Lords of Infinity



I’d say they were dressed like bandits.

People who didn’t really have a place to stash their loot and relied upon appearances to intimidate their enemies have a habit of wearing their wealth on their body when they go to war.


Attention Triggering response . Sorry is my personal opinion

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Ho shit that thought didn’t cross my mind. Thanks for the brain enlightenment Cata.


Except here bandits dressed as bandits or beggars probably due country was poor as rats so nothing fancy to loot.


Well the French did probably loot everything of real value in Spain during the Napoleonic Wars.


I hope if a MC who chose the jilted fiancée path is also currently romancing Welles or Katerina, the latter could find out somehow and send the MC to the shadow realm. Or the MC’s sister or mother if they exist. Welles/Katerina + the fiancée teaming up would be sweet.


Although… Takara might have airships and fighter planes, they’re just being held back as a nasty surprise.


Because they are filthy imperialistic elves. What greater reason do you need?




Nothing wrong with Imperialism…
There were many Empire in the history of the world … they could be an admirable civilisation :slight_smile:


It’s hard to admire the polish on a jackboot when its wearer is busy kicking you with it.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Lol… there is still the Roman Empire and British Empire …

Some would say the America is implementing imperialism… but honestly i don’t think USA is horrible :wink:


Usually the polish gets admired before the kicking begins, and mostly by bystanders until it’s their turn to be kicked.

Some people get to wear those boots after sufficient ingratiation, and then the admiration becomes more heartfelt (“What a great civilisation this is! Haha I’m so glad I’m with it & not against it”).


British Empire Spanish empire Roman empire WERE BRUTAL MURDERS and looters that destroy many ethnicities and cultures. Nothing would make that good or fair and should not be forgotten. So sorry in spanish name to anyone affected by my ancestors rulers. My ancestors were poor subjugated too as Galicians.


Tell that to the Gaul, Egyptians, Greeks, Celts and whomever the Romans walked over whilst trying to enlighten the masses with their culture.

As for British Empire, the fact they taxed America, even though technically they were their own citizens should be a indication of their “benevolence”…and the less said to how they put down revolts around their Asian territories, the better.

Never mind my respect for them, point is even the better empires had skeletons in their closets.

Yeah, I should have mentioned that. @Cataphrak, the reasons why they did it is justified. I could be wrong (not a full expert on the Seven Year War or the American Revolution), but I just think it could have been handled properly, in reference to what Mara said. But like I said, I’ll differ to you guys.


They taxed the American colonies to pay for a war those colonies started, and only because the British population was already taxed to the breaking point.

There’s a lot you can blame the British Empire for, but their motive (if not their method) for taxing the colonies was sound.


The problem was the lack of representation not the taxes


London could have de-escalated the issue with more competent men in charge of the government.

The colonies could have de-escalated the issue by accepting Howe’s request for talks, or simply not allying with Bourbon France and turning a colonial dispute into yet another Anglo-French War ™.


Why do I feel that the French loved to get any opportunity just to one up the British during the old days ?

Recalls all the protests prior to the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille, all the foreign countries intervening, King Louis Vl being beheaded and the Reign of Terror…NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I say they got out of that “reasonably” well for a bankrupt nation.

Besides, on the plus side, Napoleon came to power…just for the British to defeat and say “We won against the French. SUCK IT!”


That was basically their reason for intervening: the Bourbons wanted revenge for the Seven Years’ War so badly that they were willing to bankrupt France to do it.

That didn’t go too well for them.