Lords of Infinity



The Cortes is actually more-or-less an equal partner in government already. I’d recommend reading through This article on the subject if you haven’t already, but the basic gist is that the King requires the assent of the Cortes to effectively govern. While the King has some power to push back against a stubborn Cortes, Tierra has been an essentially constitutional monarchy since it’s genesis.


I take it this is a book series?


It is a book by J. R. R. Tolkien. This information could have easily been obtained through a simple internet search. I urge you to attempt to find information on your own initiative in the future.


Oh boy


Played some total war rome 2 as Massalia.

Didn’t go very well until I D-Dayed Britain which allowed me to build 4 Huge armies to D-Day Gaul.


New Zealand


I believe he is political, possibly even a Dominionist, based off the dialogue between him and our MC from different parts of Guns. The MC says it’s almost as if he knows Takaran civilization will overtake other cultures, it’s a good thing, and the MC and everyone else should know it as well as common wisdom.

While I’m on the elf, I personally have a soft spot for him. Or maybe it’s more like an eye for potential. If he could ever get his act together he could be an AMAZING contact to have. If he doesn’t, well at least you have an in, in some form or fashion.


The idea that Takara’s got the greatest system of government and culture in creation and that everyone else will realise that of their own free will (nudged along here and there, of course) eventually is a pretty staunchly Coalitionist stance.

The Dominionists are considerably more proactive about Takara’s “Mission Civilisatrice”.


I’ve always wondered something about the Dominionists (and Takara in general tbh).

Considering their ideology, their inner sense of superiority, their RL inspiration and the fact that Kian (technically) won the last war against them, how big is the fringe that wishes to go Endlösung on humans?



If all the round-ears die, who will wash their clothes?


Baneruned washing machines (Powered by all the dead round ears)…

Though I just realised that this situation would bring a new meaning to the phrase my Washer broke.


I assume the elves have servants in Takara, to what extent is the servitude demeaning/rewarding?



In broad terms? It’s demeaning as shit and you’re treated like furniture.

But that’s not necessarily much worse than in Tierran noble households, and you get paid a lot more for it.

You don’t want to know


“They’re taking our jerbs! Let’s encourage this!”?


Are they elf sevants, or human? If human, that opens a whole lot more questions (where do they live?, where did the come from?, why are they there?, what’s there political status - if any?, etc).

Thought so. This is the combination of Germany, Japan, and the United State of America we are talking about. Set firmly in the imperial era. Ha. Yeah I don’t want to know.

Also, not to drag it back up but, I - as a decently well read fiction consumer - am immensely happy I found this story, world, community, and author. The level of feedback on pretty much useless information (about servants in another country), so quickly and thoroughly, means a lot to this reader. Not only from the author but the community in general. We certainly have points of tension, but overall this a fantastic, supportive community who have rallied around a fantastic author.

Now I will get off this soapbox and go back to expecting death, doom, and dismemberment in the following titles. Thank you.


Domestic servitude is a job generally considered “below” the dignity of the falkisch, though there are a few “acceptable” higher status jobs.

As for the rest, I feel like that’s a whole Patreon article.


Good idea. And just out of curiosity, I know the Patreon Articles are for us and we primarily come up with the topics, but do you have any cool, interesting topics you’d specifically like to write about?



I’d actually like to do more profiles of the army’s other regiments. I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen any more of those requested, actually.


I know that whether or not this happens depends on how people vote (and actually put it forward as a suggestion), but as far as what the author is willing to tackle and/or reveal to the readers…

@Cataphrak Would it be possible to get an article showing reactions to the Welles Report on Blogia? Or Second Kharangia, but Blogia being the first one comes to mind first.

How that was received by Grenadier Square, in the sense of letters or notes or journal entries or whatever fits could be pretty neat, but I don’t know if that isn’t telling us stuff we’re not meant to know yet.

Just toying with how seeing how your characters think is fascinating, but also - well, spoiler territory to a greater degree than some other topics.


“Dear diary

I just read the Blogia report and my first instinct is to say “Who the hell is going to believe the words of this baneblood woman?”

I honestly would be impressed if at least one clerk at Grenadier Square goes “Dare I say it, Countess d’al Welles actually has valid points.” Dramatic? yes, but the point is the convey that usual Tierran man feeling. (If I got that analogy wrong, that’s on me).

I’m sorry, someone wrote an account and managed to be neutral ? BLASPHEMY ! I demand to see the bias I was told exist in everything in History.

On a serious note, since I have not read the Welles report and only take into account the King was impressed by it in Guns, this is the part where I’ll digress before someone comes to murder me over my post.