Lordirish Presents 4th Annual CSComp (Theme for this year 'Poisonous intent')


I had no progress last week - still floating at 12k. But I’ve now finished helping out my partner and finished building their stand at Chelsea Flower Show.

I’ve got a little over a week and am determined to finish this thing - albeit simpler than intended :grin:

Sooo this morning is = pump self up. I’m pulling chunks of inspiration together from Pinterest and elsewhere. If I try really hard I may actually finish something I can submit. If anyone wants to participate in this exercise feel free to post an EPIC pic to inspire us all :wink:



Great, accidentally had an even BETTER idea than what I am currently writing. I am now contemplating whether or not to take the risk of going for it. I guess I’ll just sleep on it and figure this out tomorrow.


I have that happen -all the time-. It is difficult for me to stick with a long term project for that very reason- but I know in my case, I need to, or I’d never finish anything.


Only 691,800 seconds left, now it’s getting to be crunch time.


How important is a romance to you (judges)? I noticed that there was a “romantic betrayal” category so I’m thinking it’s very important.


I only could talk for myself so here goes Mara opinion. It is not necessary, If you don’t have a romantic stuff in your game I won’t rest you or give a plus. I like well done romances and a well done one is not Shoved forcefully in your eyes …like a wild Pokemon in tall grass. A WILD ROMANCE HAS APPEARED FROM NOWHERE WITHOUT NO REASON WHATSOEVER press x to launch a poke ball and catching a glimpse of a bad development fan service .
That would rest TONS of points. A good romantic storyline could be wonderful, and making you get attached to characters and feel emotional connection. That would gain a lot of points.
If you can’t imagine a good idea for a romantic storytelling, one that gives deep to your game.Just skip it.


Romantic betrayal is an extra possibility to earn a prize, a bonus being offered by one of the sponsors, it’s not a criteria to be evaluated for the main prize.

As for romances in general, each judge will have their own preference. For me it’s not necessary but a good, well developed romance is definitely going to be well received and appreciated. However no romance at all is way better than a bad romance, so you should write whatever you are more confortable with and fits your story better.


What’s the score (if any) with using snippets of old code or text?
I appreciate the game has to be brand new and specific to the competition, but if we have prototype frameworks lying around, are we free to build on them?


I can for see no problem with that. :smile:


As the hours dwindle I thought I’d be helpful and show you some useful tools.


Just curious how everyone’s doing.

I’ve started writing from the end backwards, to try making sure the story is complete. At least so that, hopefully, I can tie the story to having a proper ending. The home stretch. :confounded: Ugyuu.


I revamped the plot on mine rather so that I could be sure of finishing by the end - but I’m still plugging along, and I think I’ll be all right.

Good luck to all the other authors! We can do this, yay!


Going Tarantino on us? XD


Probably. Where would one of my stories be without bad endings? XP


I don’t think I’ll make the cut. Too little time for what I had in mind to write, oh well. I think last place shall be mine now ahahaha.


Started in earnest yesterday :’(


Almost finished… I have the last 2-3 paragraphs of the ending to go, and half the character creation left. However, I only re-read the first chapter, so I guess there is still so much editing to do before I can hand it to the beta testers


I churned out over 8k words over about a 12 hour writing session. Still feels like it should be more. But if I’m lucky and persistant, I may get done.

Oh yeah, and where are you on wordcount, @Wraith ? :slight_smile:


Right now, 74.097 Words (code included).
And you? To be honest, I wasn’t really motivated to write anything the past few days, and I still feel forced to write, because I want to reach an ending, but with my current process… I doubt I will get a proper ending done in time.
I mean, I have the ending itself already done, but the part connecting the game I have so far and the ending is missing :S


79,048. :slight_smile:

I share your concern, though- which is why I skipped ahead to work on the ending. Coming back to connect the ending with what I’ve got allows more flexibility and I can adjust to how much time is left. So I’m just like you in that regard, where what I really need is the connecting part.

: ) But after the writing I got done today, even though I have so much still to do, I actually think I might be able to get done. Not with all that I wanted, but with enough to be a full story. @Wraith - I think yours is the story I’m most pumped up to read, so I really do hope you can get done. Just remember we’re in the same predicament and I plan to pull myself out. If you can’t do it, I might not either. So you can- so long as you try.