Lords of Infinity

Nope, it is squiring Renard.


If you go on the secret mission, there’s no way to get ch 3C. It’s the only reason I would do a non-secret mission run.


Since Renard is being escorted by an entire troop of Dragoons I’m wondering, will the Color-Sergeant be among them? It would be nice to see our old sergeant again, especially Fenton considering his connection to the house, I really want to see an scene between him and his mother.


With that being said, some kind of acknowledgement would be nice.

All this is based on the assumption that Fenton is your Colour sergeant and that he is very much alive.

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I don’t know if Fenton is still alive, he could have been killed at Blogia or one of the many skirmishes in Antar…

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Is their any news regarding the investment with weapons manufacturer because i really need that money to improved the estate or used that money as allowance in aetoria???

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Here is the letter that can be received from Garing in Chapter 2.


*if invest_rifle > 0

*hide_reuse #Take a look at the letter from Garing.

  In truth, part of you had lost hope of ever hearing from Edmund Garing again. After all, it has been five years since you made an investment in his concept for a new musket, and for all the potential of such a weapon to revolutionise warfare, the fact that both the man and his idea seemed to have disappeared off the face of creation for all this time did not offer much encouragement.
  So naturally, it is with some trepidation and great anticipation that you open the letter and read its contents:
  [i]Lord $!{house_title},[/i]
  [i]I must apologise, my lord, for not having written sooner. The demands on my time are great, and my chiefest priorities remain both the development of the project in which you have invested, and my everyday duties as a partner at Garing, Gutierrez, and Truscott.[/i]
  [i]However, you might be assured that matters progress in a most satisfactory manner. With the funds invested by yourself and other investors, I have been able to establish a small workshop for the construction and iteration of prototype firearms, which may prove suitable for further experimentation.[/i]
  *if bolt_action = true
    [i]You will perhaps be pleased to know that one of our current experiments involves an iteration of the system which you had described to me during our meeting some years ago. The action functions well, and has been shown to be relatively reliable in firing tests. We hope to develop it further alongside several other promising designs.[/i]
  *if bolt_action = false
    [i]Several experimental models have already been manufactured and tested, though none seem entirely suitable for further iteration...[/i] 
    *if intellect >= 45
      Garing goes into specifics, describing the problem in detail: it seems that any mechanism capable of safely loading a cartridge into the breech also serves to so weaken the stock of the weapon as to make it unsuitable for military use. He goes on to describe several possible solutions, though none have been proven as of yet.
    *if intellect < 45
      A great deal of technical jargon follows, none of it comprehensible.
    *comment endif
    [i]...however, it is our hope that one of these modifications may resolve the issue.[/i]
  *comment endif
  [i]Going forward, it is our belief that we may see a model fit for production trials within four or five years. So long as Grenadier Square sees fit to adopt the weapon, I have every confidence that you shall see your investment repaid before long.[/i]
  [i]I remain, your most obedient servant,[/i]
  [i]Edmund Garing[/i]
  So the project has seen some progress after all, an encouraging sign. However, that final sentence does not sound quite as reassuring to you as perhaps it might have been intended. Garing might create the finest weapon in all creation, but unless Grenadier Square has the funds and the inclination to adopt it in large numbers, it might as well be a baneruned butter knife for all the money it will make you.
  You file the letter away. If Grenadier Square must adopt the weapon for you to see a return on your investment, then you shall have to do your level best to ensure that they do when the time comes. Until then, there is little point in worrying over it.

Got it from the code.

A question for @Cataphrak , when can we expect a letter from Lady Wolfswood, since we’ve received no intel from her in more than five years, as far as I’m aware.


@Cataphrak, may I ask that will it be possible in the future for the Aetoria path for the PC to visit Garing’s workshop in Aetoria or will it be possible to have Garing to invite the PC for a visit and to look further into the new design of the prototypes?


Isn’t the workshop more likely to be in Tannersburg? Though with that being said, I’m sure we’ll end up getting a look at them sooner or later.

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Or maybe we can convinced him as well to move his entire operation in the estate so that we can closedly supervised the entire development since we are the major investor. If we provided garing the 2000 gold maybe make it as an option.


The MC is not “the major investor”, although an MC who invests 2000 crowns would be one of the larger investors. The gunworks will probably be an expansion of the existing one in Tannersburg. The MC would need a serious amount of political clout in the Cortes to have an additional subsidiary gunworks built in their domain.

Consider my MC a proud father of Tierra’s nascent military-industrial complex! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  1. He has already established a workshop elsewhere and moving it would require further funding (the last thing you can afford right now).

  2. Garing also needs to attend to his duties as a partner of Tierra’s largest weapons manufacturer. Sitting in a backwaters estate days away from the nearest city is a terrible idea.

  3. Even if he did set up shop in your estate, you would need to continuously supply raw materials and attract large amounts of skilled labour but with the roads as bad as they are…


Then the last resort is maybe he can visit garing and add rifling in the design. And also lets say the weapon development is a success then that means the mc is not just going to be the father of modern rifle in tierra possibly the whole world. Wow it going to increase his rep a lot. Lord James da’l castleton father of modern rifles that has a nice ring to it. Hahahhaa and also it will be easy for my mc to persuade the cortes because he has a lot of friends in the cortes especially if he joins any club.

Yeah that is actually correct still kinda feels a little bit sad that we cant just closely supervised the development of the rifle.

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First I dont understaand your logic. GARING are the one who create and develop the weapon so no, MC wont be the father of modern weapon even if it end up being applied by the army. So garing will get the credit. Its like put a single brick in a house and call it yours. Its not a power fantasy.

Second i dont think you understand the "danger"of such weapon. Kian and takara will, without doubt, try to “steal” the design to make their own version which in turn will make them even more powerful.

Third, you overestimate the importance of your MC and underestimate the difficulty of convincing cortes. Applying new weapon for an entire army cost money. Money that tierra doesnt even have. Imagine you are starving and your country are near bankruptcy but instead of helping you, your government decide to have a brand new weapon. What would you think ?. Miguel will probably be a few step closer to be overthrown if he bought a new weapon for army.

Beside its not like you can speak in the cortes like “hey dude, i found i crazy new shit and highly EXPENSIVE weapon, lets apply it to to army while our citizen is starving” , and MC friend be like “no shit dude, what a good idea, lets do that to increase chance of civil war and bankrupt ourself in the process while we are it”

We need to solve the budget crisis first before we even have a chance to think about profit


@Marx041 Yeah no, you’re overestimating what your MC can do. Even if you make some suggestions, Garing will be the one remembered as the creator of the rifle, not you. You just gave him some money and some ideas. He spent years working on it.

Garing doesn’t have a seat in the Cortes or enough pull in Grenadier Square to pull it off. True, he is the one who will be remembered as the inventor of the rifle, but it’s the MC who will make possible. He isn’t just adding a brick to the house, he’s paying to build it and making sure someone will buy it. Will he be remembered for it? No. He’s a soldier and politician, that’s what he’ll be remembered for. But the MC’s impact on the project is as small as you think it is.

I don’t think you understand how hard it is to reverse engineer something. Yeah Takara and Kian might steal the weapon. Awesome, wow. Takara still has to convince the Senate to adopt it, which won’t be easy because of how divided it is and because of tradition. Then they have to actually test it; then they have to adapt factories so that they can mass produce the rifles; then they have to actually train the army to use the rifles. And all of this will probably happen in the middle of a war with Kian, meaning that’ll be even harder.

He does yes, but I think you underestimate it. While we might not be the most influencial person in the Cortes, we can probably convince several people who can (Marcus and Hawthorne being prime examples).

Except there are signs that an industrial revolution is coming to Tierra, which would be enough to cover the deficit depending on how willingly people embrace it. Wulfram’s not an idiot; if we can convince him that investing into development can restore the economy without disbanding the army he’ll help.

I don’t think you understand the crux of the problem in Tierra. If we go all out on maintaining the army, then we’ll be fucked economically, and we probably won’t be able to trigger an industrial revolution. If we go all out on cutting expenses, we return to the status quo (which put us in this situation in the first place), and when the next war comes we’ll basically become Takara and Kian’s playground.

On the contrary profit is exactly what we need right now. Profit can allow us to not only develop the country but to pay our debts with the profits.


If Garing is the man I think he might be is, he’ll want to show a “2000 + bolt” MC the new rifle and make sure the MC’s involvement is noted. Not only would it be the honest thing to do, it would also be financially wise, since it might help persuade the MC to further finance GG&T’s inventions. It could boost the MC’s reputation as well, which would in turn help him aid GG&T in the Cortes or Grenadier Square. But it comes down to how willing GG&T are to mention him, I imagine. Hell, if the MC is disreputable, maybe they would even downplay his involvement?
Also, I think a MC who manages to leave a mark throughout the five games will be remembered for his involvement. After all, if a high-ranking officer and historically noted person was both economically and intellectually involved in inventing something that significantly pushed military technology forward, it wouldn’t be forgotten. I doubt he’ll be the “father,” though, since Garing played a much larger part over several years. At best, they’d share equal credits, but that seems unlikely. On the other hand, self-aggrandizement can go a long way.
Possibly, it could matter if the MC writes about the war, since he could get that meeting with Garing on paper. Evidence of the MC’s investment will exist on paper, as will the fact that the MC and Garing were at the Siege of Kharangia together. Garing might also write diaries or later memoirs.

One thing that came to mind reading about the Dreyse needle gun, which was in service for 32 years according to Wikipedia, is that in the fifth game, the MC might even have to choose between supporting a new rifle design, one which he won’t get paid for, or championing the old one he’s invested money in. We could become that old fart who opposes progress because we don’t want to lose our income.


To be fair, Miguel did just order the creation of the Army Reform Commission despite horrible horrible opposition. All we need do is claim a seat and suggest this as an option, then leverage our connections(of which we have a substantial number) to get it approved.( This is on the assumption that you are a proper royalist and see your king to victory)

Yeah, no.
The MC can potentially be a renowned War hero with substantial connections to no less than two Dukes, the brother to a third, a Vicounty or two, Grenadier square and two very wealthy heiresses with pull in their own circles.
While it’s true that the MC is not strong enough to just order the gun through, that does not make it impossible for him to use his brain and leverage his connections.


Reading this month’s patreon articles, in what way have the Intelligence’s actions in Januszkovil and Kharangia have posed as a security threat to Takara’s overseas interests all of a sudden in the year 80 when it was an issue of low importance before that? Will we ever know what the RTI did then? We all know the outcome but in way did it attract the Imperial Intelligence’s attention??? Is it a content for next month’s patreon article??

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Speaking of the roads @Cataphrak if you do want to go so far as having a rank 3 upgrade: the romans, after metalling the road with gravel, would sometimes lay flat slices of stone atop to create a more flat and less shift-able surface (The stones would spread the weight across more gravel)

Obviously such an improvement would be more about prestige than about actual efficiency. Even the largest barony is unlikely to get enough traffic that stones would make a difference, and obviously it would be ludicriously expensive. But it would be a fun rank 3 road upgrade for people to decide not to get for practicality reasons! Have it cost 5-10 times as much as the rank 2 upgrade, give a large fief_respect upgrade, and only a minimal (5% or less!) fief_prosperity bonus XD