish Baroque, and Second Altrichs as almost Edo-Period, and Grand Kian as Lingnan with some French Baroque touches.



What about the other regions in Tierra?



So I was in a simulated game where we were the various factions in the French Constitutional Convention of 1791. Right after Louis was captured and I had to be the Marquis de Lafayette. So in order to help the Feulliants win, I did something so radical that it forced the Jacobins to choose between political expediency and hypocrisy versus dying for their beliefs.

I stood up in the chamber and moved to enshrine in the Constitution the abolition of black slavery and the complete emancipation of the Jews. Immediately like I told my team to do, they stood up and denounced it as did the Church, while the Jacobins huddled and decided that in accordance with their views that they will vote in favour of this amendment. And the professor stepped in and immediately said that the people turned against the Jacobins, the Feulliants then used their new mob to purge the Jacobins and kept Louis XVI on the throne as a ceremonial figurehead and the Catholic Church agreed to everything except the Oath.

Just as planned.

Also for those who want to just have free-form infiniverse discussion whenever they want without cranking up the post limit. Here is a link and I encourage everyone to participate. Other features include a peerage system based on participation where you get a fancy rank the more you participate. Just these few days I created two new Dukes and two other Marquesses and had @HomicidialFrog execute two princes, a duke, and an Old Guard for calling Soda- “pop.”



My problem with that is in discor hates me and i don’t know how it works . It is not mara friendly. I ended in a Germany Rommel ww2 tactics channel instead and I didn’t cause well impression there.

I could try but people will scream in terror if I actually reach the correct channel this time lol

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Didn’t the Jacobins actually abolish slavery and emancipate the Jews though?



Alright, I misread the source. He emancipated them across his sphere of influence and extended legal protections in France.

My main point was to do it while the Feulliants and Clergy were still a thing and the people are antisemitic. Luckily I didn’t have to be the actual Lafayette who got tossed over his head. I brokered a working coalition between most of the main factions. I just needed to wipe out the most radical members.



Does the neo-calligian harken more to the ancient past or show cultural affinity for Antar? I would think the later would be especially a straight line connection for an observer of the MC’s estate with Loch as a retainer.



It’s not an uncommon style, especially since Calligia was a cultural progenitor of most of the Northern Kingdoms.

Think of it as the equivalent of Neoclassicism, but more Byzantine.



I remember you saying that an unremodeled house was simply of the style of the region, so what would a Cunarian, Wulframite and Salt coast mansion look like? (I assume an Aetorian MC’s house looks like an earlier spanish renaissance style)

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