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That’s how I remembered about the Rangers since you brought them up in passing a couple months ago.


I am in same page with you… i also don’t see the reason of antagonising Takara and constantly wishing to defeat them in a war :slight_smile:

Precisely this, but surprisingly many didn’t see it as a problem to become Antari client state in the beginning of the UK-Antari war…


Indeed, well I’ve already said that of all the alternative regimes discussed for Tierra my mc would be a collaborator for Takaran Tierra and a Havenport succession Tierra (with varying degrees of enthusiasm depending on exact effects).
Kian or Antari Tierra would be good way to possibly make this mc turn “insurgent”.

@Bryce_Kaldwin Thanks, in the unlikely event I find myself in Forth Smith seems like I’d have at least one tourist attraction to visit.


I dunno… the Dominationists are foreshadowed, and if they come to power, I have a feeling it’s less about freedom and democracy and more about…

Well. The Meiji Era wasn’t particularly bad, especially compared to another era I could mention. But calling it good isn’t even a stretch, it’s just flat out inaccurate.

I don’t know why we don’t take this attitude with say, Kian a bit more, but that’s my own musing.


I feel that Tierra sinking into the ocean is preferable to Japanese overlordship.

Filipinos would rather be under the Spaniards than the Japanese.


Where did I say it was “good”. Takaran Tierra is likely to still be a big mess, but it is a big mess now and as bad as current and possible Takaran Tierra are Antari Tierra and Kian Tierra seem to promise to be far worse and for the Antari version we have the absolute version it will as that is outright conquest by an irredentist, revanchist power.


I would think the Takara-Tierra relationship would be the Ming-Joseon ( Ancient Korea ) relationship

Both Ming and Joseon dynasty were formed after the expulsion of mongols to resist their foreign ruler. Ming emperors granted the house of Yi to rule Korea with consent as Korea were part of the Ming tributary states.

Both Ming and Joseon established the concept of Neo-Confucianism as their main government system in order to redo the damage caused by the mongols and also to assert their authority within the people. Ming China consider Joseon Korea as their younger brother.

They also have the same enemies which are Japan and the jurchens. Japan under Shogun Tokugawa tried to invade and occupy Korea but failed due to the alliance between Ming and Joseon.

In this case The Antari could be the equivalent of Japan under Shogun Tojugawa who tried to occupy Korea , hence the Takara-Tieraa alliance could be like The Ming-Joseon Alliance :slight_smile:


Hideyoshi Toyotomi actually. He wanted to weaken the Daimyos in a massive war with Korea in preparation for his possible invasion of China.


@Cataphrak Does any nation Do warfare like the Greeks did in our independence war?


Okay, an aversion to Antar I get, given that they probably have a massive chip on their shoulder when it comes to Tierra, but I honestly don’t understand your beef with Kian here. I know you admire certain progressive aspects of Takaran culture, but its not like the Kian are some arch-reactionaries, and even if they were, it’s unlikely that domination by either power would have a major effect on Tierran culture, so I’m curious where your animosity towards them stems from.


Just a small question - is there any way I can sign up for notifications whenever the next update comes?


I just bookmark the page and keep an eye on it really. Best way I can think of


Fuck yes.

It was, to some extent. Badajoz sits there along with sacks like Drogheda and Magdeburg as being both particularly bad and representative of early modern warfare. I’ve taken some inspiration from all three.

You’ll be wanting to ask the M’hidyossi. There’s some similarities with how the Kentauri feud, though obviously the stakes and resources involved are much smaller.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

I wonder if there is any extremely mountainous and or hilly nation that makes for great defence but awful industry. Like Greece or Cyprus. So much hills and sheer cliffs to build castles on.

Would even make takarans wince I bet.


But seriously though.

Does anybody fight with Skirts and Stockings like we did?


I hope so That was awesome. However I am totally sure no one fights like Spanish joke army in Vs Napoleon where each soldier have only half uniform and they looked like beggars. Probably guerilla people have more official looking Like that Joke in Bailen. Thankfully uniforms are more fot banging that for winning.

Edit about the power stuff. I will be bluntly sincere. I am really tired not only here but in many forums of fandom and role playing that people wants to undermine authors agency to GET WHAT THEY WANT WHO CARES UNIVERSE CONSISTENCY.

It happens to me a lot when i was Game mastern


you are a level one coorporate with zero points in combat with a small polymer gun wanting to go against a building protected with agents level 80 an army of bots Night city police and several mercenary gangs and net runners.


What players wants normally doesn’t align with world building reality and or author planning and if those happens there are tons of other works to look after.

One has accept that .


Dressing like beggars is nothing.

Our Independence war was waged by a bunch of bandits and former Ottoman Auxiliaries who said hey I want to be free.

Now you would think that these guys would be dressed like beggars but no.

They were dressed like this.


We have lots of bandits dressed as bandits… Probably due our moral response was called French snob vanity people focused more in the toiletries than in anything else . It was a effective propaganda campaign

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

My entire life both military civil I been number on gauge. And I’m glad you brought it up. Us the player are divorced from that so much we don’t realize they’re throwing people away lives for glory.


Do you guys think we will be able yo divorce a spouse in game?