Lords of Infinity


I get your point and you’re right. But isn’t history and myth literally made of stories like this? I feel like it could still be done.


But this story, despite being a fantasy series with magical elves, is grounded more by realism than myth.


Long story short, it’s complicated. Originally, Garret was deemed the CCD ( evidence appears to be shown of this in Guns). However, people decided to check the code and found an Elson Romance variable. This began speculation that not only Elson is alive but actually a female so yeah, long complicated story.

Um…it’s implied that we might romance Cassius.

First off, you have to remember this is still speculation, Cataphrak is doing a fine job twisting our arm not knowing Elson’s fate. Secondly, you have to realise that this might be a ploy; people read the code so often to find the answers, so maybe Cataphrak is toying with people with this variable when in reality, Elson isn’t a female and is legit dead and Garret is indeed the CDD. Like I said, this has prompted many discussion (not that I’m in a mood of a repeat).


yeah I guess. But man I still want to hold onto this dream. I mean seriously who here wouldn’t like a elf RO?

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Rather than realism I prefer using “Believably”/“Authenticity” since people wrongly assume that if something is fantasy or a story it has no internal “realism”, “rules” or whatever.

Like “oh it has magic so why cant x be a thing? You cant use realism excuse” which is just a factually wrong way of approaching it. I wonder if there is a better way to explain such stuff besides realism. Internal consistency? Internal Realism?

Most people. Elves are disgusting creatures that should be burned. Theres a pretty huge amount of people that hate elves because they are extremely easy to hate.


Careful. You might summon @idonotlikeusernames


Wow, I see Imperial Intelligence already got to you.


Loathe the knife-ear, the heretic, and the Antari.


Nope. Just average elves in most fantasy are super hateable. That and they are seen as worse than utter trash in the Dwarf Fortress community. Heck most RP communities I know hate elves, seems like a common thing.


You mean that charismatic young dragoon officer is a woman? Darn! That’s smoky! I always knew he was alive, he is just “missing” from Bolgia; but I fail to comprehend how can someone just stay hidden for soo many years that too during continuous war in a foreign land?


That’s too bad. I always liked elves. yeah many are portrayed as arrogant and stuff, but I can’t seem to dislike them.

Ohh by the way can you import in Lords yet?


No and “yes” if you do a work around of editing a pre-made to be the exact same as your character at the end of Guns. Which is easy enough via modding. Theres a reason I edit the choicescript_stats to display all the values so i can just copy paste into a txt when next game is on the forums for testing. But its super convoluted and a pain to do.

Sometimes I wonder if you can mod guns to be lords and use its import method after creating a import txt so it imports properly? Might be a fun thing to do but yeah. A pain and probably going way beyond what modding is.


Oh ok. Thanks


Pfff… Metagamers magic heresy… lol :wink:


Spatial + Time Magic allowing my MC to warp into alpha of the next game.

I wonder what inf_club is. Seems like you can name it since ${clubname} for it and you can have rep with it to be the face of the club.

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Not surprised at all by the poll results. His Majesty The King is a very able young man, who has a true vision for Tierra, he wants to reform the island nation for good and also make us militarily strong, knowing all too well that what is the place of a weak military nation in the ruthless infinity sea. I believe in him and my MC would gladly go down fulfilling his orders to his last breath, not thinking twice my righteous and honorable MC Arturo Maradirez would give up his life in the way of his King’s order.


Iron totally would fill any wishes Miguel had… And Isobel and the entire royal family. Except I think he would end in the rentower club with Royal bastard and doing orgies


Hating elves is not mutually exclusive with sexually objectifying elf women. I know quite a few RP/fantasy/gaming communities where both are common among the same demographic.

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Wow guys there is no need to fight. Let’s just say some people like elves and some don’t, and leave it at that.


Ok guys, let’s all take a step back from discussions here. We have now gone over 5000 posts, which is nice. However, it also means we have less then another 5000 before this closes. I love productive chats on here, but I don’t want this thread to be closed sooner than later.

Sure, but that was before Cata posted Lord’s demo. Now I’m simply regurgitating what @Lotus said (19 hours ago), even though that was about avoid double posting as well as edit your post and ask your questions elsewhere, such as Pming regulars or use the discord.

I know, I know, we will make another thread and repeat this again, but let’s try not to have this closed by at least less than 6 months.

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