Lords of Infinity


It is the 613th year of the Old Imperial Era.

After twelve long years of fighting, the Unified Kingdom of Tierra stands at last triumphant over the League of Antar. But victory comes with a price: battle-scarred and war-weary, the officers and men of the Royal Tierran Army return home to indifference, alienation, and a kingdom on the verge of bankruptcy.

War has strained Tierra to the breaking point. The poor starve under the crown’s heavy war taxes. The powerful grumble and conspire as the victorious king seeks to impose his will on a restive aristocracy. Distant powers bide their time, preparing to pick up the pieces after the Unified Kingdom’s seemingly inevitable collapse.

You are a veteran officer of the Royal Tierran Army, recently returned from the battlefield to find yourself heir to a noble title, a crumbling estate, and a seat in the Cortes, the Tierran parliament. Restore your lands to their former glory and gain the love of your people, or squeeze your tenants to fund your great ambitions. Enter politics in pursuit of power, wealth, or to pull Tierra back from the brink of ruin. Seek a marriage for love - or for money - or court destruction in the name of a doomed romance. As old certainties are tested and broken in the halls of power, the bold, the idealistic, and the desperate grapple for the soul of a doomed kingdom.

Will you find yourself crushed under their heels? Or will you take your place among them as one of the Lords of Infinity?


ver. 0.2.3 - August 7th, 2019
Chapter 3B now complete

ver. 0.2.2 - July 12th, 2019
Chapter 3A now complete
Bugfixes, balancing fixes.

ver. - June 12th, 2019
Bugfixes, continuity error resolutions, and additions to Chapter 2B.

ver. 0.2.1 - June 9th, 2019
Chapter 2B now complete.
First random event added.

ver. - April 18th, 2019
More bugfixes and continuity error resolutions.

ver. - April 9th, 2019
Bugfixes and Affairs of State updates.

ver. 0.2.0 - April 8th, 2019
Chapter 2A (Aetoria) playable and mostly complete.

ver. 0.1.2 - February 18th, 2019
Testing Menu implemented.
Chapter 1 feature-complete.

ver. 0.1.1 - February 11th, 2019
Estate Management system mostly complete.
Major Projects still incomplete.
Fixes for Prologue and Chapter 1.

ver. 0.1.0 - February 2nd, 2019
Prologue complete.
Chapter 1 playable, but not feature complete.
Stats page complete.
Reference and management sections still in progress.

Approx. 310 000 words.


ver. 0.2.4
Add Chapter 3C (Estate).

Community Resources

Note: these resources are entirely fan-maintained.
Infiniverse Wiki
Dragoon Saga TV Tropes Page
Community Discord Server
Estate Management Calculation Tool

Feedback Guidelines

What I Want
Low Level Feedback:
If you find any scripting bugs, then please report them. If you think something might be a bug but aren’t sure, report it anyways. At this point, it’s probably safer to be sure. If you find any continuity errors (as in, the text saying something which is contradicted by any previous text, or anything from Sabres of Infinity or Guns of Infinity), report that here as well. If text appears disjointed or otherwise doesn’t flow properly, that’s likely either a missing text bug, which should be reported here, or a writing issue, which should be reported here.

High Level Feedback:
If you have any commentary regarding the way the story is progressing, how the setting is presented, or any feedback regarding tone or pacing, I’d like to hear it. I’d also like to hear your thoughts regarding the characters, factions, and groups within the story. If you have any concerns about the clarity or presentation of certain decision points, I’d like to hear about that too. I’d also like to hear any suggestions regarding balance, or any subplots or specific options which you think might be missing (within reason).

What I Don’t Want
Don’t worry about finding typos or the like unless they’re particularly egregious. Chances are, Lords of Infinity is going to get a copyeditor before release, and I’d rather not spend time fixing misplaced letters when I’d rather be writing new content.

Playtest Link


Wow, this is going to be a lot of fun.



Saints be damned.


Whoo this is going to be awesome



The Discord right now:


Can anyone post the link to code? Apparently I am useless in figuring how to post it.


@Cataphrak I’ve gotten stuck in a loop talking to Palliser and Hawthorn about Curnaris. No mater what option I choose I go right back to this choice58

Extra info that may or may not help track down the error

I’m playing as the warrior-scholar and choose to speak up against Wulfram

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Excellent! I’ve been waiting for this!


Oh my God. I cannot believe Lords of Infinity is finally, officially here. This is a glorious day indeed.


I want to be near the first ten.

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I just pushed a hotfix which should solve the issue.


@Cataphrak? Why here it says that the order of Saint Jerome instead of Saint Joshua?image

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Love it so far, when will we get to upload previous saves?


Not for a while yet, but I’m going to be adding a set of testing tools which lets you simulate certain import decisions.


I hate sometimes that my New York instincts is to when someone says something I don’t agree with to immediately open my mouth.

I am going to suffer so badly.


Known Enemies

Johannes d’al Findlay: Duke of Cunaris. Colonel-in-Chief, the Royal Dragoons.

Lord Renard d’al Findlay: Eldest son of the above. Major, the Royal Dragoons.

Well that answers the question of if Renard will tell his father.

He did.


Woohoo! Whelp move over RDR2, I know what I’m gonna be doing for the next few hours instead.


OMG!!! It’s starting again :slight_smile: