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My parent has never called me treasure. I don’t know what meaning has in english but i don’t like being compared with loot not i know anyone that wants being called dragon hoarding object. Still terribly machist. And don’t ask what happened to guy tried called me HONEY ROSE


Took me four play-throughs to get out of Blogia alive. That was before the checkpoint system too so you had to restart. Those were the days.


You made sure to use a non-lethal poison, right?


Yeah no one says that thinking of you as an object. Same way people dont call others kitten and other cute names thinking they are animals. Feel like you take that way too literally instead of going after the intended meaning. Is just a cute thing people use.

The amount of people who mean it the way you think it does is probably minuscule. Seriously who the heck means that as loot lol

Hacks a honeyrose


So glad it wasn’t just me! Had upset Caz somehow without realising (probably by failing to save Elson at the start) and I just couldn’t figure out why he kept murdering me at Blogia.

Walking stick intensifies.


Blogia Mara trick is hide behind Caius muscles. Mara trick in war is basically go with Caius who always save her


It was better than the poor teen that pee his pants when I asked to going out… Shy guy. I am not so scary… But honey rose? Angry badger would be far more accurate


What do you mean Caz saves you? It’s the saints that clearly value you and act through Caz as their vessel. Obviously.


I wondering if Caius get drunk enough maybe he thinks that Saints want he loves mara or something. Or kill her… Better not give alcohol to Caius


That sounds kinda rapey. Imagine if he was a girl and someone said that about them in regards to falling for a man. Yet you take issue with cute names. Humans are confusing


It was not my intention It was a joke about what i believe the nature of the voices are i will never give alcohol to anyone to anything. Due I am abstemious. And as a rape victim I would kill me myself first to even suggest something like that


Pretty much my point with intent in terms of calling people kitten, treasure etc. There will be a minority who mean it that way but I like to think most people arent awful.

Ofc you dont say that to people you dont know. My gf would maim a rando calling her that. But for different reasons


Well… the word “gain” actually doesn’t meant anything malicious, it simply means we obtain, get or receive…

Normally based on my understanding, lots of non material could be “gain”… like gain the respect, gain a spiritual guidance , gain a friendship, gain a speedy recovery… it simply means we manage to receive what we hope to achieve…

I see no wrong to say i gain love of someone :slight_smile: i am not sure how else we say flowery about receiving a love… but i sincerely don’t want to over intepret the english text words, else we are going to face lots of argument … simply because we over think the word used by other , which i hope this isn’t the case in this forum… :slight_smile:


Experiences in life shape us and culture. Here man in general in disco and clubs etc are very very very machist and aggressive. One has to be very prepared to slapping the drunk guy trying directly gropping your cleavage. I think most world is not so aggressively like here. So each time someone taking to a women like nena baby … honey Treasure etc… I am portraying a drunken man trying to touch me… Also i hate that treat me like a pet


Oh I’m 24 and I have never in my life been in a bar, club, disco or anything. No one I know likes that stuff and neither do I. Plus I hate crowds and alcohol. So that’d explain it

Edit: suffocating the moment I am near a smoker doesnt help. I might have minor asthma


Well, you’re not the only one here.


Wonderful. Here you are a weird person and antu social if you don’t go or want to go. I normally don’t but if you want to have social life you have to go and see how anyone gets drunk and then have to defend your friends and or help them puke also heard drugged men called you stuff and comment about your breast size. I can’t get where fun is


In the context you provided literally anything they say would be awful since intent. I mostly mean it in the context of actual decent people.

But yeah a ton of people go to clubs, discos etc but thats just that group of people. Not the kind most folk I know hang out with. Usually we just have LAN gaming sessions, go out to electronics stores, coffee shops, play VR, camping, walking about on the beach etc. I have a slight suspicion everyone I know is a nerd :joy:

I think I’d rather be called anti social and be an outcast than hang out in such places, and I was till I ended up running into my kind of people.

Worth it. Granted I’m also a guy who didnt even touch his gf after 8 years of dating because I cant be assed.

Explains the wildly different viewpoints.

Edit: though the clubbers here do also think we’re weird and anti social but hey we dont care since we know they’re wrong and we’d rather have a good time


@Cataphrak I honestly hope that any questions that I’ve asked or any ideas that I’ve put forward, such as the rifle conversion, were relevant or constructive to the conversation. It’s never been my intention to waste your, or anyone else’s, time. But there are just certain things that the wiki, no matter how well developed, can answer. Nor can anyone else on the forum unless they can actually read your mind.

I do have a question which I think only you can answer. In the new Patreon article, it says we captured thousands of horses after 2K. Combined with the large number of Antari serfs now in Tierra, is it possible that the RTA may try to replicate the Antari light-horsemen and use them for scouting and raiding duties?


Well, this is what Ewen would say I imagine:
Ewen: “Why wasting away another extra tens of thousands of crowns for creating such a unit when we already had the Dragoons to do the job? Haven’t we spend enough money on the army already?”