Lord Ullin's Choice ( INTEREST CHECK)


Lord Ullin’s Choice is a poematic game based on Thomas Campbell’s poem. It tells the story of a furious Lord Ullin who is chasing her daughter along with her lover. The story has 100,000 words or possibly more.

You will step in the shoes of Lord Ullin, will you have them escape? Or worse kill them?

This is one of my most fave poem. And when I came to this forum my intention was to create a game which I could play for myself and I finished it with dozens of sleepless nights. I felt in love with my game the moment I played it And Yes, you could say I’m selfish or whatever…

The story will be realised weekly as I don’t want anyone to eat it in one go.

Thank you



The story pitch sounds interesting, but… This comment at the end seems pretty out of place. If you don’t care what other people think of your story, then why publish it on the internet for everyone to see? :confused:


It is good that you fall in love with your creation. :laughing: No everyone is as motivated as you when it comes to create their stories. :sweat: But it seems interesting. I’m going to play “dad” lol. And ask myself where did I raise my “daughter” wrong for her to elope with a man. :disappointed_relieved:

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I won’t comment on the game yet since there isn’t any material ro work with

But I have to say that you might be getting a bit too self-indulgent and/or emotionally attached to this game. That means you might not exactly be open to constructive criticism, which is terrible. At least, that’s what the tone of your writing is conveying.

If someone just says the game is bad without any reason then feel free to ignore it. But when there is some legitimate flaw that could be improved then I don’t think that mindset is exactly beneficial


Can I kill one of them will the other one see?

Sorry, I got a little overemotional there. The story or the game was finished months ago but I didn’t published it because of my bucket list.

Oh boy this poem is coming for my exam…

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Can’t say I’ve read (or heard of) the poem, but I’m always up for a new game.

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