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Why baneharden bridges when your massive tanks weigh as much as a medium tank because baneforged tanks :smirk: The cannon would probably weigh more than 2x the tank.


When that happens, will you become a collaborator or a resistance fighter? :slight_smile:


You’re assuming my PC is alive to make that choice, aren’t you? :grinning:


This is actually something I should address, because it’s been bothering me a lot, and I really hate talking about it like this because I feel like it makes me sound like an asshole.

When I started writing Sabres of Infinity, I didn’t have any experience dealing with a fan base. The fact that I had fans was something entirely novel, and at the time, I considered it something which was entirely positive. Having people ask about the world I had inside my head was new and invigorating and I believed, I genuinely believed that it was possible to please everyone because without my fans I was nothing.

That was a long time ago.

Now, a lot of the time, dealing with fan feedback is an exhausting, draining process. Sometimes, I find it genuinely harmful to my peace-of-mind. I’m pretty sure the transition was gradual, as I kind of made a realisation that so long as I kept getting new fans, some of them were going to be toxic, some of them weren’t going to play well with others, and some of them (too many, I’m afraid) didn’t have as much respect for me as either an author with an artistic vision or a human being with other demands on his time, effort, and emotional labour. I still welcome every new person who shows up, but some part of me is always worrying whether any newcomer is going to make new problems for me, or this community.

Recently, I’ve found myself retreating at times, both into interactions with the “regulars” who I seem to connect with the best on a personal level, and out of fan interactions in general. Part of it is out of the hope that this community can become self-sustaining, without requiring half a dozen questions from me every day. That’s part of the reason I started a Patreon, and part of the reason I keep telling people to update the wiki. I appreciate the fact that a lot of those regulars have helped take on the burden of answering questions from newcomers and setting their expectations in a way which gets them interacting “as intended” with the long-term themes of the series. In truth, those of you who post a lot here have become the central pillar of the community, something which gives me more time to write.

I still appreciate the feedback I get. I still read it. But I’ve become a lot more up front with pushing back against it, especially when it’s something which seems to be composed solely to be in defiance of the themes which I think I’ve made clear enough, both in the text and in these threads. I still appreciate people who bring their own takes on how they want their stories to play out, but I’ve ended up with a lot less patience when it comes to those who act entitled enough to demand that their interpretation be considered valid despite evidence to the contrary.

This is partly because I’ve dealt with the same thing from so many different people so many different times, and partly because I’ve realised that feeding into this sort of thing only makes it worse, both for me, and for everyone else. I’ve learned that the people who refuse to acknowledge you when you push back against them are never going to respect you as the creator of your own work anyway, and I’ve learned that not every fan is worth keeping.

In short, I have changed, but the man who I was when I started writing Sabres of Infinity would have probably fucked off long ago.


Time == Money because its time you could spend doing something that could make you money, as in write. So honestly at the very least I greatly appreciate you taking your time to respond to our usually out there questions that are often extremely offtopic. Granted I’m not a regular so much as a lurker since SoI came out.

You do you man. Many people say the same to youtubers who often realize the same things as you because eventually they get a fan base of 100k+ with a ton who are extremely toxic and not worth having while also having a ton of great people. Just how it is simply due to more people == more chances for bad folk but also for great folk.

The only winning move is to be chill and not sweat it. I have a feeling most writers dont interact this much with their fan bases for a reason. But it really is amazing when they do. I love reading about their worlds and thought process.


Resistance of course. I didn’t let Loch build up those walls for nothing.

A) Even though Tierra is a lesser state than Takara, it is not Uganda.
B) The current ambassador to Uganda is Deborah R. Malac. Before her current position to Uganda and was ambassador to Liberia, where she helped coordinate response to an Ebola outbreak. I don’t think she was insulting the people while doing that.

I suppose like you’re showing us with our MCs, in life There s always a trade off. Even with great things you can achieve, there’s stress/problems that can come with it.

I think most of us though just want to comment cause we’re so captivated by this story, and some of us get carried away by it. I know most of us are just happy to go along on the trip, whichever twists and turns you throw at us.

It’s your yard. We’re just playing in it. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


Here’s something I’d like to throw out as a regula:

Blogia - ask the people here before I was - used to be a lot harder. Winning all the medals in Sabres being possible seems to have been something that developed after Catahrak initially posted “So I have this game idea.”, as opposed to being there from the start.

I think the issue is - and I don’t mean to speak for anyone else, only say what I see - that for example in the Cortes, we’re starting as a poor baron who most of Tierra’s movers and shakers (save those we’ve networked with in the army) aren’t familiar with, or concerned by.

Just like we were a poor baron’s son back in Sabres, though. It’s not that the PC can’t do amazing things, it’s that amazing things are “if circumstances permit”, and the circumstances of Polite Society are not ones where the traits of being fearless and openly leaping on every opportunity are necessarily beneficial.

If this is unclear in any way, please tell me. I know what I want to say better than I know how to explain some of this, because this comes less from specific things laid out in a specific place and more a long series of posts - questions, answers, and observations.


In the eyes of Takara it probably is. Maybe less than Uganda because its populated by these lowly sub-elven creatures called humans.

Plus we aren’t talking 21st Century values here. The UK wasn’t known for being the friendliest with uncivilized nations back when muskets were still a common thing.

Also huh, didn’t know Uganda had one singular ambassador but I guess that makes sense. The more you know.

I just cant imagine Humans being courteous to a species of humans that is actually functionally inferior. There are already idiots who think so for other human races with no actual evidence to back them. And it was already an excuse for a lot of horrid things. Imagine if all humans lived up to 1000 and could use magic then ran into a humanlike species that lives at best 70-80 years and cant use magic. OH BOY

If you take human history into account Takarans are extremely courteous.


The MC’s fortune and well being is a direct result of circumstances and what the MC does with what is presented. The decision to support Levebre with the partisans or going to Wolf is the best example of this
in my opinion. The circumstances exist at that point to become two radically different MC characters and we don’t know the continual ramifications of our decision at that point … even in the future of Lords and after.

The typical power fantasy MC would be able to make their fortune and well being no matter the circumstances.

That is the difference I see.


@Eiwynn If this is too meta just let me know.

Regarding the recent upset of @Zarak_Baloch, I’d like to ask everyone, regulars in particular, to consider the tone of their posts when writing. Often people write with a sharp, authoritative tone, which seems all-too-often to lead others to feel that their concerns are dismissed without consideration.

The choiceofgames.com forums are rather special to me, as a rare island of sanity and peace in the ocean of the internet. The communities present on these forums largely try very hard to maintain a safe, sociable and productive atmosphere. Please don’t let your expertise and longtime presence here derail you from being a compassionate and patient person.

As @Cataphrak has made abundantly clear, he does not have the time, nor inclination (nor should he), to manage the fanbase directly, and relies upon us to do so. Let us take up that torch, and carry it brightly into the future together.

TL;DR: Temper your strength with compassion and understanding.

Have a lovely day everyone, and stay safe.


Touche, sir. I meant U.S. Ambassador.

But to your point, since the U.S. Basically are the Takarans, I am surprised to learn there ARE other ambassadors…(joke folks, just a joke)


I see it as: the typical power fantasy MC is guaranteed to make a fortune regardless of the circumstances.


Well… worth notice is that non-power fantasy MC also make a fortune in their own ways , like i had previously mentioned, even my weakest MC gain Katarina’s love … hence everyone will eventually gain something valuable without needing to be the chosen one :slight_smile:


And this is why I haven’t been responding here for some time (admittedly, it was also down to being sick and uni starting 3 weeks ago). There is only so much you can do for your series and I rather not burden you with questions that admittedly won’t be answered cause they aren’t super relevant, may detract you from your work or even has been answered before. I rather read from the games and get the in game lore (or just listen to you lot). As for the history stuff, that comes sparingly and unlike the regulars, it’s not like I have similar interests with you. End of the day, you’re a busy man, attempting, at present, another ambitious game for this series and obviously, you neither have time to satisfy all fans or whatnot. What I can do, at least, is provide support for your series and hope to contribute feedback that will be useful for Lords.


TAKARA NOT TAMARA. Tamara is my real name and I swear to saints i am not in war with Kian. lol;)


It looks like we all think that Takarans can pull all kinds of stunts like what the A-team can do, that’ll be interesting to know.


just saying and i know you don’t pretend sound like a machist. YOU don’t gain love she gives you freely. Itreinforces the idea women is a object to conquer or gain like a flower vase. And any person is not loot to be gaining


I dunno my gf adores being called a treasure. Perhaps that’s because I dont call her a flower vase. Granted who the heck wants flowers vases these days.

Kat is certainly a big bag of treasure for most :joy:


If someone dares calling me treasure probably will end in a treasure trash bin with a kick in ass. I am not a treasure and i am not a carnival trinket to be gained. nd is not funny treat females like inanimate objects men can trade like Pokemon.


I have a feeling you just take treasure way too literally because it’s obvious when you call someone a treasure you mean “a person of extremely great value to myself”. I mean, I dont think our parents see us as objects when they call us a treasure etc. Might just be a cultural thing if people dont use it that way where you live.

If we say we arent a treasure here we basically mean that as “we mean literally nothing to everyone”