Lordirish Presents 4th Annual CSComp (Theme for this year 'Poisonous intent')


You are wonderful. Just thought you should know that.


I agree with ya lol :slight_smile:


You all deserve a pat on the back and take a deep breath, great job. Now the pressure is on the judges.


Great. Time to pass out.


Once we have the list I will have to fade to my lab to get some games up for the judges to start on.


Here’s the final list of entrants. Well done, everyone!


Older development thread (The Aegis Saga - Blood)

Very impressive list this year.


Now the wait for the links to come up so I can play…um start judging yes! XD


Thank you @Lordirish, @Fiogan, - and everyone else involved with the comp this year.

Now I’m going to bed :smile:



If I start now, I can get something submitted by the deadline! Wish me luck everyone.


The judges have a few of the games to start with. If I have not sent you a message by Friday about me sending your game to the judges hit me up.

The pressure was high, but want to thank everyone for helping us finishing up strong even with our email snafu. This is why I love this community. Even in a competition we banned together to help each other out.


I wish I came back a month ago and I could have entered :laughing: Good luck everyone!


Me to but happy your back.


yawn time to submit that thing… :sleeping:


Ok you are good to go :smile:


I wish the judges lots of fun reading those stories! :slight_smile:
I sure envy you right now, as I surely would like to read those as well, but one month still has to go before that may happen. Aw well, I at least have time for FAWR now :innocent:


Oops. I fell asleep.

Ah well. Good luck everyone who entered! I hope you all win!


Damn it I was so looking forward to your miniature story too :wink:


A little question time.

What was the biggest challenge for you writing your CScomp?

Where the rules clear enough?

If not what was unclear and how can we make it better?

Did we offer enough support?

What did you love for this portion of the comp?

What did you hate for this.l portion of the comp?

Finally what would you like to see or suggest for next years comp?


@Nathan_Faxon The good news is, I absolutely love the concept I’ve been working on. I’m hoping to push, have it done, and then post it on the forums. And it won’t be so rushed. And if I get it done I’ll have succeeded in my goal and won. :slight_smile: And the contest will have succeeded too, since it’s meant to be about encouraging people to make games.


I love the sense of community, and enthusiasm, and encouragement on this thread. That’s the best thing about the contest. Biggest challenge was it being 1 month, not 2. :slight_smile: Well that and battling the desire to sleep constantly.

I think the one thing you could have done better is to smooth out the methods of submitting the game, beforehand, since it seemed a bit hectic on the thread. Detailed instructions on the site for how to zip things, etc.