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The Enlightenment sure hit France hard. Thousands of people were lightened by about ten-to-eleven pounds.


Do you reckon that there will be any mention of pollution during Tierra’s industrialisation?


Which gets me to at least part of my mc’s enmity towards Kian, @Verand because the Kian barbarians tax banebloods and we all know how well our mc’s would fare without the current tax-exemptions.
It’s not the whole of it but it is certainly a factor. It is also a measure my mc fears that the current King might try to take and one that he will vehemently oppose, even if it means getting involved with the den of Vipers that is the Cortes that he’s been trying to avoid.

That government was possibly even shittier than May’s government today. Not that the US seems to have anybody competent in charge today either, but then that’s what they fought for the right to have their own incompetents be in charge.

On the plus side monarchism has never really been able to take root again in France after that. And the monarchy started with that enlightening due to piling the extra taxation for aiding America among other things on top of years of bad harvests, which is always a dangerous proposition and how more than one Chinese dynasty lost its mandate.



The guy in charge of the colonies had already been thrown out of the army for almost single-handedly losing the Battle of Minden out of sheer spite for his own subordinates.


May’s govt is still pretty useless and nasty and shows just how much of a “nasty party” the English conservatives (almost hesitate to call them British anymore due to their little England tendencies they’ve got going on) have devolved into since the days of Churchill and they have really become the party of (the worst qualities of) Thatcher today. :unamused:


It does bear repeating that Churchill’s tenure as a peacetime PM can’t exactly elicit anything more than faint praise either.

In a way, it seems like all three of Britain’s traditional major parties have become shadows of their former selves, which I suppose is a pretty apt metaphor for Britain as a whole.


#CarolineLucasforPM #GoBritishGreens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Similar story with the Republicans in the US, I suppose who are now firmly the party of Trump, not Lincoln and not even Reagan anymore.
I suppose I should be glad with our conservatives the veneer hasn’t yet peeled away entirely and they still allude to being a people’s party, albeit one that seriously over-estimates how many of us either are or can become functional millionaires.


and… you think those were good empires? because boy do i have a history lesson for you.


Rome was great though! Just ask Tacitus! He says they made the Britons a dessert and called it pe-

Wait, let me read that again.


@Jjcb @Cataphrak
Well… i do have the major contribution of Roman Empire here :wink:


yeah, but the good doesn’t erase the bad. rome could have invented anything they wanted, doesn’t take away they were an arrogant, slaving culture who… well, look at everyone they conquered.


And they turned them into Romans and provided them with peace and stability. It was the Germans and Romano-Britains fault. As it always is.

Also as I said in the Discord, their slavery wasn’t race based at least. They just enslaved you as a result of war. There also were mechanisms for freedom, of course it was incredibly rare. But they existed for hope. Which is important.

Carthage must be destroyed.


To be fair towards the romans slavery was perfectly normal and even seen as a good thing back then. Even extremely progressive sounding Greek philosophers thought slavery was a requirement for society. And some slaves lived very, very good lives while others lived worse than death. Heavily depended on the owner.

Granted this doesn’t excuse the horrible practice of slavery even 0.001% but best to remember their slavery was quite different to what we seen in the ““modern”” world ish with africa etc. Heck slaves could even earn their freedom. Weird how their slavery was more ehh… progressive than what we had hundreds of years later. But yeah still shit owners, still slavery. But I guess thats what happened to PoWs. Guess for them back then it was either slavery or kill them all. Barbaric times indeed.

Seriously though don’t take this as me protecting slavery, just pointing out that it wasn’t 100% awful 100% of the time back then. Maybe 99.99% awful. Just most people think of African slavery when they think slavery which wasnt what romans did since they even had slaves be teachers, freely walk around, do whatever in rare cases. Be nice to slaves since they can easily stab or poison you was more accepted than being awful.

They were a slaving culture but such was sadly the norm. Glad we moved away from that… though it took much longer than it really should have. People are awful.


I was romanized as culture for Julius Caesar and Augustus. Roman for us different rest of Spanish were a really good thing. Due the Celtic tribes here were hardcore sacrificing children hardcore slaving your oun daughters hard core . Only advantage overRome was the women were almost male level in Galaecia pre roman with several warrior queens and fame of rude and aggressive. The rest was a complete shit for poor commoners in perpetual tribal wars. Rome became us civilized give us roads bridges writing education and healthcare…

No Galician would tell you Rome was a big deal because it wasn’t. However. That is not a reason to forget the genocide they committed with so many cultures and tribes the massacre and chaos. Recognize one means recognize the other. .

Spanish empire was shit too and one of main causes of slavery in America and Africa so i can’t stop recognising what terrible it was and i don’t want whitewashing that. It has no excuses.


I think most can agree that humans are just awful and enslave anyone for whatever reason they could back then. I mean slave came from the word Slav. I guess we slavs were so commonly slaves that it became the term for it? Gosh mankind.

Apparently there is still slavery in Africa even. Not sure what I expected.


The only thing worse than having an empire is not having one.


Something to remember is that forced labor as a whole was much more common than we like to admit as a society. What has changed significantly over time is exactly what kind of forced labor was acceptable. For example, in the 20th century conscription was generally seen as an accepted form of forced labor even if many people did not see it as such. While this is obviously a touchy social topic, it’s actually a pretty interesting topic in that “slavery” has become something of a pejorative description in a way that say serfdom or bondage has not (at least in the “West”). People also use these terms ambiguously and it’s not always clear if they’re describing slavery in terms of people being commercial property or some other kind of forced labor.


How much influence will the MC actually have on the Reform Commission?


To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.

  • Tacitus, quoting the Caledonian chieftan Calgacus, who is probably fictional

For someone trying to paint his ancestor in a sympathetic light, he sure has a lot of bad to say about Rome itself.


Don’t we all do that towards our own countries, or very least, our history?