Lords of Infinity


I don’t remember exactly my stats but i think except Mara absolutely all my characters will be in a place of not pass any stat check. That’s key ro balance game when is complete. If i remember with guns my characters were so bad that no pass any check so the warning Your character is too bad was implemented. lol

Is my main job here playing really under powered character with terrible ideas and see if break game or cause infinite loops of death …


@MIGSey, tried your choices. How did you unlocked the option, “women deserve a chance” I can replicate it all but not that choice and still im not befriending him.


You need 60 Charisma and 60 Idealism.

And “we cannot rely on the old rules forever” requires 60 Cynicism and the same amount of Charisma.

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Wait, one last thing I forgot, what did you pick when Castermaine asked you should we allow Cassius to be with us when we battle Antari ?

That’s what’s he’s trying to do (getting the tent thing). He’s wondering how one can reach that scene. He’s doing one way, I’m suggesting he can do it another

Also, to save thread space, I think it’s better to move this to the Guns Walkthrough thread.

Well, he didn’t unlock the ‘women deserve a chance’, meaning his stats and idealism aren’t to par.

But I don’t know what @Diekent picked, since he didn’t say on here. But as you said, it’s another scene where you can raise his rep again, using that same choice.

Seriously guys, best we move it to the Guns walkthrough thread.

Sadly, the author has confirmed he’s not doing one.


You don’t need to replicate every single one of those choices to earn his friendship. If he shows up in your tent at 2K you’re already on good enough terms.

If he did everything else you said, then he should have gotten the tent scene.


I remember it would be the choice “ I would trust his excellency to handle himself” or something like that’s. Proves to Cassius that you had absolute confidence in Cassius’ fighting capabilities. But most of the time I did was talk to him during the ride before encountering Lewes’ band of rifles.


Please tell me there is a female elf RO. I beg you let there be one.


Do you want to be murdered by Imperial Intelligence?

Because that is how you get murdered by Imperial Intelligence.

To be more serious, there probably won’t be. Due to the threat of assassination I just mentioned, and also the fact that we’ve been told there will only be four female ROs… and at this point I think we met them all.

“Even Imperial Intelligence can’t kill…”

Yes they can.

Their commando teams have Soldiering skills in the 70s and 80s, and can set you on fire with the snap of their fingers. Alternatively, they could just slip some poison into your food.


Even Imperial Intelligence can’t kill war hero with a high reputation. And even if they could, let them come I’ll fight the nation itself for this.

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Sorry but The power fantasy has abandoned the building. It is like say Myself can destroy NATO entire force with my own smile. Going against author in his own settings is like going against five angry game masters with rule books.


No they can’t. The MC is a noble and a celebrated war hero. The public backlash would be too severe. Plus the other nobles won’t look kindly on the king and that could spark a civil war. If the nobles feel the king is willing to kill his own nobles they will rebel.


You are vastly overestimating the effect your death will have on Tierra.

Imperial Intelligence won’t publicly take credit for your death, and will probably make it look like an accident. And nobody in your country is going to accuse them, because they don’t want to increase tensions with Takara. You may be a celebrated war hero, but nobody is going to start a war (civil or otherwise) just to avenge you.

(Just to clarify: Imperial Intelligence is Takara’s intelligence agency.)


You are new so I understand you don’t know this is low fantasy with realistic scope and you are a small baron and Takara is Usa and controls your entire nation via debt .


Sure Miguel will starting a war with the most powerful nation that controls the entire economy of tierra that is bring of a uproar due the cumbersome taxes. because a small baron has been killed.


There is Kat, Welles and that girl to whom we are engaged in Lords, who is the fourth one?


Imperial Intelligence don’t care, as long as you are a threat to the sphere of Takaran interest, they already had enough reason to make you disappear. And as @unoriginal_username, they can just make sure that your death looks unlikely to be their responsibility.

The cross dressing Dragoon.


Ohh then my mistake. I thought Imperial Intelligence was the Tierran agency.
I don’t mean a political arrangement. I mean romance.

Still why would they bother if the MC romance one elf. It doesn’t have to be noble elf or anything (sorry my grammer is coming out a bit weird because I’m typing so fast.)

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Actually the series is kind of very pragmatic. We are constantly made to remember that we are nothing but a poor rural baron who was a good enough officer to play a small designated role as an instrument in war against Antar. And now the war is over and we are thrown in a pond populated by very big fishes, they have too much power, wealth and influence and can destroy our whole career in seconds. But I am pretty sure in Lords we will be making it big, especially if we keep sticking to Kat, Royal Intelligence and the King.

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Just to make it clear, Imperial Intelligence doesn’t have to screw around with making it look like an accident. If you mate with an elf woman, that’s all the call they need to invade Tierra openly and crush the House of Rendower and the entire nobility to the last man.

I’ve said this before: to the Takarans, human-on-elf sex is worse than bestiality, it’s treason to the Race. Nazi comparison intentional.


Who exactly?