Lord of The Riven: Closed Beta

This will be my submission to lordirishdas’ contest. I HAD no computer to work with so all the scenes have been written down with good ol’ pen and paper, it just needs to now be coded into a working game (I fixed my current desktop so I’m now able to do so). Each day there will be an update (by hook or by crook wether I have to stay up till 3 am for it or not) to the demo. I need 6-8 beta testers, with reports ranging from errors to spelling errors to logic errors (suggestions are welcome if you wish to give them).
Leave a comment here saying you wish to beta test and you shall be PM’d.

I’d like to Beta test for you Headhunter >;3

Would like to beta test, and happy to help

i wanna beta test but im more of a error finder than grammar guy gonna give you my email.privat.

Count me in. I’m always happy to get in fre-err… help. Random question: do you want to avoid telling us what LoTR will be like to keep spoilers down to a minimum? Speaking as an outsider, it looks a bit unusual.

He cant reveal too much info about it cause its in a contest and its against the rules I believe

I would like to beta test.

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i would beta

Me as well.

There’s the seven.
Stretching for one more and the doors are closed.
To review testers:

I went with 10, with @lordirishdas 's permission.

Could I apply for Beta Testing…?

And there’s the last!
Alright I’ll PM the link within the next hour and 1/2 or so.

@2Ton Oh, right. I swear I’m a moron sometimes, since I just remembered reading those yesterday when prepping for Paradox. Argh…

But yeah, I’m game!

Do you need any more, cause I’d be willing to help.

With the permission of lordirishdas I’m opening the gates to 2 more beta testers.

So then i’m game to beta test than. If of course you can do that.

Mind if I pop in? Seems interesting and would love to Beta test!

Gates have now been Closed!

*Tries to get the gates open* noooo now i am stuck outside