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Don’t tell me I don’t know shit and less about war. I am here to cause havoc and represent clumsy players and role-players. Found death loops of doom . nobody takes me seriously but you… You are the elites so Be more proud lol. :wink:


We just know how to work the search function better. That is the main difference.


If Takara is anywhere near as “Noble-born” as the Lothlórien Elves , the first thing they will do is to attack the Antari League and free those serf :slight_smile:


Why would they do that? It suits Takara’s interests to have the League intact.


Hahaha… well, if they are as righteous as the legendary elves , this is the right thing to do right ? To liberate the oppressed free folks of the land :slight_smile:

But of course , this is only the ideology of Tolkien’s High Elves …

Edit: I got this from @cascat07 old comment in SOI
“Also given the Takara’s lower fertility and birth rate and their long life expectancy each death is felt much more keenly. Kill a Takaran grunt and that’s decades of training and investment gone and potentially and unfilled billet for another several decades until a replacement can be trained. Tierra can replace its losses much more readily. Not to mention the psychological trauma of cutting a life short by several centuries.”

Hence in this scenario , i won’t think Takara would be openly hostile to “Any” nation… especially not Tierra since Tierra is the one who is relatively “weaker” as compare to Kian and Antar , and also Tierra is theoretically friendlier to Takara as compare to others… there is basically no reason for Takara to want to fight us :slight_smile:

Well… i am referring to the Lothlorien High Elves, who according to the lore

" That is the fairest of all the dwellings of my people. There are no trees like the trees of that land. For in the autumn their leaves fall not, but turn to gold. Not till the spring and the new green opens do they fall, and then the boughs are laden with yellow flowers; and the floor of the wood is golden, and golden is the roof, and its pillars are of silver, for the bark of the trees is smooth and grey. " :wink:

I honestly didn’t read about their “sins” or wrong doings elsewhere, i understand the PC games and movie may have a different interpretation about them but generally i would refer to the original story about them :-):sweat_smile:

and I don’t understand why the accusation of Elves as “rapist” , when it is clear from the Elves Wiki that
For Elves, sex and marriage are one and the same, and it is that bodily union that achieves marriage. Elves lose interest in sex after they’ve had children. They do not consider the day a child was born as the moment they came into existence. Instead, they celebrate the day the child’s parents begat them. Elves come of age at around fifty years old, and generally marry around this age. Elves who marry late or never are said to have strange fates. Elves can tell in the eyes and voice of another Elf whether they are married, and it is against an Elf’s nature to take another by force; one so forced would reject bodily life and die. Because of the union of souls that occurs when Elves marry, and because of the eternal nature of Elven souls, they do not divorce or have multiple marriages. Elves have a taboo against incest, but marriage among second cousins is seen as acceptable. Whether this results in degradation from strong bloodlines is unknown.

Elven Love relationship seems the Saintest for my opinion


Not to sound rude But HAVE YOU READ SILMARILION??? your gentle elves were rapists racist incestuous and very much guilty of Sauron take power. I mean even in Lord rings elves present certain note of their hypocrisy and racism. In The hobbit is even clearer… So my friends Tolkien elves are assholes as humans or dwarves
Edit Your lothlorien Elves have a curse and directed a Campaign of destruction so big they were cursed only for lust of power and get the silylmarils… Galadriel herself … Better not destroy your illusions about good elces


Use a catapult to fling dead bodies over their wall?


“Burn Baby Burn” - attributed to Buduica and her daughters

Here are the historical details for those wanting them. :two_hearts:



Budica was also considered one of main inspiration to popularity of fem gladiators… The sock in machist faces when they found that gladiator cemetery and bones where from females… Because same it happened with the naval battles in Colloseum all recorded in Historical material was considered TOO FANTASTIC … So anytime say woman can’t fight since beginning of times… I laugh

Edit If Takaran elves are susceptible of illnesses totally launching a bio weapon with corpses.


He is.

Most Cabinet Ministers are at the head of their own committees, and while Kaien’s party is out of power, the Dominionists control enough of the Senate to maintain a few ministers in their posts.

At the moment though, it’s just him in Intelligence when it comes to the major ministries.


So well Is proven that our government president has copied his college thesis. Is like the fifth in 3 years. lol is a requirement be corrupted for be candidate. I will love have a chat with my politicians and yell


Is he going to keep up the proud family tradition of losing to the Octovians/Antari?

And the Kian.


Al menos tienes la suerte de no tener un fascista pendejo naranjo como presidente. Preferiría tener Pedro Sánchez como mi presidente cualquier día si tuviera la opción.


Wind the clock back less than 250 years and you’ll find that my esteemed ancestors here in Aotearoa took slaves, stole wives, ate the flesh and shrunk the heads of notable opponents as part of the ongoing cycle of inter-tribal warfare. And then our essentially stone age society got hold of muskets from some enterprising European traders and you can imagine how well that went. coughs slaughter. :dizzy_face:


Ayyy… No me digas eso que nos gafas que menudos candidatos tenemos por la derecha tambien que se presenta un partido mas ultra q Franco en pijama. Como pasa en todos los paises latinos no hay uno bueno.


Pero en España hay un sistem de salud nacional, menos armas peligrosos en las escuelas, y un sistema de educación que al menos funciona. No tenemos nada de eso en los EEUU.


she used their own religión to manipulate some of the people that did not want to acept her as chief… and she did fall to romans in the end because of wanting revenge so much.


Basic Roman philosophy: you may hit us hard, but we’ll hit you back twice as hard.

Tiberius and Germanicus destroying the Germanic Tribes who Teutoburg’d them.


Alarico, cough,cough


The joke is that elves (Takarans) aren’t as kind an benevolent as people seem to think they are