Lords of Infinity



I thought that was literally the Dragoons job. Well that and being mounted infantry thus a fast response force.


I’m a little late to the party but here’s my 2 cents on how the whole author-feedback relationship.

I like to go to museums. I like to see people’s work, recognize the effort they put into the details, and try to see what they are trying to convey with their work. “Degas made this beautiful thing. I want to participate in some of the joy he had creating it years ago.” People usually don’t go to museums to try to change the artist’s vision to theirs (oversimplification: that’s how we end up with Ecce Mono).

That we have been able to give feedback to Paul and ask him questions as he is writing is a pretty novel thing (this also goes to all other CoG authors). That we have a place to bring up our ideas for him to see and consider is even better.

But this is ultimately Paul’s art to share.

As someone who used to frequent multiple WIPs in the forum, I’ve found myself coming back to this series even after dropping others precisely because I’d like to see how this world unfolds, to the point that I can’t wait for the games themselves to be released to do so. I hope we can respect his vision enough to let him be and trust the regulars to answer on his behalf.

PS: I just realized that the Omnibuses are like museums for authors to showcase their works and WIPs are like workshops… that’s kinda cool


Sorry for the delay in replying to you and @Murdockchan. I was busy burning breakfast. I agree with you both that those roles are currently what the Dragoons perform. I just think that the Antari light cavalry would do a better job of it. I think every cavalry regiment in the RTA did scouting at some point in the war. Historically, dragoons evolved into the role of heavy cavalry. Just not sure what Paul’s plans for the regiment are.


It would do better if we had Karol of Loch or Josef of Torranobirit to train the men and officers who applied for the regiment. Otherwise, we’ll only getting ourselves a serious blunder and wasting away all those horses and men.

Party, some dragoons like the British ones had evolved into the Heavy Dragoons as the main cavalry and Light Dragoons as scouts, patrols and raiders. But their main roles are medium cavalry to support other regiments, and, well, in the end the other cavalry regiments gets most of the credits since the Dragoons performed as a secondary role.


Historically dragoons…


Antari light cavalry are generally made up of a lord’s freeholders, rather than his serfs, meaning the recently arrived immigrants wouldn’t have any experience with cavalry duty to work from.

While it would be nice if Tierra could tap into the oberlinder tradition to supplement its own light cavalry, we unfortunately don’t have access to any of the men familiar with that kind of warfare.


Why didn’t Tierra hired services of skilled and reputed Mercenary companies? Surely it’s better to hire experienced professional soldiers motivated for riches and fame than to pay for maintaining and training a indisciplined lot like conscripts and convicts, neither they were motivated nor skilled. It was nothing more than a stupid gamble and too much dependence upon King’s officers and NCOs.


There aren’t any to hire. The infinite sea has much less sustained conflict than our world so being a mercenary isn’t profitable. Any “free companies” there are are being sucked up by the civil war in M’hidiyossi and are likely tightly aligned to Takara or Kian.


So what you’re saying is no Tierran Foreign Legion? Damn. I was hoping we’d get to wear a kepi.


No option for our dragoon officer to decide “I love war. Off I go to fight in more of it” like Mad Jack from WW2 and after. 0/5 stars


I previously had kept on saying about creating the “King’s Antari Legion” with the Antari POW as the main force of it.


Yeah, there also aren’t any German micro nations of Hesse and Brunswick for instance who just loan their armies out to whomever can pay for them. They also are expensive. The only people who can pay for mercenaries worth a damn are the Takarans or Kian who most likely only use them for suicide missions.

A la the landing before the gates of Varazovia.

Being honest here, the main thing I think we regulars forgot, is what we tried to convey with when we say. “This is not a power fantasy.”

Reality is shaped by thousands of people acting in various ways. People in the wings of power can have more say in shaping the world. But in reality, it is through others either going along with it or unknowingly moving through their lives. Our MC is one of those people who are blessed with the ability to nudge the outcome into certain ways. That is more than most. It is not a failing of our MC that he can’t dictate to others his will and have it carried out. But we can make positive or negative contributions to the world. Yes, Kharangia was a victory if we weren’t there. In the Secret Mission, a thing that you can do that can alter reality is saving Princess Khorobirit. In SK, you can sacrifice a number of people. You are in a position of power and get to exercise it.

This is not a power fantasy does not mean that your choices and life doesn’t matter. It means that you should embrace the fact that in a reality that is rooted in a timeline that you can make alterations to it that effect those around you. Maybe if we play our cards correctly in Lords. We can get the burden of deciding the fates of thousands of people. But for right now, we have to remember that we did change elements of the world through our actions.


I want Lord Loch leading it. Seeking vengeance from the brutality and excesses from the Antari.


And even then, we might find that a heavy burden to bear. The more power the MC accrues, and the more he gains the ability to change the fate of his nation, the more vast the effects of his failures will become.


Picked up the book Grant by Ron Chernow and it’s giving me a new appreciation for the General. Any idea how one might rate the stats of Grant if he was in Infinity? I may have become a bit obsessed over him!

Fav quote from it so far: “He is the most suppressive man I ever knew. He is not devoid of emotional nature, but his emotions from early life have been diverted from their natural channels of expression… what has been called imperturbability is simply introversion of his feelings.”


Auto correct just seems to hate the Takarans as much as me.

Still…would be a ballsy war…you and your mule riding in to Kian, a one woman ass kicking party.


Loch’s a cavalrymen, you ask him to command a legion that consist mostly infantry? A waste of his talents. No, he’s better if he’s like, the colonel of a regiment of Horse Guards.


Hey maybe I found a sexy Man not into saints in Kian lol.


Isn’t that exactly what Khorobirit had him doing, though?

Not while his mother still lives. They’re holding her hostage to discourage him from joining Khorobirit’s rivals.

Also, based on the dialogue with him, he doesn’t even think they are that brutal. His misgivings seem to be more about how inefficient the congress is, or how incompetent many of the commanders are.


@Cataphrak is lord lotch spear ready to report duty or is outside the wall?