Lordirish Presents 4th Annual CSComp (Theme for this year 'Poisonous intent')


SO we are over half way through the Comp.
The close of the comp:
23:59 UTC on the last day of May.

There’s a timer on:

Those tacking the plunge this year
CJW and Nine
James and Rhodeo
Southern Belle

Judges for this year

We have two judge due to real life that have had to remove them selves. I am leaving their names up just in case they can return. If not we thank them for what they have done so far and hope they are well.

Prizes this year
1st place 200 with Sponsor Money 250
2nd place 150 with Sponsor Money 200
3rd place 50 with Sponsor Money 100
With sponsor Money 4th place 50

Sponsored options to compete for
Best Romantic Betrayal against the PC,
Best Character,
Best Character Development Throughout the Game, and
Most Visually Striking Scene or Most Visually Unique Concept.

The following is the smaple of the judges score card and a breif description of each provided by @Pace675 and @poison_mara

1-10 + Style
This is one of those nice vague categories that I do believe judges tend to have a little leeway in interpreting, but for me; it comes down to the author’s own personal writing style, and if it works with the genre they are presenting. Like if Edgar Allen Poe wrote a light, humorous romp in a bright sunlit world, he would be somewhat hard pressed (IMO) since he had a natural leaning toward dark, and psychotic thriller leanings.

Each person has their strengths and weakness, and it is best to play towards your natural inclinations for a better presentation of the world you are presenting; steampunk, dieselpunk, high fantasy, or whatever fits your fancy. Just work with yourself, not against yourself. This is somewhat apparent when reading over submissions.

1-10+ Length
As far as length, I took a long time looking at rules and setup of other comps. I really do feel the game does not need to be long to be a great game. The reason length was added was more of a counter weight to the whole scoring process. Some write faster, some code better, some write characters that we soon wont forget. In the over all scope of things length is only a small part of the whole score so I believe it balances out.

1-10+ Re-playable
Branching paths, different ways to get from point A to B. How wide (far) can one go outside of the core of the story before the narrative pulls the player back to the main objective?

Is the story compelling? This too has weight in the replayability category. You can have a ton of choices and branches, but is the story itself worth pursuing it?

1-10+ Technical
I tend to grade lightly here for one reason; coding is a biznich! Doing nifty and wonderous things with CS script is no mean feat, but bonus points to the ones that actually do try and do something inventive. Looks at @Lucid he thinks outside of the box.

1-10+ Theme
This is another up to the judges interpretation, but it simply comes down to this: is a form of “poisonous intent” in the story? How well woven into the story is the theme? Take a look @Shawn_Patrick_Reed work for a nice way to implement a theme. (LOL I thought for sure we would have a score of werewolves stories but alas nary a one.)

1-10+ Enjoyment
Self explanatory! XD

1-10- Errors
Bugs are bad, work your testers hard! Crack that whip! Even if you do not finish your submission. End the game do not let it error out :wink:

Tpyos nad the like :wink: are an easy way to lose a point. Also grammar iz gud!

1-10+ inclusiveness
Well, I can’t just talk for all my comrades judges. But I could tell you how I will judge Inclusiveness. I will looking about how genders and racial are portrayed and if is inclusive or not (gender locked is not a problem if goes well with the storytelling) But my main goal as role player for inclusiveness is how diverse could I made my character. not only in the obvious romantic preferences, in personality and background. Could a ace black man being sarcastic be made? Or is just a boring x male heterosexual the only options… But don’t worry about it. I will give you each participant a feedback explanation of why my valoration was x way.

1-10+ Personal score
Did you wow me? And how much wow factor!

From Ashes We Rise [FAWR / WIP] Upd. 30. Oct
From Ashes We Rise [FAWR / WIP] Upd. 30. Oct
Older development thread (The Aegis Saga - Blood)

Yay! Finally! I really wanted to judge, but I can do that next year.

IDK what exactly I’m supposed to do, but I wanna enter, if I’m doing it the right way. :blush:

EDIT: Sorry if this totally might be against the rules but can you give me an example of a theme, maybe last year’s. I’ve tried to no avail to find one.

EDIT 2.0: I didn’t think they’d be there, thanks @Cecilia_Rosewood


The old themes and entries of previous years are on choiceofbox under the CScomp link.


To add to @Cecilia_Rosewood it is then with the submitted entries. :thumbsup:

Choiceofbox --> CScomp --> Games submitted for: --> any selectable year


I look forward to it. @Lordirish Question: I’d like to participate in the competition again, but I would also like to post a sponsorship as some members of the community did last year- I’d omit myself from being able to win my own sponsorship of course, but would this be possible? Please PM me if so and I’ll PM you details.


@Lordirish can you shed some more light on the sponsorship thing? I read what was on the link but all that says is that everyone got their prize money last year. When you sponsor is your money just added to the general prize fund and all the cash prizes just increased or do you get to set your own grading system and award your own prize?

I personally am not planning on donating, sorry but I am in no financial position to do so. I am just curious. Plus others may be asking the same questions.


That would be fine and awesome.


No the sponsor prize was awarded according to what each sponsor set as a way to win. And that’s fine that you cannot be a sponsor, not everyone can.


Oh god… We all know what happens when I enter don’t we


Just in case we moved the tree house, hide the matches, and watered down all the gasoline.


I am excited to announce our first sponsor.

I’d like to put forth a sponsorship of $50 for best character.

What we will be looking for is depth of character- be it MC or NPC, we like to see understandable motivations be they complex or simple, a personality that feels realistic, and have this depth be visible in a wide variety of playthroughs. Having an intriguing character can help a story immensely, and though the story need not revolve around such an individual, a personality that stands out in a reader’s mind after finishing the story is a wonderful experience.


Wahahaha I so want to try to entering this comp. is this like the Nanowrimo?

Can I ask if the people who joined last year can still participate? (If yes, damn! Now I will never win! I jokes)

And if i donate for sponsorship say i add amount to prize money can i still participate for the competition or does that mean i need to be judge?


@Shawn_Patrick_Reed is sponsoring and participating. Only catch, you can’t get your own prize.


Well he did say can I put it into the general fund not a specialized section.


laughs a bit No worries, I’m not going to win my own prize. Though I’ll be happily competing for the others. :slight_smile: The contest was such a wonderful experience for me last year, that I want to contribute to that feeling this year.


We have another sponsor this year as well.

For this years sponsorship, I will be adding $200 to the price purse and another $150 for the best romance betrayal against he PC. The secondary prize will be a consensus of all the judges.


I think you can. I’m pretty sure you can do what @/Pace675 is doing above, minus the romance betrayal. how am I going to be able to even write romance? :cry:


@Just_Because Ah okay now i get it. Will think over how much to donate, but I shall PM @Lordirish when I make a decision. A thank you. :relieved:


Oooh, a competition to show off my non-existent writing skills? :heart_eyes: Count me in.


Is there a limit on how many entries a person can submit?