Lords of Infinity



Doesn’t change the fact that a crumbling and debt ridden island nation can use such activities against a larger foe, it’s cheaper and indirect. Effectively disrupts economic, political and social life of the enemy state. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t support this harbouring of terrorist agents by goverments, just a hypothetical idea for a long term and low cost damage.


If you are going to pick a country from real life than maybe Pakistan would be Unified kingdom and Takara would be USA. Pakistan can never raise a proxy militia in mainland USA.


I wouldn’t say that Pakistan’s harboring of these groups has been low cost. The Lal Masjid siege. Attacks on government personnel and bases carried out by JeM and the Haqqani Network. The rise of the TTP. To try to weaken Afghanistan and India, Pakistan has created a Hydra the government can no longer control.


Seems about right :joy:


@Vito51 Honestamente, ni yo quiero que le vaya mal, si le va mal nos carga a todos con el, solo esperemos lo mejor, no lo defiendo, aunque fascista es algo un tanto fuera de la realidad


Literally every civilization has come to prominence by stepping on someone else… The Romans for their part were one of the greatest civilizations ever. This is indisputable. Their influence is still felt in nearly every facet of western civilization.


What was the MC’s reputation with the Antari? Had Khorobirit or any Antari commanders heard of him?

I know that the Dragoons turned into a bit of a legend amongst the serfs as “The Grey Riders”, but I was wondering if there was any knowledge about the MC in particular.

How about with Caz? Was he the subject of stories?


Caz is particularly very much the centre of the story of “The Grey Riders” among the Antari, partisans especially. Since he’s the one who were well acquainted with them: The rider in grey uniform on top of a grey steed who moves around like a ghost, and hits you whenever you will expect him or not; as quiet as a fox and as vicious as a hungry wolverine. And wherever you see him or ever cross paths with him! He’ll be popping Antari goulash.

Karol of Loch is one of them, and maybe Josef of Torranobirit. Otherwise, he’ll pretty much just be one of the “Grey Riders”. Or of course: you captured Khorobirit’s wife or his daughter, and then Micky’s gonna come for you with sabres blazing.


If we led Forlorn Hope they might have heard of the MC.


They’re more or less likely to had been either:

A. cut down by our men during the engagement
B. Highlanders: “MURDER!!!”
C. Never saw him and just fighting for their lives and protecting their families during the sacking of Kharangia.


Well… if such is the case, what the Romans had done badly to us lately ?

If we want to forget the past Good, might as well forget the past Evil :wink:

Dangerous mindset though, because we might start to ask what our parents had done good to us lately…

Or our companion start asking what we had done good to her or him lately :wink:


That’s a very dangerous though that here has being used by fascists and Nazis sympathetic. And abusers. The hole We did great too and that… Tell that to the victims to the refugees or in case of Spanish under the fascism a entire nation during 40 years NO GOOD act could overwrite the evil.

Forgot rome. Think in Spanish conquest it was terrible how many has been lost. We wring good stuff and made culture mixed and all that yes. But we should remembering the shit and atrocities we have commit and all the stolen resources. I don’t understand why people is so easy to forget the slaughtering and all that to present violent empires as best things ever. spoiler they weren’t


Yes… dear friend, i agree fully with you :slight_smile:

The point i was made was that we should be consistent with our mindset and thinking , if we selectively choose the circumstances that suit our purpose , it will make us look hallow…

I personally feel that we shouldn’t forget the Good and the Bad of everything , if i feel anger about someone, i always think back the past good we had been together so that i won’t accelerate the current situation , many times when someone told me "What good had you done to me lately ? " i will feel sadden due to the fact that, people will only refer to the current profit in front of them as measurement of everything :slight_smile:

Remembering the past, whether it is Good or Bad is undoubtly allow us to learn and moving forward :slight_smile:


that’s justifying, really.

“bro, europe absolutely slaughtered the Americas.”

“yeah, but they brought civilization, technology, what-have-you, so eh, it evens out.”

no one is denying the advancements, discoveries and accomplishments of Rome, Spain, Britain, France, etc. what i (and a few others) are saying is that despite all this, these civilizations still committed appalling atrocities.

you want to remember the good? great.

but don’t forget the bad because of it.

and, this is just my personal opinion, but the natives of my country were slaughtered to the last man in the name of “civilization and enlightenment”. what a perfectly good reason to commit genocide.

i wonder if the fact i get to sleep under an ac today makes the rape, torture and slavery they withstood more bearable.

i don’t think it does.


As someone who was born in a former Spanish colony, I grew up watching shows that celebrated the revolutionaries who fought for the country’s freedom. Nevertheless, we also grew up knowing that we had a lot to be grateful to the Spaniards for. Yes, they put a country under their control for centuries, but we’d be vastly different had they not come along. Would we be better off? Who knows. We might not be as family oriented, for one thing. But as @Jjcb mentioned, you have to remember both sides. We did the same for the Americans.

not for the Japanese though. That was just straight misery from what I heard

@poison_mara agreed, which is why I think it’s important to try to learn the whole truth, both good and bad. another thing I’d like to add is that it’s also possible to consider a wholesale throwing away of the “imperial culture” and try to “revive” what was native. That might work for some countries but for mine, that would mean getting rid of the culture of my parents and grandparents. I personally find that inconceivable and impractical.


Well one thing good is we are all brothers in culture . However…it is always good remember the bad as here neo fascism tries to whitewashing the bad and romanice the conquest. And that’s not a healthy thing.


my point is that declaring outright war to a imperium that can annihilate your entire race is pretty dumb, id rather play them like Alarico did. (and for me is more like tierra to scheme something like they did with Antar. if it ever comes to war with the takaran)


Perhaps Tierra could increase trade with Takara, maybe sell them something that they great desire like maybe a new alcoholic beverage. We can be the Al capone of the infinity seas


Wulfram red wine, the new Tierrian delicacy. Specially made for pointy eared friends.


Admittedly, I have not read all 4,720 posts to this threat to see if it has been mooted, but I am curious about the possibility of a Runnymede/Magna Carta type event. Finances are in ruins. The king has been absent. The war has ended in a hollow victory. Isn’t it time for the “barons” to corner the king and demand that the Cortes be made into a more co-equal branch of government? To switch metaphors, it seems like Miguel is in an “apres moi, le deluge!” moment. The king does not seem to have many tools in his toolbox to defusing this situation without buy-in from the nobles, who will want something in return.