Lords of Infinity



Ironically, this was much the case for the Roman Kingdom/Early Republic and the Late Empire, when slaves were a rare commodity. During the history of Rome slaves gained a certain number of rights (such as the peculium, to possess semi-personal property) which left them better off as say, many slaves of modern Empires.

It wasn’t even that rare - especially in the Late Republic - when slaves would often buy their own freedom or they were freed for frivolous reasons (again, unlike many modern Empires). In fact Augustus had to pass some laws to limit the manumissio of slaves to somehow keep the number of Roman citizens under control (of course, he claimed it was to preserve the tradition and morality of old).

To be fair Tacitus was one of the historians that tried to be as dispassionate as possible in his works although he lamented the good old times of the Early Republic.


Obligatory reminder that the Takarans also tax Banebloods, for obvious reasons.


Here’s another reminder I feel obligated to make. The Dominationists are ideologues driven to push their beliefs on countries unwilling to accept them, by force if necessary. This premise reminds me of two things.

Showa Japan, and modern American neoconservatism.

We know what Showa Japan did, and if you don’t, a quick google search of “showa atrocities” will enlighten you. But a big thing that neoconservatives have done is push spending in foreign countries to make them more regressive, and supporting things like this:


One thing that can be observed by any cursory look at the kind of parties or movements that would “spread democracy” or “spread enlightenment” or “spread civilization” or whatever else, is that they are almost invariably made up of the unsavory portions of a conservative ideology. Takara is grudgingly supportive of say, homosexuality, but I doubt the Dominationists have an overall positive opinion of it. And if they can’t oppress people in their country, I have a feeling they’ll try doing it in other countries.


The thing about empires is that their military and socio-political dominance means that their metropole is one of the only places where people can grow safe enough and complacent enough to become ardent and sincere anti-imperialists.

People who live as victims of, or in fear of becoming victims of a particular empire may oppose their particular oppressors, but history has shown that they will often eagerly back another for the sake of their own existential security, or take steps to establish a hegemony of their own in the interest of ensuring that they’ll never be in the position of being victimised again.



So, is Lord Cassius a coalitionist? Also should we think of historical figures like Theodore Roosevelt as a dominationist and Eisenhower as coalitionist? Last, realistically we don’t know much about Tarkaran politics. Considering that the party of freedom, progress, and civil rights in the US has evolved over time from Republicans to Democrats. It would be interesting to find what the political blocs stand for.


Dominionist: Showa. Churchill. Wilhelm II.
Coalitionist: Not sure.


Because it’s a democracy they probably switch ruling party every 8 years or so.

And I’m fairly sure the Coalitionists have been in power the last two games.


They have been.


Coalitionist, I’d assume, is more Cold War-era America where we didn’t have “colonies” or “puppets,” we had “allies” and “fellow defenders of capitalism.”

Cassius strikes me as an “I’m not trying to be political, but…” type. Not interested in actually engaging with or understanding politics, but still willing to complain about them.


Would Kian bankrupt Tierra to piss of Takaran investors. How resistant are Elves to illness? Could someone launch bio weapons against Takara


I think Cassius is more into having a nice vacation while he’s posted as Ambassador in Aetoria than to give much notice to politics.


Considering that our (unknowing at the time) introduction to Cassius back in Sabres of Infinity was Eckharts saying “the Richsgraav vam Holt’s slut of a son is stirring up trouble in the Senate again” does not strike me as Cassius being particularly apolitical.



More like someone who is good at creating a whole lot of shitstorms.


Yeah, but considering that the shitstorms (repeated in this case as Eckharts pointed out he’s doing it again) are taking place in the Senate, Cassius had to have been engaging in politics back in Takara to a degree.

Whatever appearance he may be giving, I wouldn’t assume that Cassius isn’t doing any political shenanigans while in Tierra.


It might be just a political scandal for someone else, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Cassius has political interests, in the same sense he seems to enjoy fighting alongside the Dragoons instead of just watching - completely heedless of “consequences”.


How much of Tierra profits come from Takara? The other nations? I ask because I was thinking Tierra could figure out a way to increase international trade between nations, maybe be like a country size new york ciry to hell bring revenue back up


I don’t think that we’ve ever had it broken down like that, not in anything I can recall at least.


Calvin has been doing that for his whole life and career as the head of the foreign diplomat of Tierra.

That would do already with Aetoria, we can’t afford to spend the money to build some colossus projects like that. Not after we know what did Edmund II “The Magnificent” has did.


So, from what I remember Kaien is the Intelligence Committee Chair right and he is a Dominionist? How many Permanent Sitting Committee chairs are Dominionist? Since they go and fight the mostly Coalitionist Ministers right?

Or did I get this mixed up. Who knows. People should always remember that regulars don’t know much more than they do. We just pretend to.