Lordirish Presents 4th Annual CSComp (Theme for this year 'Poisonous intent')


Maybe… :no_mouth:

proceeds to look clueless and completely innocent


Was the grammar correct? :wink:


Nouns and verbs. Verbs and nouns, oh how fun they can be!


Meh, I do not want to change mine. Besides the re-writing I did changed the game story that I had in mind. :grin:


I… err… both do and don’t want to do an update. Or, put another way, I’d like to recieve judges feedback before doing any kind of updating- it’ll help me know exactly what I should fix, I figure. In the future I may well add to the story, but for now I just want to be able to fix any spelling and grammar errors for the public.


4 days of waiting left! I’d like to get to polishing my short story but it’s been a busy month. I’ll see what I can do over the next few evenings :grin:

Really excited to see everyone’s entries. Very impressed by the hard work of all the judges. I must say that things have gone kind of crazy here in the UK in the business world. So sorry for the delay! We are all busy rewriting contingency plans into full business plans . . . pity us poor employees :sweat_smile:


Wait when’s the results being revealed


I will release the winners on the first. I have one judge with only one game left to score and I am giving the last judge a chance to still put in their scores. The judges have worked very hard on the scores this year and want to thank them so much for pushing to make this a really great year. :smile:


LOL and they saved one of the largest games for last, so this will be down to the wall.


I’m not sure what there is to polish about my story? Or wait… maybe writing an actual story will polish things up?

Could you change the period to a question mark and have an entire sequel? Want to hear my suggestion for Part III?


This is an exciting time. Much like how the end of the writing section was. I can feel nervous all over again. :smiley:


Yes, all the nerves! Only last time I was too busy writing and editing to be too jumpy. Now… : D


Just so you all know, I finished scoring the last game moments ago. It was a great experience, a lot of amazing games, but really need some rest now :relieved:


Alright we have still a few things going on in the judges corner but WOW this was a battle and I am always impressed what can be done in a months time I can hardly wait til the first. I will give those writers that want to published a polished piece two week to submit. Ow the waiting is killing me hehe. :smiling_imp:


A week from the 30th?


Friday Morning is when I will be announcing the winners, as always will start a new thread to announce this.


little over 36 hours from now…so soon®


Friday morning what time? (I think I sound like a little kid now…)


I have to make sure I have all my ducks in a row so not sure exactly what time to be honest.


Friday morning my time insert troll face