Lords of Infinity



Not so much dropping them as announcing them with trumpets and artillery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding this, I think there are two important things to remember: One is that all Takaran soldiers have the Banesense. They can basically see in the dark and notice you long before their eyes can see anything.

The second thing is that even Banesense has its limits, especially in foreign terrain. And as we saw at the start of Guns, not even the most well-prepared force can fully avoid a well-planned ambush.



See… you are bad i was happy being pessimistic and sell my soul to a super power. But now there is no way or my ancestors from Hannibal to beyond will curse me… BAD CATA


Strange that many who would want to fight the Takarans , i don’t see a casus belli that will lead us to a war with Takara … when many had suggested that King Miguel made a wrong choice of openly resist the Antari League instead of surrendering, if Takara comes knocking the door, shouldn’t we be more willing to surrender ? :-):joy:


This is where sacrificing that knob Lewes and the entire Experimental Corps comes back to bite me in my shiny white keister, right?


Hold on guerilla warfare is already a thing??


Puff gCOMMONER officials should die Commoners bandits and guerrillas thats key. No my fault the fancy dream with be officers.

Edit Guerrilla is akways a thing against a superior oponent that try to invade you


Reyes lived and he’s the brains.


Fellow forum dwellers, open your eyes! This can only mean one thing!

You know where Takara doesn’t have superiority and is not a field? The skies!


Antari partisans, the Experimental Corps.


True enough but one maimed, traumatized officer isn’t a great starting point either.


Does the US Army Rangers ring a bell? That’s how their founder was after most of them got wiped out in Italy. But he persisted and the Rangers exist to this day!


No, it’s the Navy Seals that ring the ship’s bell…


If the trick for a Tierran army to be able to stand against a Takaran one is to avoid facing them in open combat at their terms, then wouldn’t the Cavalry school of the ARC lead be more likely to lead to such an army, with its emphasis on decentralization and versatility?


The first time we encountered him on the river bridge, I think he had a majestic beard🤔.


I actually didn’t know about Cisterna and Bill Darby when I wrote Second Kharangia, but we did a lot of work on them for Burden of Command, especially since the 7th IR was part of the force that tried to relieve the Rangers when things went pear-shaped.


Even the Dragoons, to some extent. The way they’re theoretically supposed to work feeds very well into a “hit 'em where they ain’t” strategy.

You’re right. It isn’t.

Just like you’re, intentionally or not, overinflating a phenomena that isn’t as prominent as you’re making it out to be.

A quick forum search on this topic reveals that “this is not a power fantasy” is used as a word of caution on top of an explanation twice, is flat-out used without any qualification by a newer player once, and the other five are either addressing the concerns of or being said by people wjo complain that “this is not a power fantasy” is an overused term.

I’d agree. Which is why it’s been used seriously a whopping three times in five thousand posts. Because people have decided that it is overused and people are trying to directly address the issues presented without relying on idioms.

Is there a side of the fandom that seems negative and contrarian? Yes. I myself would freely admit. But I would also say that turning it into a witch to burn is the wrong way to address it.


Will the First Special Service Force be making an appearance in Burden?


Sorry if this was asked in the original GOI thread, but was the sack of Kharangia based off the siege of Badajoz?


Why would we need to face Takara anyway? They’re a friendly power and the moment it looks like they might not be maybe Tierra should just welcome freedom and democracy to its shores. I mean it could be worse, as in being forced to become a Kian or Antari client state would be infinitely worse.

Really I didn’t know that? Who was that founder by the way, maybe someone interesting I should read up on during a dull commute sometime?

Well in real life I do come from a country that has sold its soul to North America and the USA ever since the end of the Second World War, even more so than to the EU we helped found back in the day. Currently the most zealous proponents of Nexit are also the greatest champions of Nato, for example.
I mean when you’re here just turn on the TV and you’ll see that much of our domestic programming looks noticeably more Americanized than those of neighbours.


I’m not Cataphrak, and this might not be a complete answer, but…

(In the interests of possibly saving the author time/energy)