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Yeah, I’m curious about this. On one hand, becoming the (de facto) leader of a club consisting of only a dozen people seems like it would be a realistic goal for some MCs.

However, I feel that the shadowy sponsor of the club might have their own opinions on the club leadership and direction which might matter far more than our personal ambitions. Also, the current members of the club might not be total pushovers.

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Or we just make our own club were we do our own thing.


I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the “dozen people” are just the ones who hold Cortes titles. There are probably even more members.


The Reform Club is a club made of firebrands (and a dozen of minor Aetorian nobles) that wish to implement even more extreme reforms than the ones the King proposed so far (for example, they’re pretty big on heavy centralization). How such a club can run is a mystery to Imperial Intelligence, which wasn’t able to find out who’s behind this club.

So no, it’s not going to be a centrist club (although you might be able to be a moderating force). And no, I doubt the MC will ever become its boss (perhaps figurehead if the mastermind behind it likes him well enough).

Bets are open on whether it’s run by RTI, Miguel, Isobel, Kian or Antari Old Beggar.

The number of money required to do that would bankrupt the MC a hundred times over.


Theoretically, can’t we just rent out a room in the back of a shady tavern and call that a club? Its membership can consist of Lewes, Harlech, Sir Caius, Harlech’s mom, Campos, and Old Antari Beggar Lady.

Hey, you didn’t say it had to be a prestigious club.


Amusement for me is fact the clubs are serious. In Spain those clubs were to have orgies dress with capes and fake knowing something occultism. Nobody gave a shit to actually reforming anything. Reason our terrible state… But lol at least our nobles have fun . Here the only Borbon in heart is Royal Bastard.

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I can’t hear ya from the echo of my 50000 Crowns which I totally earned honestly.


If you can do something that hurts nobody why not do it.

Same reason I play with formable nations in HOI4.


Lotus is a leader.

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Let me be perfectly clear Mara.

This community has nearly 100,000 posts spread across what, 7 threads? 8? I’m not checking right now. That’s roughly as much as the next 10 individual hosted/Choice of Game communities combined. Put yourself in the shoes of a newcomer. You loved Guns and want to get involved in the community, but you see a half dozen threads, all with thousands of posts. You try to ask questions. The community tells you to use the search function. You try, but because there are so many posts the search function is incapable of keeping up. I myself just tried to use it and it couldn’t even get through post 2,000 with the terms I was looking for.

So you as a newcomer probably feel kinda dumb, ashamed almost because you can’t do this simple thing that the regulars tell you to do. You are told this thing has been answered like 6 times, but in which threads? How deep do you have to search? Why would you stay in a community that doesn’t help you, posts constantly every day to the point where if you started from scratch from the first post in the first thread the newest thread would be locked before you finished.

I know this has happened because I’m friends with some of these people. People I try to get interested in the community who see our size and get intimidated. They see threads with 10,000 posts filled in a matter of months and think they can’t keep up, or follow the thread, go offline for two days, and come back to 280 posts. They get scared and we lose valuable new people.

I want this community to be easily accessible. That’s why I peddle the discord so hard, I want people discussing things without having to worry about having 5 different threads for a single game’s beta.

Honestly, I had no intention of shaming you. I genuinely thought you didn’t know how to do it, or maybe what terminology I was using.

My pronouns, she/her, are literally right there to read if you click on my profile once, or talk to anyone in the community. Literally anyone.


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This isn’t a power fantasy. Cata will probably want to avoid the “and you can make your own club in which you are the undisputed centre AND GOD” thing.


The whole conversation started with @Blazerules asking about a unnamed club.


Hi, I’m new to the forum so I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but would it not be interesting if the character could learn to banecast in the future installments of the series? I was re-reading the secret mission and Lefevbre mentiones that for building the castle powerfull banecasting was used the like of whitch we will never see. Is this perhaps a subtle hint? I for one would love to somehow learn banecasting, maybe by visiting Takara and learning from them to use it without the seals.


You are not being censored. No one is saying you can’t post your view on a topic or that your opinion shouldn’t be heard. What Lotus has done is respectfully ask that you adhere to a basic part of forum etiquette (which you’ve been around enough to know about.) and you responded to that with rudeness and aggression. No one is trying to embarrass you or censor you or make you feel unwelcome. All we want is to try and make this community as accessible to newcomers as we reasonably can, and part of that requires that regulars like me and you do our best to keep things tidy.


Banecasters are born, not made.

That’s a confirmed elf-only ability.


Welcome to the community I think the author has said we don’t have enough bane in blood to be a bane caster only to sense it. So no we wont make spells Also only Takaran elves still having the power to do bane without using seals humanity lost that in a cataclysmic incident


Hey there, Dusan! It’s nice to see a new face here.

IIRC, banecasting is an inherent thing – either you can 'cast, or you can’t. There are ways to check for it, but both the ability to 'cast and the caliber (strength of 'casting) are things you’re born with. Chances are, considering we’re part of Tierra’s high nobility, we’ve already been tested and didn’t have the ability.

There’s more in the Reference section in Guns of Infinity, if you have it.

Again, nice to meet you.


i dont think there is a limit of post a thread can have or is there? never did see a thread closed because of reaching a certain number of posts… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Once a thread reaches 10000 posts, it closes.