Lords of Infinity


I think the usual rule for megathreads is to make a second thread when the first closes.


When someone observes that your rape joke is not ok, don’t put it on them saying they “got triggered.”


Oh, thought people got annoyed by the elf slavery comment. My bad. Not the intended thing at all.


Few months ago the previous thread enter in aRAPE fetish rampage and racist machist that myself as rape victim feelt humiliated and insulted. Only reason I didn’t report to staff was my respect for @Cataphrak So i won’t let in my damn face people treatment women as sex objects and trivializing rape. So no in my face except tou want see a angry Mara


I’m sorry that my comment set this particular line of discussion off.

Someone come up with a new topic, please?

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Oh, I have a new topic to distract us all. Since most MC’s seem to want our sister to choose her own husband, lets speculate on the worst choice of spouse she could make. I vote for her falling in love with Carrecourt.


Heh. I can envision all sorts of creative mischief from agents with that level of proficiency. Heartburn ftw? :thinking:


She’s going to fall for Sir Caius, of course. I mean, what’s not to love? He’s got a rakish burn scar over one eye and he’s such a bad boy and deeply principled inside.

  • Katarina D’al Cazarosta
  • Eleanora D’al Welles
  • Amalia D’al Torrenburg (Lords of Infinity; betrothal)
  • Adalberto D’al Garret (Cross Dressing Dragoon?)

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Well I had one, if you ever get the chance to raise a regiment which is from Miguel’s orders, what regiment will you hope to raise?

  • Light Dragoons
  • Light horse
  • Voltigeurs
  • Mounted rifles
  • Lancers

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I will “bless” the union only if Sir Caius refrain himself from meddling in between myself and Lady Kat.


@poison_mara (tagging so you see)
Cleared up the misunderstanding and apologized for it happening in case people are curious.

Anyways clubs! Anyone else hyped about them?

Clubs on cataphraks blog: Rendower, Shipowners, Admiralty Club, the firebrand Reform Club, Overseas Club

In stats: royalist, wulframite, inf_grenadier_sq, inf_rti, inf_club

Is the club itself possibly oversees? IT has no name but ${clubname} which could mean we might influence the name? I’m just going by the fact that its an “unformed” club that we have already met.


Mounted rifles? There are flying rifles lol?


Basically they are riflemen who will be given horses, most notably are the ones during the Second Boers War, where Australian Forces formed these regiments to counter guerrilla warfare.


So basically mongolian mounted archers but with rifles.

That seems extremely OP and scary but how would reloading work? Seems difficult to do while riding unless its stop, shoot, move, reload, shoot, etc?


cough …and us Kiwis also mounted up during the Second Boer War. :hugs:


No, they’re more or less likely as mounted infantry like our regiment, only they were trained mainly for countering enemy guerrilla tactics. As far as I know about them, is that they will only fire their rifles when they are dismounted, especially when they use rifles instead of carbines.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget you guys.


Cataphrak has stated somewhere earlier that inf_club measures your influence with whatever club you happen to join, not just one in particular.


A tight corner, a New Zealander, painted by Georges Montbard, about 1900. South African War art often featured soldiers in heroic poses, such as this member of the Rough Riders (Third and Fourth Contingents) who takes aim while at full gallop. Such images owed more to artistic licence than to the actual events they depicted; for instance, the sword the soldier wears was not part of the Rough Riders’ kit.

‘South African War art’, URL: https://nzhistory.govt.nz/media/photo/south-african-war-art, (Ministry for Culture and Heritage), updated 8-Jan-2016


All About Enfields: Boer War Rifles

From Carbines, Rifles, Bayonets & Shotguns used by New Zealand Mounted Rifles during the Boer War by John Osborne AA, ACRA, DTT, FSG.

Ten contingents of New Zealand Mounted Rifle Volunteers (NZMR) totalling 6495 with 8000 horses shipped from NZ served in South Africa between 1899 and 1903 (the term of service was one year), the largest proportion of representation from any British Colony. New Zealanders earned a reputation for expert horsemanship, resourcefulness, strength, speed and stamina. 228 died and 166 were wounded.

The First, Second, Third, Fourth and about half of the Fifth Contingents were armed with .303” Martini Enfield (Artillery) Carbines and 1888 pattern MKI sword / knife bayonets which were issued in New Zealand. When supplies of the 1500 New Zealand Martini Enfield carbines ran out or needed to be replaced in South Africa, New Zealanders were issued with arms from the British stores in South Africa.

New Zealand issue .303” Martini Enfield MKI Artillery Carbine (ACI) converted at Enfield in 1897 from a 577.450 Martini Henry MkIII rifle originally made at Enfield in 1882.

1500 Martini Enfield Artillery Carbines and 1888 MKI bayonets were purchased by NZ Government in 1898 for use by New Zealand Mounted Rifles. Issued in NZ to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and about half of the 5th Contingents of NZ Mounted Rifles (Rough riders) who served in the Boer War together with 1888 MKI knife bayonets (top) compared to the MKII (Lower) c1901.These carbines continued in service with some NZ based volunteer corps, for military training purposes during WWI and WWII and issued to some Home Guard Units during WWII.


Reform Club is barely a dozen of Aetorian Nobles in favor of the King. I am guessing its the player centrist Club where we can become the main boss.

Or you know make our own Club.

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