Lords of Infinity


Well that’s Your opinion of the matter. Doesn’t make it the end all be all. I’ve provided an alternate view and frankly don’t have an interest in arguing with you about it.


I would be happier to serve under a war hero, yes. And even then it includes the veterans (like those that would have been at the battle) as the group that sees you as an upstart. The conscripts don’t like you because you’re a representative of the government which forced them too fight.

You have the option at the beginning of the game to have a baneblooded sword. That was my point, that it’s never mentioned again; not even what you do/did with it.

And yeah, I’m pretty sure it says that the king paid for it as part of the promotion as it seemed that most people were getting it taken care of.

And your country applauds you in Lords, not the Guns. That was my point; that until Lords it doesn’t really seem too matter all that much. And I don’t recall any point of your dragoons being considered"Elite" at all.

Jesus you guys are taking this Really personally

And I’ll repeat Again, that I loved the writing. And I have played through at least a dozen and a half times and likely will another dozen times before Lords comes out. Just stating that in my opinion it seemed like it happened, there were accolades, and then nothing.



I’m just going to run you through most of the MC’s achievements and how you were rewarded for them.

Leading a boarding action as Cornet: For this you received 150 crowns (more than half the price to buy a Lieutenant promotion) and a naval decoration (as an army officer.)

Charging into a horde of men with superior numbers: For this you received 120 crowns (if you split it by the book) and the most prestigious decoration in the army.

Routing a few dozen Antari with only six dragoons and a dozen Lancers at your disposal: For this you received no official reward, but you have to remember that you basically committed mutiny and not only were you not arrested, but you also received a rep boost.

Bluffing a superior force into surrendering: For this you received an 800 crown ransom and a Meritous Service Award, in a time when Grenadier Square is being stingy with commendations.

Blogia: For this you received a knighthood (most people spend years being trained/educated for this), free armour (costs most people thousands of crowns), a promotion (would have cost you 500 crowns), and free income for the rest of your life (15 crowns a month, which amounts to 180 crowns a year.)

The Forlorn Hope: For this you received a free promotion to Major (would have cost you 800 crowns), a massive rep boost, and a Gryphon of Rendower: remember how difficult it was to get a Meritous Service Order this late in the war?

Second Kharangia: Despite only being a Major, you were given a Lieutenant-colonel’s share (2000 crowns) if your rep was high enough. This is more than enough to get yourself promoted to Lieutenant-colonel for real. Almost as if someone wanted to make sure you got the post.

Picking apart these achievements on an individual basis: do any of them seem like they did not bring a fair reward?

You are free to state your opinion. We are free to argue with it. The best way to shut down arguments is with facts.


Again dude. It was the fairly muted bit after Blogia.

We aren’t going over the entire series with you or discussing it. Simply stated an opinion on it. Clearly you disagree.

Frankly I’m not interested in this conversation anymore, seems like an absolute waste of time and it’s detracting from the point made by Lotus.

Later. Enjoy your opinion.

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sure. you’re a soldier that has served under another famous officer. but, while saving the army, some upstart who was in the right place at the right time gets control over your life, without proving in any way that’s he competent enough for the position.

i didn’t aak about happier, i asked about happy.

“congrats, you are forced to die in a war you couldn’t care less about or go to jail for having free will.”

You can have a banewoven sword, not a “baneblooded one”. a banewoven sword is just one enchanted to make it more durable and flashy. while the knightly one bursts into flames, cleaves people in half and can cut steel.

okay, so here are other examples:

Renard is the son of one of the 5 most powerful men in Tierra. Even in such a position, he gets blown off.

Then you come along, and the guy who blew off the heir to 1/5 of the entire Kingdom of Tierra starts licking your boots.

The King knows your name and personally congratulates you on certain actions.

Illiterate commoners of a foreign land with no previous contact with you know who you are.

And your name and seal of approval is considered enough to shut up most dissenters about the sainting of Hunter.


Don’t forget how if you are respected enough, you can convince the Duke of Cunaris himself and an official from Grenadier Square to let Keane off without any punishment.


Although I’ve often wondered what the MC does with his ancestral banecast sword if he gets knighted (or if it even exists if the player doesn’t choose it), it does play a minor role; a course of action that would normally fail during the boarding action to an MC without the right stats could be saved by having this sword, if I remember correctly.

Now that it’s peacetime again and the MC has no need/reason to carry his knightly longsword around (read: probably not socially acceptable to carry a 4-feet long fire hazard that will cut through anything), he might again have to rely on his sabre. Perhaps there would be another event where having the banecast sabre affects the outcome.


As of now guys are period As a soldier is done!! We need to move on both in the mentality and Beyond soldiering and commanded we need to know how to be a lord and gentry. We either need to learn how to be a good landlord or a good politician


Claim it’s for ‘sentimental value’. You could idly finger it and glare at your opponents while making your arguments in the Cortes. That’s sure to help your nerves.


That’s what your knighthood and annuity were.

The former is the sort of thing you normally have to spend a long time and a great deal of resources qualifying for. The latter is the sort of thing a government gives to someone to tell them in no uncertain terms that they’re owed gratitude for the rest of their lives.

The Captaincy, of course, is in effect a small fortune on top of that.

All three are “decorations”, though not in the sense that we might know them.

That is pretty much what happened. Remember that your MC came out of Blogia as maybe one of fifty or sixty or so junior officers who distinguished themselves in one way or another. You’re a “war hero” in one sense (that you behaved heroically in wartime and that the powers that be acknowledge this), but not in another (that you’re actually well-known for what you accomplished).

The King needs the “optics” to salvage what is transparently a major defeat, so he knights you and a couple dozen other Lieutenants and Captains for doing a particularly good job - arguably, it’s more than you deserve, not less. At that point, Tierra needs heroes, not necessarily as individuals to be celebrated, but as a collective symbol that the Unified Kingdom can still fight, that it isn’t beaten yet, and that even if Wulfram was conclusively out-generalled by Prince Khorobirit, that the rank-and-file and the junior officers are still sound.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Tierra isn’t really used to the idea of seeing its army as anything other than kind of a bad joke. There’s very little social capital to being an enlisted soldier, and the Unified Kingdom doesn’t have the same culture of valourising uniformed service that a lot of modern societies (especially the US) does (That tendency forms a lot of the tension in Lords of Infinity so it’s probably something to keep note of). You’ve done heroic things, yes, but you’ve done them fighting in a deeply unpopular war which a third of the population considers unwinnable. That’s a mentality that extends especially to the conscripts who begin to make up much of the army after Blogia. Much of your new command don’t care who you are, and don’t want to care. The veterans might appreciate your experience, but in their eyes, they’ve been through worse, and you’re still not going to replace their old CO (especially if their old CO was Baron Marras).

What an MC does in the “death ride” or the defence of Castle Blogia is undoubtedly heroic, but it’s heroism on a small scale on a day when those sorts of acts were everywhere. You are an absurdly small fish in a very large pond.

The MC still has it.

In fact, in the chapter I’m writing, he can even lose it.


Cata, please do not tell me we are going to sell our heirloom to the bank ?

“I’m sorry my lord…but your father’s prized book/your custom made uniform was lost in a horrendous fire.”

That’s even worse. I’m a gambling man (well, my mc anyways), but at the cost of my pride…it’s not worth it.

Dear, your Majesty

I wish to order another set of baneharderned armour. You see, I…was robbed of my first armour…

Ah yes, they’ll definitely put it in their room of other heirlooms that they never bother to check regularly. The perks of being too rich.


Ok that prompts a lot of questions:

  1. How does that translate to the other gifts? Can he lose those too?
  2. If he loses the sword, does he also get a flat deduction to soldiering? Or was that stat gain due to “training with/using the gift” and is therefore “unloseable”?
  3. If the player doesn’t pick the sword in SoI, does it exist at all? “Ancestral” swords sounds like the type of thing most noble families might have.

Boy do I wanna hear how this comes about hahaha

No wonder the mansion is run down…


I’m hoping we get the opportunity to bet our sword in one glorious round of Tassenswerd (maybe for the potential prize of having our debt cleared entirely).

A minor setback. All you need do is wager the rest of your armour in the next round and win it all back. I’m sure things will go just fine.

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We need to fill up our armory with more heirlooms. Dont matter who they used to belong to. Time to bet.


If someonetouching Mara sexy uniform the only masculine clothing she loves because is pretty and glorious I swear Mara will kill all servants. :sob: Not the uniform


It could still be hanging on the wall…

Present it to Lord Cassius as a token of friendship …or better yet gift it to Katarina or Ellie as a token of love :slight_smile:

That is too unlikely …and if we want to make it into a memorable relic , since @MIGSey think Lord Cassius may not take the sword too seriously… i might send it to Princess Anna instead as a token of apology , and with the sincere hope that she might better defend herself next time with my sword :-):grin: I am sure my family sword will make a long lasting statement in Khorobirit’s fortress , perhaps it will becomes a sacred relic as well :-):laughing:

I don’t have a brother… Umm, but if i choose to be engaged , perhaps gifts it to Theresa ? :-):thinking:
I want to gift it to Katarina but surely she can’t showoff my sword often since she is an Intelligent officer … However if i romance Ellie, i am sure my sword will make a grand impression if she brings it to Reformist meeting :-):kissing_heart:


Or, it might be something so mundane that it’s unexpected, such as if we are riding to Aetoria and fail a riding stat check our sword falls into a river.


Give it to your brother who proceeds to lose it.


I would happily gift it to him with the custom made uniform, purchasing a commission into the Royal Dragoons is only proper for the younger brother of a national war hero. Even though the Cunaris are my known enemies…

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Things are just getting even fishier than I had expected…