Lords of Infinity


@Cataphrak I know what i am about to say could sound ridiculous. But our character is writing about Antar could be personalized via flavour choice lol.

It is Mara and Iron balls both are writing memory. But Iron balls i thibk would be lot about pretty antary dames he bangs or something more provocative… It is Iron has zero intelligence how in hell would write military tactics?


Rather than flavour choices I feel like if it took the medal stats (dec1, dec2 etc) into account for how interesting the thing is or whatever would be neato. Since hey, if you do something worthy of getting a medal it probably means you had more interesting things to write about. It also means more people would be interested in reading or buying it than a book by a dude who has no medals at all.


Who cares Iron balls medals… He gives a shit he probably has no clue lol 2 intelligence Medals aren’t key to anything mainstream except Boring tactics vol 1 I want make money to mases no bored grumpy militia man

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I want to mess with you a bit.

Intellect is strategy.

Soldiering is tactics.

Thank you.

“Now we have them in the mousetrap.” -Helmuth von Moltke
“We are in the chamber pot and about to be shat upon.” -Auguste-Alexandre Ducrot

I love how self-aware the French were.


A person with good Soldiering should have interesting stories to tell, and grammar and spelling are more like suggestions in this era anyway.

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Pretty sure people would care more about a dude with the Gryphon of Rendower and a bar than a person without. In fact, I’d imagine that since its a prestigious medal a lot of people care about them.

Because it means person participated in something that is, for sure, extremely interesting at the very least. A daring action or the like.

Though I’ll admit I have no idea what or who you mean by Iron balls


Is a character of mine Who only merit is come and conquer and come and conquer a lot Iron rod was the gigolo king so Iron balls is like petty baron Casanova version


I’d argue that part of the point of writing the memoirs is that you can embellish your part in the war, so whether you were actually the most interesting person in the war or not isn’t actually that important.

Although all MCs participated in some of the most important moments of recent Tierran history, so none of them are without interesting stories to tell.


I mean, yeah its not. But its a nice plus for people reading it and something they can tell others about. Like that story about a tank crew in WW2 that drove around in a training tank. Its not the most interesting thing in the world, but its neat.

“During forlorn hope I decided to lead my men through a field of possibly highly explosive runes. Nobody knew this at the time but I wet my pants. Front and back. While pretending to totally know what Im doing”

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Forlorn hope and hero in blogia should be more impressive that medals if you are a guy that did nothing and not forlom hope.

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If you deserted at Blogia you have to do the Forlorn Hope.

If you didn’t desert, you likely came out of Blogia a hero. If you didn’t, your rep might have been beyond saving in the first place.

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All that variables should be part in at least part of flavour text. Also i want Iron balls be interviewed … he totally would go come and conquer


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I somehow feel that MC was underappreciated in the aftermath of Battle of Bolgia, you took part in a desperate charge, nothing short of suicidal last charge, a regiment against a whole army! Or holding the pass, that’s near impossible! it shows the greatest virtue of self sacrifice in the face of the enemy. It would have been much better if we had been awarded another great gallantry decoration, to be true the first gryphon of rendower we were awarded was a overlyglorified affair, fading in comparison to our last charge or last stand at Bolgia, it was fit for a epic poem!


This. I mean, we did get Knighted from it; but the whole thing did still seem pretty muted. Which I assumed was due to the shock of the defeat.


“Other than getting a substantial honor (without having to pay for the weapons and armor), made a captain (without having to pay for it), a large reputation bonus, and getting the attention of the King, we kind of got shortchanged.”

Respectfully, if what happened to the PC was muted for a guy commanding a mere forty men , then I don’t think I could handle “extravagant”.


You got the promotion largely because there weren’t any real options left for promotion. Also the forces you get put in charge of largely hate you and see you as an upstart (something which didn’t make much sense too be honest).

“Attention of the king” was literally for the knighting and after that not much else. It even says you’re one in a long line of others getting the attention that day.

And the sword/armor were apart of the knighting. And there isn’t much mention of the sword you could have started with which seemed too be of the same quality, if not better.

Reputation doesn’t really do all that much so far in the series. I mean I’m sure it Will, but it’s not like it really did all that much it seems.

Just saying for being A/The Hero of Bolgia, it doesn’t seem too do too much.


Well, if you want to dismiss it as “not much” because the PC wasn’t hailed as the lovechild of Mr. T. and Captain America, I’m just going to underline that I found it very generous considering what the PC did.

If you disagree, well, you said why.


Just stating our opinion that it seemed muted. Never said I dismissed the writing. Calm down.


okay, so. i fought in a big battle in your country. we had losses, however. so your president said “get sumpunk and bring him to slave away in a war or threaten him with prison time”. would you be happy to serve under me, just because i did something that you honestly don’t care about?

sword a little stronger than normal steel vs sword bathed in hellfire that cuts people in half. right, the former is definitely better.

yes, so? even if you’re made a knight, you still must pay for your own equipment. the King paid for it, which costed him a few thousand crowns.

it makes you well known to an absurd degree. you got illiterate commoners from a foreign land knowing who you are, the entire ruling class of your country went and gave you a round of applause, your regiment is considered an elite one instead of the “ewww, dragoons” it was at the start of the war, and you’re a national hero.