Lord Irish's Competition - Opinions on Judging


I am currently redisgning the rules for my second contest which now named CScomp.

I am having a lively debate over one of the rules for the judges. I value their opion but disagree with them.

I want to be fair so I thought I’d seek a boader responce base to make my final decision.

The rule…
There will be six judges that are encourage to read and score all game submitted. If a judge has to drop out they must have scored 2/3 of the games for their scores to be counted.

Argument A…
Person A gets theirs read first, then Person B, C and D - Something has come up!
Half the judges quit, and don’t read or rate E, F or G.

B C D get 6xPoints and E F G get 3xPoints Unfair Balance

(You can’t mathematically compensate for missing judges as each one will mark differently to other judges/judges should judge all entries or none)

Argument B
It should be possible to mathematically compensate for the loss of a judge(s). There for fair to all involved.

I do not wish to sway anyone so will with hold which is my opion. Thank you for help.


One way to avoid this problem is to take a list of all the games entered into the competition, generate a /different/ random list for each judge, and require the judges to play / score games in the order that they appear on their individual list. With this sort of implementation, as long as the judges only play & score games in the order they are presented on their list then there is no bias problem with them dropping out before judging *all* the games.

Of course, the problem with this is that it has to be ruthlessly enforced, and may result in judges playing games for genres that they dislike, but… That’s true if you require all judges to play all games in the first place, right? :slight_smile:


I’d go with all or none myself. No mathematical compensation.


I agree with Havenstone.


Thank you @mread @Havenstone and @Samuel_H_Young for the feedback. Very usefull.


I’m with @Havenstone and sam… no mathematical compensation.


well you can always allow the fans to judge it but thats always happening anyways so it won`t be really considered a contest though (just an idea)


@MaraJade thanks.

@Prototype We found that not many would enter if their work was show as they plan on selling the project at a later time. Hence why we are using judges. While I would love to show case all the submissions it just is not going to happen. :slight_smile:

@Everyone the rules are finally ready so will be posting in the next day or two. The comp. will be in May. It is a 31 day comp. But will start the process of looking for judges. Please wait until I have the post up and you can review the rules before considering becoming a judge, thanks.


I personally think you should wait till the summer breaks, yes this a bias as it would also be to my advantage because i wish to enter but want to be atleast nearly done with my game and i have scarce amount of time. But i think you will also get a greater number of contestants. If not possible then please considering doing one in the summer either this year or the next.


@Protoype The latest I can run it is June. I am unsure when summer break is. I was hoping May was a good date as there is not a lot going on other contests wise. Plus July on is a bit tough for me to run a contest. So now it come down to when, out of the two months is the best to run the contest for people. Once the date is set it will stay this way for any following contest.

*Edit While we debate the best time to hold the contest here is a link to the rules.
Starting the process of looking for Judges.


Looking good. If I don’t enter, I may judge (if you’ll have me/and are struggling to get enough). Are there any rules for or against using modifications, for e.g. the save mod?


@CJW if you are not able to enter I would gladly have you judge.

Mods. I forgot to add this, I see no problem with them. Will update tonight on the rule.


@Lordirish Would we be able to go ahead and start thinking about what we want to do with our games? Or do we need to wait until the official start of the competition?


@fantom due in the rules says he go to give a theme at start of competition i hardly doubt you could start work, lol. if you write a western and theme is unicorns …


@MaraJade Oh right, forgot about that bit, lol. Still the question has merit since I presume a theme will be announced before the actual start of the competition.


@fantom be happy i dont put theme sure it would be some poison inside :)). I supposed theme would be announce after he has the judges.


I think (part of) the point of having a theme is to deter premature starts.
Still, you can theorize and jot stuff down, a good (but loose) plot can usually be made to fit with most broad themes.


What exactly is the competition about? If it’s like “favorite gamebook” I’d enter Trial of the Demon Hunter.


You write a game for the competition @Samuel_H_Young


Hmm…I could enter my sequel