Lords of Infinity


I had a similar issue with Hawthorne and Palliser:


It seems like Hawthorne was supposed to appear somewhere between these two paragraphs, but he doesn’t. Not sure if this was related to the hotfix.

Picked Warrior-Scholar, in the previous scene I picked the “I missed the war” option.


This refers to people like my mc trying to romance the super cute elf, among other things, doesn’t it? :worried:

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I’d just like to say, I like Palliser.




@Cataphrak I chose to be engaged happily to the fiance and they break it gently and the text came out loke this.

You spend much of the carriage ride back trying to convince yourself that you had done the right thing.

After all, you had not lied. Perhaps, if you had married the Monteferro girl, you would have grown to admire her in some sense or other. Stranger things have been known to happen. But standing there, in Lord $![fiancee_housename}'s parlour, you did not know whether your indifference would sweeten into love or sour into resentment. Perhaps a more rash man would have taken the risk, but you have heard of and known the sorry ends of enough such men to have more than enough reason to consider such stakes far too high.

Lord fiance housemate must be pissed.


Don’t fuck with Lord Fiance.


Awesome work! Found few issues so far.


  1. *if ((highstat = soldiering) or (midstat = soldiering)) Check isn’t working. The “midstat” and “highstat” variables aren’t created in startup, which may be the issue.

  2. *if lewes >= 65
    Major Reyes lost an army(arm). Lieutenant Lewes, his life. (Only bring it up because a copyeditor probably wouldn’t notice.)

  3. Conclusion of the replay loops back into the prologue.

  4. replay line 391: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: ‘soldiering’) or (midstat = ‘soldiering’))


Is the game supposed to end when we can decide to head back to Aetoria or not?

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Hell Yes!


You’ll just have to wait for Wars of Infinity to be released. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought there was only three books?


There will be five. This is the start of the third.


@Cataphrak looks awesome! Here’s a quick list of issues I noticed as Warrior-Scholar, hope it’s helpful:

But it is not the King who moves first. Instead, a dour-faced man in the uniform of a lieutenant colonel of Grenadiers steps out from the shadow of the throne.

You and Lieutenant colonel Lefebvre have a history.

I think Lieutenant Colonel should be capitalized for both?

Your fingers reach out, brushing the silver inlay of Pactmaker’s pommel…
{“I, Alaric of the house of Castleton…”]

Weird brackets happening here.

Who was this man to use you and your brothers-in-arms as a prop, he who had never seen what musket balls and hussar lances could do to a human body?

I think “Hussar” is a proper noun in this context?

Palliser watches him go. “Shame thet. Hawthorne always knows what he’s about when it comes to supply lines and billeting, demmed useful fellow him,” he says regretfully, before turning to you.

I can’t tell if “demmed” is a typo or an intentional misspelling to indicate Palliser’s accent. I think the latter, though?

You say the only thing one can say, when complimented by a Duke of the Unified Kingdom: “Thank you, your grace.”

Should “Your Grace” be in capitals?

“I suppose that will be for the best,” he observes. “It is one thing to make plans, but it is another to put them into action. Talk may easily achieve the former, but the latter requires money, a substance which appears to be in short supply everywhere.” “I have my half-pay,” you reply, "and my annuity from the King, they will make things easier."

Looks like there should be a line break in there.

True, you have sword your oath before the King, and you have made yourself known to your tenants and neighbours, but that does not mean there are not other matters related to your assumption of the title which demand somewhat timely action.

Well, there WAS a sword involved in the oath… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Warrior-Scholar, issue with zombie-mother walking when she should be dead (according to introductory description).


Yeah I thought this was a trilogy and this was the last one?


There will be five games/books. This is the start of the third.


@Cataphrak Found a bug when replaying though the Major decisions of the past two games.

replay line 391: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: ‘soldiering’) or (midstat = ‘soldiering’))


@Cataphrak , i think i found the same bug as @Shadowdragon
In replaying major decision, first i chose charisma… then when i pick soldiering as 2nd prefer strength, there was a dashingdon error where i couldn’t proceed …


Same bug, if it helps I was able to go through the major choices before but only in the past 20 minutes can’t seem to do it anymore. I also picked high intellect but both picking soldiering or charisma as a midstat caused it.

Edit: Yup, working now.

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I think I got it fixed.