Lords of Infinity



Alaric lost to Stilicho. He wasn’t undefeated against the Romans. It was only after Honorius in his eternal wisdom had Stilicho executed in bull shit charges that the Goths were able to enter unopposed into Italy and sack Rome.

It also helped that the other Regent of East Rome was bought out by Alaric and allowed him to retreat. While blocking the West Romans.


still put to shame the most powerfull empire ever…that is something extraordinary :grin:


Alarico is cool But I vote for my friend hannibal we had elephants and we cross with them The mountain in winter and attacked Rome…


Sure … according to the victors who were lucky enough to write the histories … lol. Ignoring the point I was making.

Partisanship warfare against the Romans succeeded rarely enough that when it did, it left an undeniable mark on the Roman psyche. This is the situation we have in the Infinity series as well, with the Takarans standing in for Rome in Caraphrak’s and my examples.


That’s unfortunate, cause until we pull off that magnificent defeat on Takara, our best chances of Takara falling is a anticlimactic fall from grace because of inept governance…which doesn’t exactly scream good stuff in my books.


Can Tierra sustain long term low intensity infiltration to carry out terror activities to disrupt the economic, social and political stability of hostile states? Basically I am talking about a proxy war here, Tierra’s leadership will deny any involvement. Royal Intelligence will come very handy. Or the massive infiltration maybe used to change the demographics of a certain region, creating a conducive base for Tierra to land and start a campaign in future.


Handy? Even Princess Anna of Khorobirit know Katrina’s identity as RTI agent. I doubt that Royal Intelligence can come in absolutely handy at the current level as even Khorobirit’s wife who had spies that know our intelligence agents.


No. That’s Takara’s schtick, and if Tierra tries to copy it, Takara will respond by dropping the hammer. “Denying involvement” will fall on deaf, pointed ears.

Proxy wars are not a tactic used by small powers to threaten large ones. They’re a tactic used by large powers to avoid a major conflict.


Pakistan is using it since 1947 against a much larger country (India). It’s a much cheaper and more effective tactic to harm a bigger opponent. Maybe not the most honorable but what counts is you staying alive at the end of the day.


The war is over, that means RI has all the time in the world to better itself. Maybe MC can get a chance to become permanent complicit in it’s schemes? Who wouldn’t want to be a “spymaster”.


And they’ve only been getting away with it because India lets them; that is, benefits internationally by behaving like an adult rather than going in and turning Pakistan into an occupied territory or a sea of glass.

If Kashmir were a major strategic interest of India’s, Pakistan would have been crushed to dust.


Maybe Tierra can arm and train insurgents to rise against the national leadership? There is a civil war going on somewhere in the Infinity Sea right? Maybe Tierra can benefit by lending outside support to one of the fraction. Happened during 1971 Indo-Pak war, Bangladesh was result of India training and arming mukti bahini to rise against the Pakistani leadership. Benefited greatly to India, now it’s eastern command was free and had to man it’s western front only, from Pakistan.


Well, the last time Tierra tried messing with Takara’s sphere was the Callindrian Incident. Didn’t go too well for Tierra.

That’s the thing: If Tierra is messing with Takara’s strategic interests, even with plausible deniability, Takaran II will respond with full force. Takara doesn’t appreciate being fucked around with.


“Even Khorobirit’s wife”?

I think that’s a tad dismissive for someone who is basically the spymaster and brains of Khorobirit, the guy with resources on the same scale as all of Tierra, except without the uppity vassals.

Katarina wasn’t extremely discreet about being a Royal Tierran Agent either, but that’s a different matter entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is highly unlikely, seeing how, one, both Kian and Takara are involved in M’hidiyossi by supporting the 2 main fractions and two, the other major fraction would like nothing more than to be rid of foreign influence. Us interfering, never mind our current state, is just begging for trouble from three Great Powers.


What have the Romans ever done for us?!
-Someone from Judea, probably


Engineering, the calendar, cement, interstate road networks, first western standardized numbering system, several republican institutional ideas in use in most democracies today, civil control of the military, and some other junk I’m sure…


Just because they did some horrible shit doesnt discount mean their contributions to mankind are worthless and should be ignored. Highly disrespectful towards the tons of people who made said contributions.

I mean after the bronze age collapse we entered the dark ages for a reason. Shit was dark and quality of life dropped for pretty much everyone across the board.


But what have the Romans done for us lately? :wink: (heh)


Sauron took power after he waged war against Celebrimbor and but for a turn of fate(a slip of a finger) would have been beaten.

To be fair, Pakistan is currently facing massive debt and accusations of harbouring terrorists from around the world.