Lords of Infinity


Things are just getting even fishier than I had expected…


“Can someone please smelt this or throw it into the Infinite sea?”

Despite what I said earlier, at least Cassius and Katarina and Welles won’t treat your gift with disdain if it was worse case scenario with them.

When one remembers he has a vast fortune, I’m sure he can buy a hundred to replace our sword, probably even better quality I might add, even if the process to banecast them is the same.

Uh…if the only shame is offending a Tierran lord, I ‘think’ she can weather the storm. Cause our MC has a lot more to lose trying to save face.


I honestly don’t think Khorobirit will waste a good banecast weapon like that, and it will make a long lasting memory for them… and the sword is given to a lady , i read somewhere else, not sure whether it was correct, if a lady reject a gift , she needs to give it back to me face to face in a courteous manner , it will bring her shame if she simply throw it away :-):grin:

Oh…no…no… not at all , for MC who is courteous and generous enough to offer a token of friendship/reconciliation after a terrible war where both sides suffer greatly , this is also a reminder that peace is better than war …my offering could comes under the impression that one should bury the old conflicts and seek to avoid any future conflicts at all cost , if Khorobirit receive it in a “mean” or rude manner , it will only further tarnish Antari and his reputation as a "barbaric " people while Tierra always seek to live in a “civilised” and "courteous " manner :-):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well… i don’t think it was cheated , if i manage to talk she and her hussars into surrendering, it means my reasoning skills is more superior than all of them combine :wink:
if i capture her, it means my combat skill is superior than all of them combine…
Hence in the end, I won the battle fair and square … whether it was via reasoning or combat skill :-):grin:


I don’t know about anyone else, but I do not want another reminder that Princess Anna is absolutely certain that she, even in defeat, is infinitely superior to the Southerners who cheated their way to victory.

Using “Southerners” because none of the words I think she’d actually use would be appropriate for me to use.


Sorry Elf, but I thought it was best to show this here on the thread, concerning how we may lose our sabre.


I will present the blade to Katarina… and ask her which of her enemies’ heads she’d like me to use it on, then present that as a gift.

That sounds more Kat’s speed to me.


It would be hilarious to try and do that if you have a bad relationship with her. She would probably ask you to commit seppuku with it.


Only the Takarans would do that so far we know, otherwise we simply just do with a bullet through the brains.

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I feel like offering him a banecaster sword is an insult because why would you offer someone of such a position such trash. You have to offer him bane-runed swords or not at all.


Khorobirit’s more likely to keep that sabre to himself, and when he finally got you: the one who kidnapped his wife or daughter and caused his defeat at 2K, and then impale that sword through your body, served 2 purposes at the very same time.


Can the military medals in Tierra (esp. the Gryphon of Rendower) be bestowed posthumously?


Well… the value of a gift should depend on what the person is capable of giving.
If a wealthy lord gifts you 10 bane runed sword because he himself can make many other bane runed weapons doesn’t mean he is sincere to you , it is just that those gifts are nothing for him…

But if a poor baron gifts you his only family sword , that means he is regarding you very high in his heart … for he gives you all that he can afford … it is like a farmer let you eat his family 's only bread , even though it’s only bread but the farmer likes you a lot that he is willing to let you eat all that he had :slight_smile:


If a rich man receives a dollar from a poor man, the rich man isn’t going to care. People are usually less grateful for things they don’t need.


Hi there fellow infinity readers,

So I am creating multiple playthroughs of GOI in preparation for LOI, but I am having trouble with Lord Cassius, befriending him and having that toast at the end before the second battle of kharangia. inspite the fact that all my choices regarding with him are all in favor with him especialy the one with having dinner with the top brass alongside the king and countess welles. Here’s my in depth choice in the matter.

After kharangia in the dinner scene you get to ask 3 questions during the dinner. Only one actually affects your relationship:

  • “Your visit” - a chance to gain -1 feminist and -5 to relationship with Holt or +1 feminist and +10 to the relationship. Does this occur 50/50?

  • When thinking of an opinion about him, of course I chose to be friends with him granting me, -1 to elf hate, +10 to relationship with him.

  • When traveling to Fort Kharan, I spend my time talking with him which adds +10 to our relationship.

  • When encountering the experimentals, agreeing to let Cassius participate gives you another +10 to your relationship.

  • Goin north, another +10.

  • When having the argument with count welles I chose “Better than baneless” which gives me -15 rep, +5 Welles. If intellect is at least 60, +15 Holt, +10 Welles, -5 rep.

If all this numbers are wrong, can you guys help me with him?

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That is why such rich man/woman always lose and still grumbling about why she lost :wink:

While another rich man still cheerfully fight on even when he lost :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : i was implying the case of Hillary and Bernie actually


@Diekent, it’s actually easy to befriend Cassius (well, it probably helps that I’m using @Verand’s build). In fact, I don’t even opt to talk to him during the journey to Fort Kharan and even go the other way (because you can prevent losing a rep hit because you allowed him to fight with the Experimentals and you actually get a opportunity to raise his rep). As for the dinner, I choose the “women deserve a chance” option, which, I’ve learned, has lower rep then the baneless one. Either way, I still can get the toast prior to 2K. Alternatively, during the winter break, you have another opportunity to spend time with him (although I don’t take it so as to mentor Renard and get the squiring opportunity, but going of track here). Not sure what’s the overall rep but yeah, I found it to be easy to befriend him.

Lotus, Bryce and the rest will give you a free pass. If Cataphrak is cool with you, no reason to have you sleeping with the fishes.

One, Rep is not involved with the speech. For more info, check the premade; the redeemed disgrace. He can pass the speech and he has 65 rep. Two, you need at least 55 in both charisma and intellect to pass said speech. Three, the stat decays occurs in chapter 1, not in the prologue I.e after the Cortes.

Please tell me you are pulling my leg and that Cataphrak did not legit put that warning in Guns, because Jesus, Mara.


I don’t know how to say this without sound rude. But You are viewing this game world building totally with wrong chip. You are trying to applying Chess rules to Gladiators. Applying MODERN views and pacifism that never existed in that time even in our reality. And EXPECT that Npcs will apply your totally of world building views and give you candy for ransom his family and ransom his fortress and destroy his power.

You are going to Vlad The impaler dressed as a Turk imperial soldier and expext he hugs you.

I love your cheerful and loving nature but THIS IS NOT THE GAME


Hahahaha… that’s the beauty of Choice games, we won’t know what is going to happen next until we make the choice :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Spoilers We certainly know That Khoro wont give you candy except if candy is the name. of his spear… No WRONG THAT SOUNDS LIKE GAY PORN :thinking: His pointy stick… his… I give up all spear names i try to say sounds like dirty innuendos. And he want give all his weaponry in sense gut your intestines out to ravens not in sense give all to me handsome…

SORRY SORRYYYY I am Spanish okay… :wink:
Edit Now the Posting limit mafia will came and kick my ass for waste post space…


I was curious what is your reputation at the end of GoI? The playthrough I prefer has 73% (I went for SM and captured the daughter of Khor.). If I am not mistaken you need atleast 77% reputation to ace your first Cortes speech in LoI, if stats are lowered in the beginning of Lords, won’t most of the MCs lose the threshold mark?

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