Lords of Infinity



Lord Karol “I ran out of rocks building your fence so I just started stacking peasants” Loch

I really don’t need that wall but I might just keep him around anyway


Maybe this is a bit too specific a desire to be realistic in terms of game mechanics, but couldn’t we just have Loch assume a false identity? Change of hair, beard, clothing and name should certainly do the trick, particularly since he’s living in a foreign land and speaking a foreign language.


You want him to lose those glorious mustachios?! :open_mouth:


He would never had it that way, I would assume that this would be against his own code and honour.

The only change I could think of is having his hair tied in a ponytail like they did during the Seven Years War, and to trim his beard into the styles which Cuirassier officers would.


…excellent points! I humbly retract my foolish words.


“I want polish the spear the moustache is a bonus” Genghis Stalin aka Iron balls


My belated two cents on the “this is not a power fantasy” discussion:


The phrase is useful for some things, like “can I be Emperor of the Infinite Sea and have a Takaran harem”. But it’s gotten to the point where: “You want to be a General-of-brigade? Too bad, it’s not a power fantasy. Nevermind that the author has said you’ll be able to be Councilor-Militant, it’s not a power fantasy, which means you will be unable to achieve anything major other than what you did in the first two games. Maybe your great-grandchildren will become Generals-of-brigade, but it doesn’t matter, because you won’t be around to see it.” This type of cynicism is all too common, and if I was a newb I wouldn’t buy the game if that’s what I thought it was.

Also, why is everyone convinced that no one can do any damage to Takara, and that a couple trained Takarans could beat the RTA in a set-piece battle?


I have two cents I think we could end in Master as a general and in great deal if we play cards right. About Takara… i have no idea warfare however Paul has told so many many many times in seven years that Takara is millions way of Tierra and it will remain that way that I don’t think there is nothing to discuss. Paul has all the chances to win lol


A company or platoon of Imperial Life Guards of the Richshyr can already beat some of our best Grenadiers without much difficulties. Let alone our Grenadiers May go head to head with some of their militias. This meant that we don’t have the quality to match Takara militarily, let alone in terms of numbers. And economically, Tierra is a major market for Takaran goods and merchandise, and we do rely on that for a certain proportion of income.



Well… to be fair, the regulars of the series (those who had been following since the start of the author’s writing) and the author himself had been doing an honest enlightment of what we could expect from the game series, they are doing a wondrous and honest job on telling people new or old about what to expect , which is a good thing… if new readers think this is what they want to play, they will buy it… but if this is not their cup of tea, they of course could move on, it is wrong to tell them other wise with sweet lies just to attract more readers right? I think is about authentic, like what some politician like Bernie is still doing, honestly telling the same truth over the years instead of flip flopping the issue just to lure new people in :slight_smile:

In this case, i think i read that @Cataphrak was mentioning he doesn’t want to cloud the issue and let new readers make new demand when they realise this is not what their expect :slight_smile:

It is like a girl telling us we have no chance of marrying her instead of hanging on with us with sweet lies… which i rather prefer an honest truth…

That is the reason why the regulars here were trying to explain as much as they can right ? :slight_smile:


Emphasis on a couple.

The thing is that the game isn’t what a lot of people on here think it is.


Why is it that “Tierra without major changes would all but certaintly lose.” means “no one can win ever.” and “the Takarans are a very good one for the tech level, Tierra is pretty mediocre by comparison.” means “a couple trained Takarans would beat the entire RTA.”?

On the PC, because this is one of those “I could write an article about it if I could pull together the dozens of posts involved” things:
Looking at the PC’s career so far, I would say that the PC would have to be lucky to be a general of brigade.

He’d have to be lucky to survive a Forlorn Hope, too. “Would take luck or unusual circumstances.” is not the same thing as “utterly impossible no matter what.” - but it’s awfully significant that it’s not a given that he’ll be handed for being a protagonist in a world of non-entities.


The thing is that people are making inferences based on the information I’ve given them. Many of those inferences are wildly inaccurate, which is both good and bad for me, good because they won’t see where the plot goes, bad because they’re going to build assumptions which going to crystallise into “common wisdom” even when they aren’t.

I’ve almost got half a mind to encourage people thinking that Takara is unbeatable in the open field by a Tierran army because that’s the sort of belief any reasonably competent Tierran soldier would hold. But, at the risk of giving away far too much, I would note that you might be focusing on the wrong part.

“Takara is unbeatable by a Tierran army in the open field”, yes, but "Takara is unbeatable by a Tierran army in the open field.


I now have the image of angry Takaran generals staring at maps with question marks with Partisans labelled underneath.


Wait. We have reasonably competent soldiers? I got by on luck and sheer brave stupidity. No one said I had to be competent. :wink:


Picking off Takaran officers sounds like a good use of ammunition.

But it’s not the way the RTA is trained to fight, or equipped to fight…as of now.


The truth is, if your entire plan for going up against a wealthier and better-equipped foe is to play to their strengths, you’re going to lose, and in the hindsight of detached military historians, it’s going to be exactly what you deserve.

Also note that the RTA’s organisation and tactical doctrine is essentially Takaran in origin. Facing them in open linear battle is literally playing by their rules.


The camera pans to a door with a sign reading “Army Reform Commission.”

Given that Takaran infantry is trained to fight as light infantry, I’m not betting money on them being easily ambushed, but all we’ve heard about what Takarans are specifically scary-good at is so linear you could saw timber with it.

Just musing aloud as relates to “You’re dropping clues, aren’t you?”


I want to say that’s ironic, given how majority of the war with Antar went, barring the obvious exceptions, then I remember that the dragoons are almost the carbon copy of the Takaran’s equivalent.